6 Tips For Getting Started With A Natural Curly Hair Routing

Have you decided to celebrate your natural curly hair but need help knowing where to start? Are you lost with all the information? Team Belle Boucle has thought of you! We share with you our six tips for a successful curly hair transition!

Start On A Healthy Basis

Trim Your Damaged Ends

This step is essential to get started. Cut little by little (every 2/3 months) or all at once (big chop) to only keep healthy hair. Besides, split ends cannot be repaired, and the only solution to benefit all of your hair is to cut them. In addition, the cut will promote the effective growth of your curly hair. How is it possible? Indeed, hair grows from the roots, but visualize hair as a circuit… If there is an accident, there is bound to be a slowdown! It’s the same principle for hair! 

Do A Hair Detox

Routine after routine, hair accumulates product residue in its fiber. Hair detox will open the scales of the hair fiber and purify it of excess products, residues, chemicals, etc.

Build A Healthy Routine Tailored To Your Needs

The ideal routine for curly hair consists of 3 steps:

  1. A  gentle shampoo, which is only used to clean the scalp, does not provide care for the hair (and does not detangle). →  choose it according to your scalp problem: oily? Dry? Itching? Dandruff? Lack of volume?
  2. Then, a detangling conditioner will provide hydration and nutrition to the hair fiber. In addition, it gently detangles curls and protects them. → choose it according to the state of health and needs of your lengths
  3. And finally, the styling products will form the curls and protect and perpetuate them! → choose them according to your hair type (wavy, curly, frizzy, frizzy). For example, fine, wavy hair prefers sprays and jellies, and curly hair likes hair creams and butter.

Integrate Weekly Deep Treatments Into Your Routing

The transition is the perfect time to pamper your hair intensely. Besides, curly hair loves to be pampered! In transition, the ideal is to do one deep treatment per week to give your curls some pep! Team DIY or Team ready to use? You have the choice!


  1. Aloe Vera treatment
  2. Masks with Honey,  Oat Cream, and Yogurt-Compote
  3. Caramel Treatment
  4. Powder masks

Set Up A Morning Routine…

This is the crucial step every morning to refresh your curly hair after a good night’s sleep. The Morning routine is perfect for styling curls and giving them some pep! To space out your shampoos, you can integrate dry shampoos into your Morning Routine! In addition to absorbing excess sebum and purifying your scalp, dry shampoo will add volume to the roots . Then, refresh your curly hair with the Belle Boucle spray and hydrating spray of your choice. This step will hydrate your hair fiber and reform the curls!

…And A Night Routine!

From now on, protecting your hair is a priority, even at night! The most important thing is to limit friction, which encourages dehydration, frizz, the formation of knots, etc. To keep your curls defined, do not break their dynamic and protect them:

  1. Make a  protective hairstyle: pineapple (palm tree), hair pulled up in a silk turban, braids/vanilla for curly and frizzy hair…
  2. Tie your curls with spiral elastics, satin, or silk scrunchies!
  3. Choose a  silk pillowcase rather than cotton. Indeed, unlike silk, cotton is ultra-absorbent and promotes dehydration of the hair fiber. Silk helps keep hair hydrated and nourished. This helps prevent frizzy hair, frizz, and tangles!


The transition period can be daunting, but as its name suggests, it is “only” a transition! As with any change, your scalp and hair need a little time to adapt. During this time, your scalp will learn to regulate itself, where the hair fiber will free itself from chemical residues and learn to live without silicones, etc.  Some hair adapts in just a few routines, and others take a little more time. The transition duration depends mainly on the initial state of the hair (bleached/colored, frequent straightening, etc.) and the regularity of the care…  But I PROMISE your efforts will be worth it!

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