How To Do A Spring Detox For The Skin?

The arrival of sunny days is the ideal time to breathe new life into your skin. The good idea? Do a spring detox to turn all the skin’s markers green and give yourself a fresh glow. Farnaz Archange, a therapist specializing in skin beauty in Paris, gives us her valuable advice for getting a new look before summer. At the end of winter, the suffocated skin needs a boost. It’s time to treat your body to a spring detox. Eliminate accumulated toxins, relieve the liver, and remove dead skin… this skin rehab redeploys radiance and boosts energy. How? Follow the guide!

What Is A Spring Detox?

With the days getting longer and the temperatures getting milder, nature awakens. Spring is the ideal time to provide the body with new energy and rid it of excess accumulated during the winter. “Spring is a good time to eliminate the toxins of winter, a season during which we tend to consume rich foods and be sedentary. 

However, the liver is an organ that purifies the body, a bit like “a filter; its mission is to clean toxins. When it is too loaded, it works less well.”, explains Farnaz Archangel. Thus, a spring detox helps eliminate toxins but also promotes cell renewal, cleanses the skin’s texture and revives natural hydration. The winning recipe for beautiful skin!

When To Do A Spring Detox?

At the end of winter, the sun and light promote energy. The body is reboosted and ready to function optimally. “The best time to start a spring detox is in March or April,” reports the beauty therapist. In traditional Chinese medicine, each organ corresponds to a season. “The liver is the organ that dominates in spring. It is at this time that Yang awakens. It is therefore the right time to drain the body,” explains the skin expert.  

How To Cleanse Your Liver In Spring?

To give your liver a makeover, Farnaz Archange recommends following a detoxifying routine for a maximum of one month. Manual.  In the morning, drink lemon juice diluted in lukewarm water. “Lemon is rich in vitamin C, toning and antioxidants, which helps the liver to drain,” notes the expert.

We can alternate the following week with ampoules of black radish, which can be found in organic stores and promote the secretion of bile by the liver, which allows better elimination of toxins. You can also take artichoke ampoules, which have many healing properties, or milk thistle, a plant known for its digestive and liver-protecting qualities.

During the day, we consume vegetable juice ( for example, kale and celery juice to improve transit, garlic juice, beet juice to eliminate toxins, black radish or beetroot juice). Dandelion to drain…) or, if you prefer, a fruit juice (like orange and grapefruit juice, or apple, pear and kiwi juice, softer and sweeter)

What Are The Benefits For The Skin?

The condition of the liver impacts all organs, including the skin. “This is why, when the liver cannot eliminate waste, pimples can appear, and the hair is often dull. ” A spring detox acts as a real boost for the skin. “A lightened liver will have positive effects on the complexion, on the radiance, on the shine of the hair and eyes…” notes the facialist. 

But to obtain visible results, you still need to balance your plate and lighten your diet. We therefore limit fatty and sugary foods for a month. “We will avoid fat, pasta, fries, cheese, red meat, spices, alcohol, sweets…” recommends Farnaz Archangel.

What Beautiful Skin In & Out Routine?

If the consumption of detox foods promotes the elimination of impurities from the inside, we can complete this cleansing from the outside. “When in spring, we do a major cleansing for the body, it is also important to do it for the skin,” recalls the expert. A skin detox routine that begins with “a deep treatment to make the skin breathe”. 

This could be “a gentle scrub to remove dead cells if the skin is not too sensitive, or use a gentle cleanser .” Then apply an anti-pollution or moisturizing mask. Finally, we will swap our usual day cream for an oxygenating treatment. And to pamper your skin naturally, the skincare expert has some natural tips. “You can apply Greek yogurt to the skin as a mask. It contains lactic acid, which acts as a gentle peel without attacking the skin. You can also make a cucumber-based mask to detoxify the skin gently.”

Which Spring Detox For Oily Or Acne-Prone Skin?

To restore radiance and blur imperfections, spring is the perfect season to start “a treatment of burdock or nettle which will regulate sebum or zinc secretions which works very well on oily skin “, advises Farnaz Archangel. And to add. “Skin with imperfections needs to be allowed to breathe , it should not be overloaded. You simply need to clean it well in the evening before applying a light serum.”

Where To Do A Spring Detox For The Skin? 

To give your skin a new lease of life, Farnaz Archange recommends getting a deep facial treatment in a beauty salon. At the dawn of summer, this ritual allows you to reset the counters and reconnect with healthy, plump skin.   It is also possible to go to an institute specializing in Chinese massages to receive a detoxifying body treatment. 

The Lanqi Spa in Paris, for example, offers a Joyeux spring massage. This ritual works on six key meridian points located on the hands, feet, back, and chest. Associated with the hot tourmaline stone known to chase away bad energies and strengthen the immune system, this massage cleanses the skin of toxins and puts it back on its feet for sunny days. 

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