11 Ways To Use Silica Sachets

You see them regularly but pay absolutely no attention to them. They usually end up in the trash without any consideration. Who are they? These are the little sachets you find in all your packages or shoe boxes. They contain silica (silicon dioxide exactly). They have the effect of killing bacteria and absorbing moisture. But these virtues can come in handy far more often than you think. So, don’t throw them away; keep them in a box and read about the situations in which you will be happy to find them.

Fighting Bad Odors

The role of this small sachet or what it contains is to destroy bacteria. The very ones that cause the worst odors in the house. So you can have it here and there:

  1. Inside shoes and in particular sneakers or other sports shoes;
  2. At the bottom of a sports bag;
  3. In the locker of your favorite gym;
  4. In the cupboard where winter linen is piled up in summer and vice versa;
  5. In a pile of laundry that is not used often, etc.

They will save you from that unpleasant little smell.

Protection Against Oxidation

The other major function of silicon dioxide is to capture ambient humidity. It is, therefore, wise to place these small sachets near things that oxidize easily. Ideally, wrap the whole in a closed container or a pocket closed with a zip. No more rust!

  1. Razors and razor blades;
  2. Metal objects that you keep in your bathroom;
  3. Your silver jewelry is often tarnished by corrosion;
  4. Your silverware in general (your housewife, for example);
  5. The tools.

Dry A Cell Phone

Your cell phone was not waterproof. However, he, unfortunately, ended his race at the bottom of the water. Open it, and remove the battery, the sim card, and the memory card. Wrap all these elements in an airtight zip bag with a few small sachets of silica. Leave it on for 24 hours.

Remove The Fog

Silica sachets are also very effective in absorbing the moisture that settles on glass surfaces. So you can put:

  1. On the dashboard of your vehicle to eliminate morning fog on the windshield;
  2. Near a single-glazed window or door;
  3. In the keychain where you store your camera. Sometimes subject to significant temperature changes (if you leave early to photograph a sunrise or animals at sunrise), the camera lens fogs up. Apart from the inconvenience this causes, it can also damage your often expensive hardware.
  4. However, GoPro cameras, even waterproof ones, can be marked by traces of condensation, which damage the lenses over time.

Avoid Mold On Paper Or Seeds

What could be simpler than slipping a few bags into your boxes or drawers where you sometimes store precious old paper?

  1. Family pictures;
  2. Old manuscripts;
  3. old books;
  4. Archives;
  5. Old school notebooks that we can’t bring ourselves to throw away;
  6. Your important documents, even if they are not old or damaged;
  7. Photo albums;
  8. But also for the photos accumulated “in bulk” and which can stick together.

Likewise, the seeds you keep in a pot for next year’s vegetable garden can quickly get moldy. Store them in a well-sealed container and add a few sachets of silica.

In Your Suitcases When You Return From Vacation

Who hasn’t experienced returning from vacation with beach towels or bathing suits still damp in the suitcase? Each time, this means having to wash everything again on arrival at home. Place sachets in your luggage, and the wet laundry will dry when you arrive. And hope, laundry is saved! Put the maximum quantity of sachets in your possession. Remember to put them in your luggage when you leave home.

Dry The Flowers

You want to keep your bridal bouquet, or the flower was given to you in a specific situation. However, after a few days, you see mold appear. To avoid this inconvenience and speed up the drying of your favorite flowers, place them in a paper or plastic bag with a few sachets of silica. Tip: don’t forget to spray them with hairspray for better hold over time.

Store Your Pets’ Food

Do you buy your dog’s or cat’s food in bulk or large sachets? You are right; it costs less. But sometimes, stored in the garage or a saddler, the croquettes can mold. Again, please put them in a closed pot with sachets of silica. Conservation will be significantly improved.

Keep Your Pumpkins The Whole Halloween Season

You spent time with your children to hollow out, cut, and decorate the pumpkin to turn it into a pretty lantern. But now, after a few days, it is already beginning to mold and soften. Empty a few sachets of silica and place the seeds directly on the flesh of the pumpkin. Plan a proportion of 3 grams of silica for a pumpkin width of 10 cm.

Take Care Of Your Makeup

Don’t hesitate to slip a sachet of silica into your makeup bag. It allows products to be kept longer.

Your Hearing Protection

Do you live in a humid country or have the chance to visit an exotic country? Take care of your equipment. Your hearing aids are also vulnerable to the risk of condensation. Place a sachet of silica in the box where they are stored.


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