3 Tips To Get Fit In This Summer

Summer is coming, and with it is the desire to get back in shape, both for an aesthetic factor and to safeguard health. This aspect is often neglected in winter, but with the lengthening of the days and the milder climate, doing activities or eating healthier seems easier and more desirable, even if you need help knowing where to start. Here are 3 tips to put into practice to get back in shape.

Exercise: How Much And How

Sometimes you immediately think about diet, but even more important is to keep active and exercise, in order not only to burn excess calories but also to improve your health. To achieve a more toned physical shape and lose even a few pounds, it’s good to dedicate 30-40 minutes a day to training, following structured workouts divided by body area. 

On the first day, you can do cardio activities to burn calories and lose weight. The next day it is good to proceed with exercises for the arms and abs, while on the third day, do exercises for the legs and buttocks. By alternating these different types of workouts, various benefits can be obtained :

  1. It doesn’t tire the whole body, and so the next day, you’re strong enough to face the workout;
  2. Lose weight and tone up simultaneously: cardio only burns more, but it’s not enough to get the toned physical shape you often aspire to. Alternating cardio with strengthening is essential for an optimal result;
  3. You will stay energized, as there are varied and always stimulating workouts.

On the fourth day, it is good to rest. Warning: you should always attend the rest day, even if you feel you can train safely. Giving your muscles a day to recover is essential to avoid the risk of injury and make them develop correctly.

Follow A Balanced Diet

There is only effective exercise with healthy eating. Avoiding crash or do-it-yourself diets and relying on an expert professional is always preferable. If you exercise, then you need to eat. However, the basic rules remain those of varying carbohydrates, combining pasta with rice, barley, spelt, and potatoes; increase your protein intake and drink lots of water, at least 2 liters a day, but also 2.5/3 if you exercise a lot.

Don’t Make These Mistakes

Some mistakes to avoid to pass the swimsuit test :

  1. Skipping meals: wrong and even counterproductive because it leads you to eat much more (and badly) during other meals;
  2. Sleeping little: your body needs to sleep at least 8 hours a night, and if it doesn’t, the secretion of ghrelin increases, which increases the feeling of hunger;
  3. Compare yourself to others: each body is unique. If you have to compare yourself to someone, compare yourself with the person you were before and the one you want to become.
  4. Use good fats: Cook and season everything with olive oil: 4 spoons a day is more than enough. Eliminate all other fatty condiments: butter, margarine, bacon, various oils, etc. Remember that dried fruit is also called oily fruit, excellent for its lipid profile but still fat, so don’t abuse it. Also, eat foods that contain so-called good fats, such as Omega 3. You can find them in salmon, trout, and sardines, which are rich in antioxidant properties and good for the heart.
  5. Remember the superfood spices: Some spices are considered true superfoods due to the concentration of benefits they bring to the body. Chili pepper stimulates thermogenesis and helps burn fat, while turmeric, ginger, and cinnamon are anti-inflammatory and antioxidant. Use them instead of salt and aromatic herbs to add flavor to your diet.

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