Black Currant Liqueur, The Recipe To Make It At Home

Raspberries, blackberries, sour cherries, blueberries, strawberries and currants are part of the forest fruit family, which from May to September, fill us with joy with their variety of colors. In addition to tasting them naturally, they can be used in numerous recipes such as cakes, parfaits and jams, and the preparation of liqueurs. 

The Secret To A Great Black Currant Liqueur? Do Not Rub The Currants

The first thing to do is wash the fruit very well, remove leaves and petioles, and let it dry perfectly. But be careful not to rub because the peel of the current is excellent and tends to break, making the juice come out, which would be dispersed. Let the beans dry between two clean tea towels without touching them. 

Maceration Of The Black Currant Liqueur

It is advisable to use relatively large glass containers with airtight closure for this phase. It is also advisable to keep them in a calm and dark place. You can add some spice to the flavor, such as cloves or a vanilla bean, and use 90 ° alcohol or even lower alcoholic strengths. Maceration lasts about 2 months.  

How To Prepare Currants: Some Crush And Those Who Do Not!

In the preparation of blackcurrant liqueur, some leave the berries whole, making them macerate a little at a time, those who prefer to crush them to obtain all the juice, and finally, those who love to pass the fruit in the blender to have a creamy pulp and a thicker liqueur. If you prefer to crush the berries, do it when the fruits are dehydrated, arrange them in a bowl, and mash them first with a fork. When they are open, remove the skins and blend with the blender. In this way, you can say that you have used all the fruit! I prefer to mash the berries without mixing them.

Syrup Only When Cold

After maceration, prepare the syrup with water and sugar, in which, if you want, you can add lemon peels. When the sugar is dissolved, turn it off and let it cool completely before adding it to the alcohol. Mixing the liquids while the syrup is still warm could cause the color to become cloudy, although this does not affect the flavor. 


Once the syrup is cold, add it to the currants, mix well, and filter the liquid before proceeding to the filling. In this way, you can eliminate any residues and obtain an even more fine liqueur. To do this, use a tightly meshed sieve placed inside the funnel or filter paper or cotton wool, which will retain impurities. 


It is advisable to use perfectly clean and dry glass bottles to preserve liqueurs. Furthermore, especially if you have prepared liqueurs intended for long aging, they must have a perfect closure. After filtering, place one in the refrigerator and leave the rest in the pantry, in a calm and dark place, so as to not alter the flavors.  

Black Currant Liqueur Recipe

Following the preparation, we will see you shortly. You get just under a liter and a half. Here I propose a classic alcohol-based recipe, with two resting phases of at least a month and a half each.

Ingredients For 2 Bottles Of About 700 ml 

  1. 1 kg of black currant
  2. One liter of alcohol for liqueurs at 40 °
  3. 450 g of sugar
  4. 400 ml of water
  5. 5 cloves
  6. peel of 1/2 lemon


  1. Take care of the fruit first. Carefully wash the currants, remove petioles and twigs, and put them to dry on a clean cloth. When they are scorched, then transfer the fruits to an airtight container. Remember that the vase must also be perfectly dry and clean.
  2. Lightly mash the berries with a fork, pour in the alcohol and add the cloves. Close and leave to macerate for at least a month and a half. If possible, open the container once a week to mix.
  3. After the maceration time, prepare the syrup: pour the sugar and water into a saucepan, add the lemon zest and heat without boiling. When the sugar is dissolved, turn it off, cool it, pour the liquid into the bowl with the currants, and mix. 
  4. Let it rest for half a day, stirring occasionally, then proceed with bottling. To do this, use a funnel lined with gauze. Please place it in a cool and dry place, preferably in the dark, for at least 1 month. 
  5. Remember: blackcurrant liqueur is drunk cold or at room temperature and is excellent as a dessert or digestive. 


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