Body Scrub: That’s Why You Can’t Do Without It

Discover all the benefits, advice for use, any contraindications, and recipes for natural and effective DIY scrubs The scrub is a never without beauty routine, especially for women. It is a beneficial product to exfoliate and purify the epidermis, even the most delicate one, to oxygenate it and make it more beautiful, toned, young, and healthy.

This article will talk about the whole universe of scrubs by examining the benefits, the correct ways of use, and the recommended product types. And you will also discover how to make natural, effective do-it-yourself scrubs and, why not, give to friends or loved ones on the most varied occasions. Discover all the beauty & wellness proposals selected for you on Abby and buy in a few clicks.

Body Scrub: What Exactly Is It?

The scrub is a grainy product composed of variable and more or less natural ingredients, which is used to exfoliate the surface layer of the skin. We are talking about a dermo-cosmetic treatment that you can do safely at home and in total safety. You need to know precisely how to do it and which scrubs are ideal for your needs. The term scrub means rubbing and refers to the procedure that allows you to eliminate dead cells, toxins, and impurities present on the skin surface. All this is possible thanks to the granules of the scrub: these can be composed of sand, natural powders, chopped fruit stones, or synthetic micro-particles. 

The Benefits Of The Scrub

What are the benefits of the scrub? They are many and, as mentioned, also visible immediately after the treatment. However, it will be necessary to purchase a suitable product, scrub regularly and take care of the skin with other ad hoc components of your beauty routine, such as a specific moisturizer. The scrub allows you to:

  1. accelerate cell turnover, i.e., revitalize the surface layer of the skin;
  2. eliminate dead cells and particles that clog pores and prevent cell turnover;
  3. oxygenate the skin making it more receptive to subsequent treatments, younger, and more beautiful;
  4. smooth the skin by eliminating impurities and imperfections;
  5. slow down aging because it also stimulates the regeneration of the deeper epidermal layers;
  6. Nourish the skin thanks to the components present in the product, so it is good to choose it carefully.

How Is The Scrub Done?

The scrub is a product that must never be missing in your beauty, but it must be done with care and paying attention to the advice of the experts. Here are all the tips for marking in your diary or on a post-it to keep attached to the bathroom mirror. To do the scrub correctly :

  1. Choose a product suitable for your skin type, which is of quality. Abby, you will find only the best scrubs selected for you by the beauty experts;
  2. preserves the product at its best;
  3. Check the expiration date usually once opened. Each beauty product lasts from 9 to 12 months. Then it must be thrown away;
  4. Undergo the treatment at least once a week.

How To Do The Body Scrub 

  1. take a generous amount of product;
  2. spread it on damp skin;
  3. massage it with circular movements and always from the bottom up, for example, from the ankle to the thigh;
  4. insist on rough areas such as knees, elbows, the heels;
  5. rinse with warm running water, trying to eliminate all scrub residues;
  6. Dry skin perfectly and apply a generous amount of specific moisturizer or nourishing oil specific to your skin type. You can also use different moisturizing products based on the area of ​​interest, for example, an anti-cellulite on critical points and a super moisturizing and nourishing, perhaps buttery, on elbows, heels, and knees.

How To Do The Face Scrub 

  1. take a small knob of product and distribute it evenly on the face, on damp skin;
  2. leave the eye contour and lip contour free and spread the scrub also on the neck and décolleté;
  3. perform light circular massages for no more than 2 minutes;
  4. rinse with lukewarm water and be sure to eliminate any residual product;
  5. pat your face to dry it;
  6. Apply a veil of moisturizer specific to your skin and if it appears very red or you have delicate skin, use a mask or a soothing serum before the cream.

When To Do The Body Scrub

As mentioned, the scrub is good to do every week. In particular DIY body scrub, that is, homemade, will allow you to enhance the effect of the anti-cellulite lotions, the toning or draining ones that you will use after exfoliation. Not only that, but the body scrub should also be done in summer and will help you to get the best tan without spots and allow the skin to remain smooth and free of dead cells. In this case, do the scrub a few days before lying in the sun or going on vacation. Repeat this every week but avoid getting a tan for at least 24 hours, and never forget the correct protective sunscreen.

Contraindications Of The Scrub

The scrub has no contraindications. If you have chosen it well, if you will keep it at its best and if you will use it as suggested. The only drawback can arise due to an intolerance to the substances making up the product. Or you may see red skin if you insist too much on the skin. On the contrary, be gentle but constant. In this case, pat the areas with a towel soaked in cold water and apply delicate decongestant products containing, for example, helichrysum, chamomile, and tea tree oil. The scrub should be chosen based on your skin type and specific needs. For instance:

  1. for oily skin better, a fine-grained product with astringent extracts that eliminate excess sebum and close the pores; there are also products composed of soothing ingredients that minimize redness and deeply purify the skin;
  2. for the dry skin, the delicate scrub with fine and “soft” granules will be ideal, composed of soothing but nourishing and full-bodied ingredients such as oils and butter;
  3. for the mixed skin, choose scrubs with medium or ultra-fine granules which have adequate and balanced content, both astringent and nourishing, but avoid those that are too greasy or oily;
  4. For the body’s skin, choose a scrub with medium to large grains that is suitable for your skin type.

There are scrubs for dry, combination, oily or normal skin with specific anti-aging, purifying, refreshing, anti-water, and anti-cellulite components and extracts. You will be able to easily find your ideal scrub and change it every season according to what your skin is asking of you.

Coffee Scrub

The coffee scrub is ideal if you want to slim down your silhouette and if you wish for anti-cellulite treatment. This product removes dead cells and impurities but stimulates the microcirculation and tones and promotes the drainage liquids. It helps the body to burn the fat trapped in the cellulite cells in no time. How to make coffee scrub at home? Simple:

  1. in a glass jar or bowl, mix 4 tablespoons of ground coffee with 8 tablespoons of sweet almond or jojoba oil;
  2. blend the mixture well;
  3. add a few drops of birch essence if you want a more pronounced anti-cellulite effect or mint or licorice for a fresh product that improves the micro-circulation even more. In summer, it is a natural cure-all;
  4. spread the scrub on critical parts such as the stomach, hips, thighs, and buttocks, and then rinse.

Scrub For Ingrown Hair

Is there a specific scrub for ingrown hair? All fine-grained exfoliating scrubs are perfect for helping hair grow properly. It is recommended to do the scrub before hair removal to help eradicate or cut hair anywhere on the body. Proceed with the treatment the day before waxing or before using the razor, and you will see your skin consistently smoother and free of ingrown hairs.

Dry Skin Scrub

The scrub for dry skin must have fine but delicate grains, not aggressive. Salt-based products should be avoided, preferably those with cane sugar or with a synthetic exfoliating part. The scrub’s greasy part is good, both nourishing and moisturizing, a green light to those with almond oil, jojoba, coconut, and shea.

Face And Body Scrub

The face scrub is par excellence, more delicate and targeted, it has a fine grain, and you can use it on the most delicate parts of the body. For example, if you choose a mild face scrub, you can use it in the bikini area. On the contrary, a generic body scrub, or anti-water or anti-cellulite, will not be suitable for use on the face. These are more aggressive, have larger granules, and are never ideal for the face’s epidermis.

Body Scrub With Glycolic Acid

The face or body scrub glycolic acidity is recommended for those with oily skin and who notice an excess of sebum. This product exerts a deep but, at the same time, delicate exfoliation that does not irritate the skin because it lacks granules. Glycolic acid is one chemical type scrub that frees clogged pores and minimizes acne blemishes, such as unsightly scars and hyperpigmentation. It should be used with care and without exaggerating because the glycolic acid eliminates the most superficial layer of the skin, the one with sebum, dead cells, and impurities, stimulating natural turnover.

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