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Diet For Weight Loss: 13 Helpful Tips

Regardless of the type of weight loss diet you follow and which you adhere to without wanting to interfere, there are good rules that apply to all diets. Call them helpful tips, tricks, or ‘tips’; it does the same. Among the many tips disseminated online, given by doctors or friends, there are some useful, the most valid ever, that do not strictly concern the type of food to be preferred (and which remain at the discretion of ‘your’ diet ), but precautions to improve the lifestyle. Therefore, we do not want to fill this article with advice in ‘quantity’ to make it appear richer, but we want to focus on the ‘quality’ and effectiveness of advice selected ad hoc for you. 

They are used to losing weight more easily and quickly. Eat little and often, slowly promote metabolism in your diet for weight loss; try to eat little and often (at least five times a day: breakfast, snack, lunch, snack, and dinner). Because? Because on the contrary, when you overeat less frequently, your metabolism gets lazy, works and burns less, and what you eat ends up on the hips and stomach, accentuating the unsightly problem of cellulite. To promote metabolism, it is an excellent idea to chew slowly, shredding the food well also to help digestion: it also makes you feel more satiated.

Foods To Keep In The Fridge

If you get the classic attack of hunger, curb the instinct to satiate by putting the first thing in your mouth or, at the very least, get into the habit of keeping excellent but low-calorie foods in the fridge (low-fat yogurt, apple, wild fruit berries, carrots, celery) or whole foods that satiate more quickly because they are rich in fiber.

Drink Plenty Of Water Even During Meals

It is said that one should not drink with meals, especially when following a weight loss diet. In addition to advising you to drink at least 1.5-2 liters of water a day because it deflates, purifies, and facilitates diuresis, you can drink water at the table because it quickly satisfies you and does not slow down the action of gastric juices during digestion.

Snack Before Going Out For Dinner

Before you go out for dinner, prepare yourself well. Have a snack (a yogurt, raw vegetables) to stop hunger and avoid overdoing it at the table by letting yourself be tempted by appetizers and croutons before moving on to the actual dinner.

Never Skip Breakfast

You risk a sugar drop around 11 and a goodbye performance at work or elsewhere if you skip breakfast. You’re mistaken if you do it too fast to make up for a food ‘mistake. Skipping a meal will make you hungry in the next meal, so it is preferable not to miss any meal: if you have made a ‘sgarro,’ make up for it with a soup or fish.

Pay attention to the satisfying taste of tasty food with an inviting aroma that satiates more quickly than simple food that pushes you to exceed quantity. The feeling of satiety in a delicious dish restrains the instinct to overdo it at the table. Another piece of advice we give you for your weight loss diet is to prefer foods to bite and nibble: they are more satisfying and allow you to release stress.

A Good Sleep, After Love

A good sleep (7-8 hours a night) helps you lose weight, possibly after getting ‘tired’ in the most pleasant way: making love, great for burning lots of calories.

Wake Up Early

After a good sleep, you need to know that getting up early in the morning is very positive if you follow a weight loss diet: it trains your willpower and makes you more active. Wake up early without having breakfast, take a good run in the park, then have a nice shower and a healthy breakfast.

Move However You Like

The weight loss diet is inevitably associated with excellent and regular physical activity. It’s easy to say, ‘ I’m training. ‘ It is perfectly useless to join the gym if you don’t go there. Ask yourself what is the most suitable activity for you: fitness, dancing, swimming, jogging? Life is movement, and moving on various occasions during the day would be the best: cleaning the house, shopping, taking the stairs, walking without taking the car, etc. Fight two enemies of your diet in one fell swoop: laziness and stress. And after the gym? We recommend a lymphatic drainage massage to stimulate lymph flow, a colorless liquid involved in purifying toxins from the body and in the fight against infections.

A Day Of Healthy Transgression

Treat yourself to a break from the rule during the week, whether for one day or just for one meal. The important thing is not to overdo it, not to see all your sacrifices nullified.

One-off Fasting

Conversely, you might try to fast for 14-16 hours once a week. It may be effective in losing weight faster without losing muscle mass.

Substitute Meals For Weight Loss

Many lose weight by alternating lunch or dinner with meal replacements, usually either bars or smoothies. These are supplements and meal replacements for everyone (there are also plans for athletes) that contain organic, controlled, and safe nutrients. We go from shakes to smoothies in various flavors, from Formula 1 bars to mineral complex or multi fibre capsules and aloe caps.

Chewing Gum For Weight Loss

Strange to say, chewing gum helps you lose weight. First of all, chewing on gum would reduce cortisol or stress hormone levels with a consequent reduction in nervous hunger. Not only that, chewing gum accelerates the metabolism. Here is an article dedicated to the properties of chewing gum.


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