Eggs: The Extra Ally To Lose Weight

Science has debunked the myth that eggs raise cholesterol too much: here’s how to make the most of these foods and lose weight quickly. Few know it, but the egg is one of the ideal foods for losing weight. By now, the fears that made it food to be consumed in extreme moderation due to cholesterol in the yolk have finally disappeared. Today it is known that eating three or four whole a week is possible without any problem. In the yolk, there is also choline, also known as vitamin J. This compound can only be taken with food, preventing the formation of fatty deposits in the arteries and the liver: a single egg contains 164 milligrams.

Eggs: A Concentrate Of Vitamins And Minerals

With only 85 calories, the egg is also a treasure trove of valuable and rare vitamins in other foods. Above all, vitamin D should be mentioned, which is not very present in food but is contained in the yolk. Vitamin D promotes weight loss, especially if you have many kilos to get rid of. It is even more necessary because it is partially “sequestered” by fat cells. But eggs also contain vitamin A, with an antioxidant action, and riboflavin, a vitamin that helps convert food into energy. Eggs also contain:

  1. Iron (which improves oxygenation and tissue tone).
  2. Zinc (necessary for the synthesis of leptin, the hormone that drives the body to dispose of fat and reduces hunger).
  3. Potassium (anti-retention).
  4. Magnesium (metabolic regulator par excellence).

A Treasure Trove Of Proteins Useful For Weight Loss

But what makes the egg so crucial for weight loss is its considerable amount of protein, all present in the albumen, which provides 2.7 grams. The beauty of egg proteins is that they are biological of the highest level, contain all the amino acids necessary for forming muscles and lean body mass, and are thermogenic. They stimulate the metabolism and favor caloric disposal. Therefore, if you choose to consume egg white, which is fat-free, you will have very pure proteins: better than a supplement! It is no coincidence that egg white is also used by athletes in this way.

Eggs: Cook Them Like This To Make Them Allies Of The Line

From a dietary point of view, the best cooking method is boiling, but even more than hard-boiled eggs, soft-boiled eggs are recommended, leaving the yolk slightly soft. The two parts of the egg require different cooking. The albumen must be well cooked: in this way, the proteins are better digested and assimilated, and avidin is inactivated, a substance that slows down the assimilation of fat-burning vitamins. The yolk, the part rich in vitamins, is best not completely hardened. To make soft-boiled eggs, immerse them in boiling water for 3 minutes, then stop the cooking by placing them in cold water. Even cooking in the oven is light:

  1. Cover a pan with wet and squeezed baking paper.
  2. Pour the beaten eggs.
  3. Put in a preheated oven at 190°C for 12 minutes.

Discover The Most Suitable Combinations To Use At The Table

Eggs are incredibly versatile in the kitchen. You can use them in any meal of the day, using some combinations that increase their slimming power.

Eggs: Excellent At The Start Of The Day

Eating eggs for breakfast reduces your intake over the next 36 hours by more than 400 calories. In the morning, avoid frying them, but for a fat-burning, energetic, and very light breakfast, you can prepare an egg whole and a white egg scramble in a non-stick pan or two egg whites that you can find already separated from the yolk in small bricks available in the refrigerated counter of the supermarket. 

To cook them, use a teaspoon of organic coconut butter, which increases calorie expenditure during the day by 5%. You can complete your breakfast with a slice of toasted rye bread and a glass of freshly squeezed orange juice, contributing to better absorption of the iron in the egg. Or, before dipping your fork into the omelet, eat half an organic grapefruit: according to a study, half a grapefruit before a meal reduces your waistline in less than two months, decreases cellulite, and boosts your metabolism.

With Eggs, Your Lunch Is Genuinely Complete

If you want to enjoy them for lunch, combine eggs and spinach: with only 23 calories per hundred grams, chard or spinach improves the nutritional profile of eggs without adding calories. Additionally, spinach contains thylakoids, membranous compounds in tender green leaves that suppress appetite. This helps you stay full and dodge dangerous distractions between lunch and dinner. If you tend towards intestinal laziness during your diet, add some black beans to your eggs: a dose of protein and fiber that reactivates peristalsis and flattens your belly.

In The Evening, I Prefer Egg White

If you want a dinner rich in protein but low in fat and very digestible, use only egg whites in the evening: add cooked vegetables, which are helpful to avoid swelling. The combination with quinoa is excellent: its protein content makes the dish complete and can prevent hunger at a late hour.

Give Preference To Organic Eggs – The Most For Weight Loss

To ensure the best nutritional quality, choose different category A eggs – eggs laid no more than nine days ago, with intact shells and clear and odorless albumen. The organic certification, confirmed by the traceability code starting with the number 0, guarantees the absence of antibiotics which increase the overload of toxins in the body, which is responsible for slow and ineffective metabolism. 

An organic farm means access to outdoor space and organic feed for the hens, and this is reflected in the eggs: compared to non-organic ones, they contain twice as much vitamin E, 40% more vitamin A, and three times the essential Omega 3 fatty acids, which turn off the inflammatory processes responsible for the accumulation of fat, especially in the abdominal area.

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