Even Without A Gym – This Is How You Stay Fit

Who says we have to go to a gym to stay fit and pick up our regular exercise sessions? Sure – it’s motivating to see how others are working too hard. There is a course schedule that determines the times for the training and provides technical instructions from the course instructor. And after the sport, you can talk to your friends about God and the world. Well, during the lockdown, are you lacking motivation or don’t know how to work out without a gym? We’ll show you how to do it.

Sometimes Less Is More

Instead of shedding tears over all the positive aspects of a currently impossible joint exercise program, consider the benefits of exercising at home. For this, we have created a list with the best advantages for you:

  1. You save costs: from parking fees to membership fees
  2. You can train anytime
  3. You can decide which music drives you to top performance
  4. You have the choice between a workout in the fresh air and training with a cross-trainer in your own four walls

Whether you want to train to strengthen your immune system, release happiness hormones, or burn calories, staying fit even in lockdown and achieving your desired goal is possible. You will remain appropriate with daily running units in the fresh air and then biceps and triceps curls. But you certainly do not feel like jogging around the lake in sub-zero temperatures, nor can you buy a lot of equipment. So trust your body weight and get creative.

Alternatives For The State Of Emergency

It would be great: A basement room converted into a home gym with a cross trainer, weight bench, and yoga mat .. But do you still have to help yourself? Then do that! We have a list of the best alternatives for you to work out at home:

  1. Fill two empty two-liter bottles with tap water and use them as dumbbells.
  2. Fill two shopping bags with five kilograms of any content and hang them over the ends of a broomstick. Your barbell is ready!
  3. Stack some illustrated books or thick books on top of each other and use them as a base for balancing on one leg
  4. You can wash clothes later – use the leash as a jump rope.
  5. Does your house have four floors? Do you also live on the ground floor – sprint the stairs to the top; preferably a few times in a row.

Variety Is The Be-All And End-All

Have you spent so much time at home in the past year and at least need a little variety in your sports program? It’s best to create one so that you don’t fall back into old patterns when you’re ready for your workout. Use online sports programs or google the Internet for unusual exercises and integrate them into your plan. Start the week with a workout for your upper body, put your legs on Wednesday and give it to you in a cardio session on the weekend. So you won’t get bored, and you will stay fit and burn calories.

On Your Marks, Get Set, Go

So that you can start immediately as soon as you feel like it, prepare everything in advance in a quiet minute. Where do you want to spread your mat: In front of the TV because of the sports clip on the YouTube channel or in the spacious hallway? Have your equipment ready and set an alarm clock: Especially with interval exercises, you should keep a close eye on how things are going at the respective time.


Fit without a gym? Although the studios are currently closed, there are many opportunities to continue to keep fit. To avoid boredom or monotony at home workouts come up, you can just create everyday objects creatively. It is also worth taking a look at the Internet for new exercises. Numerous online courses or videos provide access to new activities and workout content. Since nutrition is also an essential factor, pay attention to a healthy and balanced diet in everyday life, even during lockdown times.


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