Facial Cleansing: 5 Tips To Perform It At Its Best

Knowing how to cleanse your face best isn’t just about removing makeup, excess sebum, blackheads, or smog deposits. It is suitable for women and men to get used to this daily ritual from an early age, as it is critical to delay skin aging and keep its appearance radiant. Furthermore, skillful skincare refines the texture of the skin surface, which becomes more receptive to treatments based on creams, masks, and serums. Thanks to it, the active ingredients reach the deepest layers of the epidermis, with results that won’t be long coming.

Of course, it is not enough to devote little or much time to this routine, but it must be done correctly to avoid irritation. Errors in the frequency, methods, and choice of products can cause damage to an entity comparable to that of a lack of cleansing. To explain what facial cleansing is for and how to perform it, we share the five basic steps with the readers. In this way, it is possible to prevent the appearance of early wrinkles, remove dullness from the complexion, remove blackheads and keep the skin’s hydrolipidic film on the face and neck unaltered.

Use Facial Cleansing Products Suitable For Your Skin

Every face has its own needs, so the first rule is to avoid standardized solutions. Having clarified this point, the essential requirement for cleansing the skin is using safe and dermatologically tested preparations. The best and para pharmacies have a vast assortment for the daily facial beauty routine: they fully satisfy these characteristics. Ordinary soaps are not suitable for their high concentration of surfactants: these substances produce a lot of foam and tend to dry the skin. Among the ideal products, we mention:

  1. Cleansing milk, choice of choice to remove what makeup remover can’t remove. It is applied to the face and released with a cotton pad or a damp sponge, followed by a rebalancing tonic;
  2. The cleanser is oil perfect for irritated and problematic skin. It is spread on wet skin with the help of a pad and rinsed;
  3. the syndet in the dispenser (the block is always at risk of microbial proliferation), ideal for reactive skin and also known as “non-soap soap.” It is massaged on the moistened face and eliminated with warm water;
  4. Micellar water is suitable for removing excess sebum or light makeup residues, even in delicate eye contours and lips. It is used with a cotton ball or disk, repeating the operation if necessary.

To complete the list, we must add other facial cleansing products to be used regularly, even if not every day, such as creams in granules and, of course, masks, to be applied after the scrub. Both must be chosen according to the skin type, for which an appropriate frequency must be established. For oily, normal, or combination skin, it is advisable to use them once a week, while for dry or delicate skin, the cadence is reduced to once every ten days or two a month. The use of these products should be evaluated in the presence of widespread irritation, abrasions, or wounds.

Thoroughly Remove The Cleaner

Not eliminating product residues well is one of the most common mistakes during daily face cleansing at home. In the long run, this bad habit can irritate your skin and inflame your pores. To avoid this, use one of the following means, available to everyone:

  1. The wadding pads offer a safe result from a hygienic point of view, provided you do not move product residues from one area of ​​the face to another;
  2. The sponge disks must be washed carefully and dried as soon as possible after each use;
  3. Makeup remover wipes are delicate in emergencies but unsuitable for continuous use.
  4. These methods must be followed by thorough rinsing with warm water and, possibly, not too calcareous. After that, a splash of thermal water is suggested for a soothing effect.

Extend Facials To The Neck

You can often tell how old a person is by looking at their neck. Wrinkles, sagging skin, spots, and accentuated Venus necklaces can betray age even when the face appears youthful. Often, the mistake is made of not reserving adequate treatments for this area: the result is withered and darker skin than the rest of the body. Prevention only requires a few more minutes a day: taking care to collect your hair well and using facial cleansing products starting from the meeting point between the collarbones and the chin. Also include the back in the operations, with movements towards the nape of the neck.

Finish By Applying A Cream Or Serum

The final phase of each cleansing consists of applying a cream or serum, after using a tonic. In this way, the skin receives the substances it needs and remains protected from external sources of pollution. As a first indication, the consistency suitable for the morning remains thicker than that recommended for the evening. 

During the day, it is necessary to protect the skin from makeup, atmospheric agents, and the effects of the dynamism of the facial muscles, which cause expression lines to form. To prepare the skin for the night, the ideal option is a serum or a light cream: both ensure faster absorption of the active ingredients without leaving greasiness. The product is spread with delicate and circular movements from the center to the ends, starting from the bottom up. Finish the massage when the skin surface is dry.

Consistently Carry Out Cleansing Treatments

Many wonder how often to cleanse their face. The question is not trivial because choosing the ideal moment to devote yourself to this operation is crucial for always having a radiant look. First, performing a deeper cleansing before going to sleep is the best time to eliminate all traces of impurities and prepare the skin to respond effectively to treatments. During the night, the mechanisms of cell repair and renewal are activated. 

We want to point out that it is not appropriate to skip cleansing even when you are not wearing makeup since impurities from the outside are deposited during the day. Adding to the sebum and sweat produced, they clog pores and inflame them. As for skincare in the morning, we recommend gentle cleansing. Putting exfoliating products and masks off until your nightly routine is best.


We conclude by remembering that every skin type is different and has its particularities. If conventional treatments cause irritation or do not have the desired effect, it is advisable to contact a professional for specialist advice. In any case, a shock cure is essential to enhance daily treatments. Making an appointment at a good institution and having a professional cleaning every month or two is another good habit.

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