How To Cleanse The Liver: 10 Natural Remedies To Detoxify

When it comes to health, we cannot forget the liver, one of the most precious organs that contribute to the well-being of the whole organism. Purifying the liver is essential as this organ performs fundamental functions within our body, including filtering toxins and waste. An intoxicated liver cannot work well, which also affects mental well-being, causing, for example, fatigue, depression, and an intense mood. This is why it is vital to detoxify the liver through the correct remedies that allow us to eliminate accumulated toxins and regain natural well-being.

Intoxicated Liver: Symptoms And Consequences

Before seeing how to cleanse the liver, let’s try to understand the symptoms of an intoxicated liver and the alarm bells our body sends us. The liver “communicates” its discomfort as soon as we wake up in the morning: we often wake up with a bitter mouth and a more or less pronounced sense of nausea. These could be signs that also occur during the day, and that should make us understand that something is wrong. In these cases, implementing procedures to clean the liver could prove to be a winning move.

We realize we need to detoxify the liver even when we often feel a sense of tiredness and sleepiness, especially after meals. Often these symptoms are also accompanied by headaches, and not infrequently, there is also abdominal swelling and difficulty digesting well. Finally, we should acquire the habit of checking the color of the stool because when they are too light, it could indicate a malfunction of the liver, which is unable to dispose of all the toxins and accumulated waste. 

Remember that an intoxicated liver filters only a minimal part of the “waste” and that, consequently, the amount not filtered correctly returns to the circulation and can affect various body organs, causing inflammation and intoxication. Therefore, purifying the liver through the proper procedures and the correct remedies, we will see below, putting them into practice even several times during the year, especially in the change of seasons. But let’s see how to purify the liver with natural remedies that will help us regain psychophysical well-being quickly.

How To Cleanse The Liver: 10 Natural Remedies

Natural remedies to detoxify the liver help this precious organ cleanse itself and carry out its filtering work correctly. As mentioned, liver purification should be done at least twice a year, using purifying, diuretic herbal teas, and juices and extracts. Here’s how to naturally cleanse the liver.

Milk Thistle For The Liver

Milk thistle is one of the most effective remedies to purify the liver, also recommended for those suffering from liver diseases such as cirrhosis. The silymarin, contained in this plant, acts directly on the liver cells, improving its functionality and also carrying out a diuretic action. To cleanse the liver with milk thistle, you can use a mother tincture, dry extract in the form of tablets, or the preparation of an herbal tea made with dried milk thistle seeds. In this case, it is necessary to boil two teaspoons of milk thistle seeds in plenty of hot water for 10 minutes. Filter and drink after meals.


Also known as dandelion, dandelion is a plant with purifying solid power, excellent for detoxifying the liver and preventing urinary infections. How to cleanse the liver with the dandelion? You can prepare an infusion by boiling 15 g of root and 15 g of leaves in a liter of water. In the end, filter and drink several times a day. Consuming dandelion with meals (for example, making a salad with freshly picked fresh leaves) is another helpful alternative to clean up the liver.

Artichoke To Purify The Liver

When it comes to purifying the liver, one cannot leave out the artichoke, a detoxifying plant par excellence. The artichoke (in particular its active ingredient: cynarin) stimulates the production of bile, thus improving the functionality of the hepatobiliary system. To benefit from its properties, you can prepare an artichoke herbal tea by boiling about fifteen leaves in two cups of water. In addition, you can also use the stalks cut into small pieces, or buy the ready-made sachets directly.


Chicory, like dandelion, is a spontaneous plant that performs diuretic, digestive and purifying functions, recommended among the best natural remedies to purify the liver. In addition to consuming the fresh leaves with meals, its benefits can also be enjoyed through an infusion. For example, chicory coffee is very well known, a purifying and caffeine-free drink that is obtained from the roasted roots of this plant and which can be used as a valid alternative to coffee.

Ginger And Carrot Juice

Not everyone knows this, but ginger, besides having an anti-inflammatory and digestive action, is excellent for purifying the liver and “sweeping away” accumulated toxins. Carrot is also a perfect purifying ingredient capable of reducing the overproduction of bile, ideal for both eaten raw and cooked or used to prepare a detoxifying juice. Carrot and ginger juice helps cleanse the liver and digest well after a heavy meal, strengthen the immune system, and calm nausea and vomiting.

Green Tea

Regular use of green tea is recommended as a detox remedy for the whole body, in particular, to purify the liver of toxins and prevent biliary diseases. The catechins in green tea perform a necessary action on liver tissues and have also been helpful in cases of hepatitis B and C. But how to purify the liver with the use of green tea? It is sufficient to consume 2-3 cups a day, preferably between meals.

Apple And Apple Juice

In addition to being rich in fiber and vitamin C, apples contain pectin, a substance capable of purifying the liver, favoring the expulsion of toxins. Malic acid, held in high percentages, helps to improve digestion and facilitate the removal of gallstones. To take advantage of the detoxifying properties of apples, you can prepare apple juice (they tend, however, that some of the fiber is lost in this way) and drink it twice a day, making a complete cure for about a month.


One of the best remedies to purify the liver is to consume asparagus; this vegetable is known for its diuretic and purifying action on both the liver and kidneys. Asparagus, in addition to protecting the liver, promotes the repair of liver cells; proper function, especially in case of alcohol abuse. To cleanse the liver and stimulate its filtering function, it is good to habitually include asparagus in your diet, consuming them both raw and steamed.

Water And Lemon

By stimulating liver function, lemon helps purify the liver and facilitate the expulsion of toxins and waste. This detoxifying fruit is also helpful in promoting digestion, strengthening the immune defenses, and improving iron absorption, given the high content of vitamin C. Purifying the liver with lemon is very simple. Just drink the juice of half a lemon diluted in a glass of warm water every morning as soon as you wake up when you are fasting and have breakfast after about 30 minutes. It is not recommended for use by those suffering from gastritis.


The last remedy to naturally cleanse the liver is to use turmeric. This anti-inflammatory and detoxifying spice is beneficial in the kitchen for flavoring dishes but is also used to prepare herbal teas and juices. There are several ways to detoxify the liver using turmeric. One of these, for example, is to prepare the famous golden milk (turmeric milk) or an infusion obtained by boiling a small piece of fresh turmeric in 250 ml of water. To enhance its purifying effect, ginger or lemon juice can also be added to the turmeric infusion.


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