How To Get Rid Of Dark Spots On The Face: 4 Valuable Tips

Today we talk about how to get rid of dark spots on the face. Like me, anyone who has dark spots on their face or has suffered from them in the past knows very well that lightening serums, chemical peels, microdermabrasion, lasers, and more do not give lasting results over time. Yet in the immediate future, the spots on the skin sometimes improve, diminish, lighten, and then.

How To Get Rid Of Dark Spots On Your Face?

To understand what happens, knowing how the skin works is essential. You need to understand why spots appear on your skin to know how to get rid of them. The primary function of the skin is to defend ourselves from external agents. When the skin gets stained, in practice, there is an overproduction of melanin even without the stimuli of the sun’s rays. First reflection on how to get rid of spots on the face : Why is more melanin produced, and how can we avoid it? 

This happens because our body “feels” that the skin barrier is not structured enough. Skin PH, fats, and proteins are not in balance, so the skin goes into a state of alarm and alert. In this situation, the skin’s ability to defend itself against the sun’s rays is low; this is why it produces more melanin as a defense stimulus. But what disturbed the pH balance of the skin, fats, and proteins and set in motion the production of excess melanin?

Are You Aware That You Need A Lot Of Information To Get Rid Of Dark Spots On Your Face?

Four main reasons contribute to the formation of dark spots on the face:

Wrong Cleansing

If you use sponges, make-up remover wipes, too-strong scrubs, SLES or acid-based cleansers, brushes, ultrasounds, as well as removing dirt, you take away natural fats every day and alter the pH of the skin; put “make the protective wall altar” of your skin. It is as if you have a holey handkerchief on your face, through which the sun penetrates. I suggest you cleanse your skin with almost obsessive attention, neither too aggressively and massaged nor too fast and therefore ineffective. Above all, I recommend you use the right product.

Exfoliating Treatments

As already mentioned in a previous blog, peelings have become a trend. They are used for skin problems like blemishes, aging, enlarged pores, acne, etc. The point is that if I always smooth my skin and remove the lipids every time, I terminate the defensive contract  (the symbolic wall of protection of my skin) and create natural premature aging. Especially in women over 40,  the recovery and restoration times of the stratum corneum after a peel are slower. It takes a long time to recreate a robust corneum. The skin looks more beautiful immediately, but the problem is that the new layer is thin and unstructured,  so it is subject to:

  1. stains 
  2. free radicals
  3. wrinkles

If we add this discomfort to a bad detersion, one wonders how it is possible not to have spots on the face if you treat it this way.

The Films Contained In Synthetic Cosmetics

Silicones, nylon, paraffin, acrylics, petrolatum, etc. They only mask the skin’s poor health and give a lifting or moisturizing “feel.” But they have no metabolic or physiological function on the skin.

Sunscreens Contained In Cosmetics

They are not enough to defend us from stains. Otherwise, it would be enough to use sunscreen cream all year round, and we would have solved the problem. I add more than the constant use of sunscreens on the skin triggers spots, and I’ll explain why. Once again, I would like to clarify this fundamental point: If the melanin is always at rest because you use sunscreen creams 365 days a year,  you must be aware that when the sun arrives,  with the first heat, your skin will be defenseless and weak. He will not be able to protect himself because he has lost this ability, precisely due to the constant use of sunscreens.

Think about what a muscle in a leg or arm looks like if they’ve been resting after a cast. Not having worked for just a few weeks, the muscle becomes “WEAK.” Try to think about your skin, after years of using cosmetics with sunscreens, silicones, paraffin, or plastics, how it may have shrunk. How many functions have been inhibited due to these substances? If you go to the sea or the mountains, it’s right to protect yourself, but this is very different from using sunscreens all year round.

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