How To Wash Your Hair: 10 Mistakes 

Some do it every day, others just once a week. What did you understand? We are talking about shampoo! Washing your hair seems like one of the simplest things we do in our daily routine, but it isn’t. We often make mistakes (which we don’t even know we do), risking compromising our hair’s health. And let’s face it, most of the time, we wash our hair with a little rush and even a little laziness – and we don’t realize that we’re not taking care of them but stressing them out. 

The wrong shampoo applied and the water temperature too high are some mistakes we make that can ruin our hair, making it brittle and dull in the long run. On the other hand, if the hair, when we leave the hairdresser, looks clean in a completely different way than when we wash it at home, there must be a reason, right? Here are the ten most common mistakes not to make when washing hair for healthy and robust hair (with minimal effort).

Do Not Brush Your Hair Before Washing

Brushing your hair before shampooing to prevent it from tangling during washing is always good. Untangling wet hair could damage and weaken it. To avoid knots in your hair,  use a wooden brush (more delicate). Small tip: brush your hair starting from the ends instead of the roots.

Wash Your Hair With Hot Water

Using water that is too hot harms the hair because it dulls the hair structure, opens the layers of the cuticles and, in the case of oily hair, stimulates the sebaceous gland to produce sebum. It is, therefore, advisable to use lukewarm water in the first part of the wash and carry out the final rinse with cold water, giving the hair maximum shine.

Utilize A Cleanser That Isn’t Reasonable For Your Hair Type

“All shampoos are the same”, many think, but this is not the case. There is a shampoo for every type of hair. For example, suppose you have dehydrated hair. In that case, you may need a moisturizing shampoo, or if you want your blonde to last long, you could use a purple shampoo. Or again, in the case of susceptible hair, it is better to opt for a natural shampoo without parabens or sulfates… In short, there are many types of hair shampoos, each with a specific function. So don’t choose it based on price, perfume or brand but on your hair. If you are not sure, ask your trusted hairdresser, and he will surely be able to recommend the one that suits you best.

Don’t Rinse Your Hair Well

After applying shampoo and conditioner, rinse your hair well, as product residues can irritate the scalp and ruin the hair, undermining the style.

Using Too Much Shampoo When Washing Hair

Overdoing the amount of shampoo because you think you are washing your hair better is one of the most common mistakes. Our advice is to put a little shampoo at a time in the various points of the head and add water to dilute it, massaging with the fingers in a circulatory direction without rubbing the hair. Remember: too much product weighs down the hair.

Apply The Shampoo To Damp Hair

The shampoo should only be applied when the hair is completely wet. It is useless to put the shampoo on slightly damp hair because the washing will not be complete with the result that the hair will be dirty even after shampooing. So be careful to wet them well before gathering them.

Rub The Hair Together When We Wash It

Rubbing your hair too hard with each other or between your hands could weaken and damage it. It is the same principle that it is good not to scratch the hair with a towel. It is, therefore, better to massage the scalp with your fingertips.

Apply The Balm To The Root

The hair conditioner combs the hair more easily and makes it soft and shiny. That’s why it should be applied on the tips or from mid-length onwards. If you use the product on the root, you will only weigh down the hair, and your hair will look dirty immediately after washing.

Wash Your Hair Time after time Or Excessively Little

How often should you wash your hair? There is no single answer. It depends on the type of hair. In general, if you do not have special needs, it is good to wash them twice a week. Too frequent washing could weaken them considerably, making them fatter. Even cleaning them too little could be harmful as the accumulation of sebum suffocates the follicle, favoring the fall of the hair. Our advice? Only wash your hair if it looks dirty and oily.

Use 2 In 1 Product To Wash Your Hair

We know that the 2 in 1 may seem practical and comfortable (especially when going on vacation), but it does not guarantee excellent results. The shampoo and conditioner have two very different functions. It is, therefore, advisable to use specific products for each washing phase. With  Treatwell, book beauty treatments at your favorite salons online – it’s quick and easy. Discover the best salons in your area.


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