Pancakes: Quick And Easy Original Recipe

Pancakes are a breakfast dessert typical of American cuisine. These are delicious pancakes similar to crepes but taller and softer, with a spongy consistency and tasty taste, made with a mixture of egg silk, sugar, and flour. Once cooked in a pan greased with butter, American pancakes are usually served stacked on top of each other, accompanied by delicious maple syrup or jam, peanut butter, or fresh fruit! Do you want to prepare them at home? 

Here is the pancake recipe for you, with all the tips and tricks illustrated with step-by-step photos to make the best pancakes ever, ideally! Like those enjoyed in coffee shops in the United States of America! Like any traditional preparation, there are many variations. Some prepare the dough with buttermilk (milk + yogurt), some flavor the mixture with cinnamon and spices for a more intense flavor, and some add bananas to the dough. 

The dough is prepared in precisely 5 minutes by mixing the liquid ingredients with a hand whisk, to which you add the dry ingredients (just like you do with muffins), and finally, incorporating the whipped egg whites with a spatula! What struck me about this recipe besides the ease of execution it’s the addition of yeast, which, together with a drop of vinegar, will make the pancakes soft and tall, just like the originals! 

In this case, I served them with the classic maple syrup, a natural juice that is similar to honey in taste but more liquid and liqueur-like; this, too, was bought in Nova Scotia, but it can be found in all supermarkets! If you want, you can replace it with excellent honey that has just been melted over the heat, jam, cream of your choice, and fruit compote. Pancakes are perfect for a protein-rich breakfast. Start the day with taste and energy! But also for brunch with family or friends and an energetic and substantial snack! Just like the waffles and French toast, try them soon; even kids love them.

Pancake Recipe

Preparation Times

Preparation: 5 minutes

Cooking: 5 minutes

Total: 10 minutes

Ingredients: Quantity For Eight Pieces

Pancake Ingredients

  1. 200 g of flour
  2. 250 g of milk
  3. Two eggs
  4. 30 g of sugar (granulated or cane)
  5. 30 g of seed oil (or 30 g of melted butter)
  6. 10 g of baking powder + 1/2 teaspoon of bicarbonate (or one whole sachet of baking powder)
  7. One teaspoon of vinegar
  8. One pinch of salt
  9. a knob of butter for cooking

To Accompany

  1. 3–4 tablespoons of maple syrup (or warm acacia honey)
  2. Three tablespoons of blueberries


How To Make Pancakes

First of all, divide the yolks from the whites. Then, whip the egg whites until stiff. Finally, mix the egg yolks, oil, milk, and vinegar in a bowl with a hand whisk. Separately, sift the flour, baking powder, and bicarbonate of soda and mix them with the sugar and salt. Then, add the dry ingredients to the liquid ones and whisk for a few seconds. Finally, fold in the egg whites delicately with a spatula, making slow movements from bottom to top. The flapjack mixture should be delicate, liquid, full-bodied, and not exorbitantly fluid.

Cook The Pancakes: Light, Puffy, Without Burning!

First of all, use a non-stick pan, preferably a small one or a particularly large one, so that you can cook two at a time without placing them on each other. Pass the butter into the pan with a handkerchief. There shouldn’t be a significant layer of fat, just lightly greased. The secret to not burning pancakes is to simmer them! Once the pan is heated, add a spoon of the mixture without crushing. Let it cook for a few seconds.

As soon as you see the first bubbles appear on the surface, with a spatula, check that they are detached from the base, lift the pancakes, and turn them with a single stroke on the other side. Cook for a few more seconds, a maximum of 20–25 seconds, after which place them on a serving plate, spaced apart from each other! Please don’t stack them straight away; otherwise, they’ll get crushed! Prepare all the pancakes in this way until the dough runs out! Serve them stacked, adding maple syrup and natural product to taste! The pancakes are ready to serve!

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