Pec Deck: Correct Execution For Workout

With this article, you can find the pec deck, a machine frequently present in the exercise center and which is sometimes remembered for working out preparing cards to prepare the pectorals. We will portray the flat pec deck, the machine intended to perform basic level push developments. Likewise, there is the upward peck deck where you sit and play out a product like the crosses on a level seat.

What Is The Pec Deck?

The pec deck or pectoral machine is a directed exercise with which you can, for the most part, perform three classifications of activities: 

  1. Flat Push: The primary spotlight is as a rule on chest preparing 
  2. Vertical push: the principal center is the shoulders 
  3. Parchment: the objective locale for this situation is the upper trapezius 

In the developments recorded in the initial two focuses, the guide of the shifting seat is utilized. The activity has a diving opposition bend, which means the trouble of the action is more noteworthy toward the start of the trip and continuously diminishes as you stretch your arms.

Pec Deck: Correct Execution

The proper execution is contextualized to the development you are completing, regardless of whether flat or vertical push. In the primary case, keep the chest open throughout the story and the shoulders down as though you need to contact the backside (stolen and discouraged shoulder bones), keeping up with the lumbar lordosis without “smoothing the entire back” on the seat. 

One more highlight focus is that the elbows should be underneath the level of the shoulders during plummet and rising, the lower arm should be opposite to the ground, both in front and side view. This applies to any tendency you work on the chest. On account of the upward push, attempt to situate the seat to regard the scapular plane however much as could reasonably be expected during the inspiration. 

For example, the point of around 30 ° that the scapula structures with the front-facing plane, laying on the rib. Attempt to push the heap upward, consequently keeping the lower arm opposite to the ground however much as could reasonably be expected.

Common Mistakes In The Pec Deck

Horizontal Thrust :

  1. Seat Positioning: Usually situated either excessively far forward (bringing the shoulder into more noteworthy snatching, the elbows rise and arrive at shoulder level) or excessively far back (bringing us into a wrong push line). 
  2. I was situating: position yourself on the seat without performing scapular wretchedness and adduction. 
  3. Development: lose the setting by “tossing” the shoulders forward in the push and move the elbows away and nearer to the middle during the stimulation.

Vertical Thrust :

  1. Seat situating: ordinarily situated excessively far forward (bringing the elbows excessively far back and not permitting regard for the scapular plane) or excessively far back (taking the chest excessively far from the heap in a disadvantageous situation to communicate strength and work accurately with the shoulders). 
  2. Development: don’t regard the scapular plane by moving the elbows and carrying them nearer to the middle during the push.

Muscles Involved In The Pec Deck

When you go to make a push on the flat plane lying on the seat, you will chiefly include the pectoralis major and the foremost deltoid. If you play out an upward push work with the backrest slant of the heart from 70 ° upwards, you primarily include the deltoid and upper trapezius, to some degree the pectoralis major.

Variants Of The Pec Deck

Reverse Pec Deck

This variation can be performed on the upward pec deck, the apparatus wherein the seat is likewise present. In some of them, it is possible to change the beginning point and go to situate yourself on the heart, taking a gander at the backrest (chest against the backrest) and go to complete a kind of back opening. Likewise, there are uncommon machines, for example, the peck back planned explicitly to play out this activity. In this variation, we will mainly work the deltoid in its back head.

Sloped Pec Deck

Spot the seat on the flat pec deck at the proper distance that permits us to keep the setup found in the section concerning the appropriate execution of the even push workout. The appeal is to shift the seat essentially to 45 ° to expand the initiation of the clavicular part of the pectoralis major (high chest), mindful that this will likewise build the actuation of the front deltoid simultaneously.

Narrow Pec Deck

The way that restricts the solid handle for this situation is that the machine has a base grasp width past which the hold can’t be additionally fixed. For the most part, you ought to have the option to grasp the size of the middle. You can embed this activity to work more on the clavicular heaps of the pectoral Grandis (high chest) and the back arm muscles: the development moves further toward a sagittal plane.


Position the seat on the pec deck with the backrest leaned somewhere in the range of 70 and 80 ° at the proper distance that permits you to keep the setup found in the section concerning the appropriate execution of the upward pushed work out. Position the stature of the machine’s handles, begin with your arms at your sides to enact the deltoid in an ideal manner.

Alternative Exercises To The Pec Deck

The best alternative exercises that we can perform as an alternative to the horizontal peck deck can be divided into categories and sub-categories:

Horizontal thrust category :

  1. Machines: chest press and the like
  2. Barbell: Bench presses with different inclinations
  3. Dumbbells: Presses and bench crosses at various angles

Horizontal thrust category :

  1. Machines: shoulder press
  2. Barbell: thrusts over the head while sitting or standing
  3. Dumbbell: pushes over the head while sitting or standing

Conclusions On The Pec Deck

All in all, the level peck deck as a machine compels the direction of development and barely permits joint physiological development during works out. Moreover, it eliminates the dynamic adjustment part important during actions performed with free weight and hand weights, excusing mistakes and remunerations that freeloads don’t permit. 

This doesn’t imply that you don’t get tasteful outcomes, yet a central part is missing: the coordinate one, essential anyway in numerous different activities. Do you need to stay away from vehicles? No, however, use them consistently, mindful of the cutoff points we can confront and that there are better and more terrible machines for each locale. 

The machine should not be an “escape” from learning unguided developments, yet rather a guide to give upgrades and perform occupations that would not be improved with freeloads. The appeal is most important to figure out how to utilize freeloads, with the right consciousness and preliminary to this since it will make basic engine stuff to improve brings about the medium-long haul.


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