The Most Popular Essential Oils And How To Use Them

The Uses Of Essential Oils

Essential oils are precious allies for health and well-being: getting to know them and discovering they are suitable for many occasions is enough. Critical in name and necessary to keep at home, always at hand. Let’s not underestimate these precious aids from Nature because essential oil is the plant’s purest and most concentrated extract, capable of benefiting the body and mind.

The history of essential oils is ancient. The use of crucial oils has its origins more than 5000 years ago. Then, these remedies were the prerogative of the nobility and the wealthiest families precisely because they were “expensive.” Even today, their cost varies according to the preparation method and the difficulty of extracting the active ingredient.  Body curves benefit the mind if used in massages, compresses, or inhalations because they act on nerve receptors through Aromatherapy.

When To Use Essential Oils?

Keeping them at home and close at hand helps on many occasions. From seasonal influences to digestive difficulties, for fever, a stuffy nose, or a sense of nausea, essential oils are genuinely precious allies of health and improve our lives. They have no contraindications and can also be used for children. One caveat: do not use them pure on the mucous membranes but diluted with almond oil or similar. Also, cutting them in another neutral oil is best to be used on the skin. 

The Benefits Of Essential Oils

Here are the main essential oils used and their beneficial properties:

  1. Lavender: helpful in case of inflammation of various kinds. Massaging a few drops of lavender essential oil on the temples in case of headache relieves pain pressure and relaxes. Breathing in its essence, it regulates moods and comforts the heart.
  2. Tea tree oil: antiseptic and antifungal. Combining it with sweet almond oil and massaging it on the abdominal area, it becomes a good remedy against candida and intestinal parasites, promoting internal purification. Also valid if applied to nail mycosis.
  3. bergamot : disinfectant and antibacterial. Excellent treatment for acne on the face at all ages: apply a drop of bergamot directly on the pimple after cleansing the face with a hypoallergenic sulfur or clay soap.
  4. Peppermint: refreshing and relaxing. He can rid the nose of a cold by using two drops to the base of the nostrils and inhaling strongly. Also excellent for promoting concentration, especially if combined with Basil essential oil.
  5. Eucalyptus:  due to its balsamic properties, it is indicated in all airway disorders, even if associated with fever. It frees the respiratory channels by acting on lowering the body temperature.
  6. Ginger: recommended in case of nausea, car sickness, or plane sickness, to be used soaked in a handkerchief and inhaled its aroma. Useful against muscle and joint pain. It promotes digestion for internal use by massaging it externally on the stomach and intestines.
  7. Sweet orange: Relaxing. Every evening, returning home, it would be a good habit to put a few drops of orange essential oil in the room diffuser. It relaxes the nervous system, calms tensions, and creates a soft and welcoming atmosphere in the home.

It is vital to ensure that it is a quality essential oil that is correctly processed and maintains its properties unaltered. 

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