What Happens If I Don’t Remove My Makeup Before Sleeping?

Removing makeup before going to sleep is a gesture that can’t be missing from your evening beauty routine: that’s why it’s so important. Each of us should have a relaxing evening routine, which allows us to go to bed more serenely and ensure that sleep is truly a regenerating moment for the body and mind. But how to make sure that the night also benefits your skin? There is a simple beauty secret that is often overlooked, especially when you come home exhausted after a long day away from home: makeup!

The moment is an essential step in the beauty routine, which we often do not pay due attention to. Thoroughly removing makeup from your face is essential to ensure that your skin remains young, fresh, and compact for a long time. In short, going to bed with your makeup still on is a decidedly harmful habit for your skin. Here’s what can happen if you don’t take off your makeup before sleeping.

What Happens If I Don’t Take Off My Makeup? The Possible Consequences For The Skin

To feel good, it’s important to dedicate time and attention to your daily skincare, and finding time every day to remove all traces of makeup is a true gesture of love for your skin. What can happen if you don’t?

Dryness And Dullness

If you forget to remove your makeup the night before you sleep, you could easily end up with visibly drier and duller skin the following morning. The prolonged presence of cosmetic products on the face can irritate the skin, alter its physiological ability to hydrate itself and damage its protective hydrolipidic layer.

The skin can become hypersensitive and inflamed, resulting in dryness and a profound state of dehydration. Furthermore, makeup residues prevent the skin from absorbing the skincare products that are applied to it: it could therefore be useless to massage any facial treatment if you have not thoroughly cleansed it first to allow it to breathe and be receptive to the beneficial ingredients you wish to provide.

Pimples, Blackheads, And Impurities

In the evening, the skin must be freed from all the substances and impurities it has come into contact with during the day. Not only makeup but also smog and microparticles of pollutants in the air accumulate on the epidermis during the day and can clog its pores. Not removing makeup carefully can increase the possibility of unwanted imperfections appearing on the skin, such as blackheads and unsightly pimples.

Even the same chemicals in makeup can irritate the skin and promote the appearance of acne or enlarged pores. Especially if your skin already tends to be oily or acne-prone, you can’t avoid thoroughly removing makeup every night. This is an excellent strategy for your skin to always look healthy, radiant, and vital.

Wrinkles And Signs Of Time

An excellent reason to persuade yourself to remove makeup before sleeping is that not doing so can accelerate skin aging. A careful is, in fact, a good anti-aging treatment: the prolonged presence of makeup and impurities on the face can favor the oxidative processes of the skin, damage collagen, and stimulate the appearance of wrinkles and furrows on the face. Furthermore, it can also lead to a clear worsening of existing blemishes, undermining the tone and uniformity of the complexion.

Maximum Attention To The Eyes

First, not removing your mascara before bed can ruin and weaken your lashes, thinning them, promoting breakage, or accelerating their fall. Accumulations of makeup can weigh them down but also make them less flexible, compromising the overall appearance and well-being of the eye. Additionally, overnight makeup residue can promote the appearance or worsening of dark circles and bags under the eyes.

But that’s not all: even the highest quality and dermatologically tested makeup can, if not removed every night, cause redness, irritation, dryness, or even real eye infections, both at the ciliary and conjunctival level. For example, makeup residues can block the hair follicles and compromise the functioning of the glands along the eyelids, causing the formation of styes, chalazion, or similar pathologies.

Dry Lips? It Could Be The Fault Of The Lack Of Makeup Removal

Whichever type of lipstick you choose, forgetting to wipe it off your lips before bed would be a mistake. Indeed, keeping lipstick on the skin for many hours without removing it and rehydrating the lips can cause intense dryness in this sensitive face area. 

During the night, even the skin of the lips needs to regenerate and re-oxygenate, but the presence of makeup could prevent it from carrying out its fundamental natural mechanisms. In short, if you care about the well-being of your skin, before even offering it the best beauty treatments, remember to dedicate a few minutes every evening to removing makeup: a quick and simple gesture, but with extraordinary effects for the health of your skin. Epidermis!

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