Why Olives Belong On Every Party Buffet

No-frills, putting olives on the table after the brine bath is a good start — and probably the quickest way to offer something to your guests. You can also pimp the spicy fruits with herbs, vinegar, or aromatic oils. With the filling, encasing, slicing, and baking of olives, we are moving to the next level – and it’s doubly worth it because the work involved is small, but the taste experience is great!

Serve The Olives – Five Recipes For Delicious Snacks

Olive is usually firm in the flesh but still far from crunchy. A delicious shell consisting of pizza or beer dough ensures real crunchy fun. Pitted olives are best used for untroubled nibbles. In the first variant, the olives are coated with the dough and baked in the oven until golden. Or you can dip the olives in the liquid beer or tempura batter and then fry them in hot fat. Depending on your wishes, the dough can be flavored with different spices or grated hard cheese such as Pecorino or Parmesan . Fried olives wrapped in ham, loosely based on the tapas classic “plums wrapped in bacon,” are not quite as crispy, but just as tasty. Particularly clever: a combination of bacon wrap and dough, as with these crispy olives!

Filled With Delicious Olives

Instead of covering the olives with spicy dough, they can also be refined with fine fillings. The classic variants include blanched whole almonds, garlic cloves, or cream of grilled peppers. With a bit of imagination, however, there are many other options for finely filled olives, such as anchovy paste, tuna cream, cream cheese, feta cheese, or smoked ham cut into sticks.

Olives In The Pastry And On Top

Olives give savory pastries a particularly spicy note and, at the same time, make them juicy without becoming soggy. The olives are often used in muffins, biscuits, and other savory snacks with wine and beer or on the party buffet.

Instead of processing the olives in the dough, you can use them to make a delicious spread – especially the tapenade, a classic with fresh baguette! The taste of the delicious stone fruits becomes even more intense when they are processed into a paste and a little olive oil. A mild, creamy variant of the olive spread is obtained by mixing it with cream cheese. Those who prefer to enjoy whole olives on bread should try these crostini.

Marinated And Pickled Olives

This is the classic way to enjoy olives: pickled in oil or vinegar with spices and herbs. Diced sheep’s cheese or dried tomatoes, which also contribute to the wonderful aroma, are often added. It is best to use olives with a strong taste, but all other varieties can also be refined in this way. Practical side effect: spicy oil and marinades make the olives last longer, provided the liquid always covers them! A slightly fruity note also goes well with the healthy olives.

A preparation combines the flavors of the south with fresh orange peel, bay leaves, thyme, rosemary, and chili. Already knew? You can also enjoy olives as a dessert! A whole new olive pleasure is created with mild olives marinated in syrup or honey combined with classic dessert ingredients such as almonds and raisins. Marinated in this way, the olives can be used to prepare other desserts such as mousse, parfait, fruit salads, or cakes.

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