Yoga For The Face: The Perfect Position To Tone The Oval

There is a lot of talk about yoga, the body, flexibility, and breath management. However, there is the possibility of smoothing out wrinkles and toning the oval, thanks to yoga for the face. Today let’s see how to perform these simple exercises and which ones are the most effective for us grown-ups.

How Can Yoga Help Tone Our Faces?

You see, some positions are connected to our muscle chains:

  1. the anterior muscular chain, which is concerned with counteracting the force of gravity;
  2. the posterior muscle chain that helps keep everything lifted, avoiding the sagging of our face;
  3. The crossed chains that maintain the balance control the twists and avoid unpleasant facial asymmetries.

As you can imagine, many muscles are involved, and making them work constantly and effectively is very useful, especially if combined with a couple of unique details. The even more beautiful side of this practice is that it works in 360 degrees: on the body, face, and mind.

Two Special Tips To Make Yoga For The Face Even More Effective

The first fundamental strategy is breath management. As we will do together in the video, proper breathing is essential to promote tissue oxygenation. Furthermore, a detail that never hurts, these exercises help to relax the body and mind. This practice will not only help the tone of your face but will also restore a calmer state of mind. The second essential strategy is holding each position for the correct time. As you will see by doing the exercises in real time with me, each part must be held for at least 3 seconds.

Yoga positions useful for the face are very effective as gymnastic techniques precisely because they involve maintaining the position assumed to work for specific muscle groups. Now it’s time to start, but first, a very small premise. Some positions may seem challenging. This is precisely why in the video, I will always show you a simple alternative that is affordable for everyone.

Let’s Tone Up The Face: 5 Perfect Positions For Facial Yoga

As you’ll see, we’ll start at the mountain location. This position is advantageous at the beginning to make us feel our whole body and make us aware of our posture, doing a quick check-up. The second step is our now beloved cat-cow, so useful for the tummy. After these initial stages, let’s start with the first perfect yoga poses for the face.

First Face Yoga Pose: Downward Facing Dog

In this case, it is essential to have and keep your back straight, and if the position is pulling for you and you still need to be more flexible, in the video, I show you the alternative place that is perfect for everyone. We hold the position for three breaths to give the muscle chains time to relax. From this position, we move on to the next one.

Second Yoga Position For The Face: The Plank Leading To Upward Facing Dog

This position is complex, but even in this case. You will see the decidedly simplified and consistently effective version to allow everyone to obtain the benefits of this unique yoga for the face.

Third Yoga Pose For The Face: Warrior Pose 1

Here it is essential to maintain the position. Don’t force yourself. Get where you can, and you’ll see that slowly, dedicating yourself to this routine consistently, your flexibility will improve, leading you to improve your position every time. If you know you have any particular condition or difficulty, always talk to your doctor first. The goal is always related to well-being: overdoing it never takes us in that direction. Breathe well, with your nose and deeply, and feel that you are toning everything, face and body.

Fourth Yoga Position For The Face: We Work On Stretching The Posterior Chain Of Muscles

This step is essential (here, too, you can manage it as you can, without difficulty) because stretching the posterior muscle chain correctly allows the front one to tone up, with an excellent benefit for our face.

When Can We Indulge In This Face Yoga Routine?

As we have said, constancy is essential to make this practice even more effective, maintain correct breathing, and be increasingly flexible. Ideally, do this routine once a day. It would help if you did it in the late afternoon because it helps us relax after a long day and rest better at night. This new approach to yoga can be helpful for you, showing you how many benefits we can get, even to keep our face toned!

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