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13 Ways To Use Aleppo Soap At Home

Do you know Aleppo soap? This product comes to us from Syria. Made in the city of the same name, this natural bread is the ancestor of Marseille soap. Formulated with olive oil and bay laurel oil, it is over 3,000 years old. Both moisturizing and nourishing, Aleppo soap has many cosmetic properties, and that’s not all! It is also an unparalleled solution for maintaining the fireplace. Here are 13 ways to use Aleppo soap at home.

Maintain Tiled Floors

You are probably familiar with the fabulous properties of black and Marseille soap. Aleppo soap has nothing to envy these two natural products. It is a perfect solution for washing and maintaining tiled floors without scrubbing. To use this natural bread, you must cut it into chips. Then, mix a tablespoon of this mixture with a bucket of warm water and stir for a few moments to dissolve the soap. All you have to do is apply this cleaning solution to the tiled surfaces with a damp mop.

De-Yellow A Mattress

Is your mattress stained? Does it have marks and signs of perspiration? It’s time to grab your bar of Aleppo soap to clean the soiled areas. You will take a little of this active ingredient using a damp cloth and rub the parts to be washed until all traces disappear. Are you satisfied with the result? All you have to do is rinse your work and let it dry.

Prepare A Facial Mask

Did you know? Aleppo soap is renowned for its cosmetic properties! It is perfect for smoothing the skin’s texture and ridding it of all its impurities. It is also a remarkable product for treating skin prone to eczema and skin disorders. Do you want to take advantage of all these qualities? Prepare a face mask by following our advice:

  1. Grate a few shavings of Aleppo soap using a knife;
  2. Melt these small pieces in a bowl of lukewarm water with a few drops of your favorite floral water;
  3. knead everything to obtain a smooth paste;
  4. Apply it on your face without waiting;
  5. Leave on for 5 minutes to take advantage of the natural active ingredients;
  6. Rinse your face with clean water;
  7. Hydrate your skin with your favorite cream.

Make An Anti-Dandruff Shampoo

Is your scalp irritated? Do you tend to have dandruff and itching? This trick should please you! It’s simple: You will rub your previously moistened skull twice a week with Aleppo soap for a few minutes before rinsing with clear water. Thanks to the natural properties of this dermatological bar, your problem will be resolved quickly.

Maintain The Bathroom

Aleppo soap is perfect for whitening the bathtub! In addition, it leaves no trace and is easily removed. To use this natural bar:

  1. Simply rub a damp sponge on its surface to collect a little product.
  2. Rub the areas to be cleaned vigorously to remove limescale and residue.
  3. Finish your task with a good rinse, and that’s it!

Wash The Dishes Ecologically

Are you looking for a neutral product for washing dishes? A practical solution that degreases and shines without damaging your hands? Think of Aleppo soap! This natural bubble bar is ideal for washing dishes. Do you need to clean stubborn dirt? Add a few soda crystals to the soapy water to perfect the result. You will love this tip!

Untie Clothes

If you want to remove greasy or fruit stains from delicate clothing, use a little Aleppo soap. Are you wondering how to do this? It’s easy; just take this product with a damp cloth before dissolving the dirt. Then let the natural active ingredient act for 20 to 30 minutes, then rinse the laundry with clean water. All you have to do is place the unfolded fabric inside the drum of your washing machine. Add your favorite detergent and run your regular cleaning cycle.

Degrease Surfaces

Here is a tip that should satisfy you: you will use Aleppo soap to degrease the most dirty surfaces. To do this, dilute a few shavings of natural product in boiling water and immerse the barbecue grill or the oven rack in it for several hours. Is your microwave filthy? Apply this foamy solution with a sponge to remove grease and dirt. Rinse each of the surfaces thus cleaned with lukewarm water and dry them using a microfiber cloth. You will love the result!

Use Aleppo Soap As Shaving Care

Aleppo soap is an excellent shaving care! For what? Because it does not irritate the skin. In addition, it has healing properties thanks to the laurel oil it contains. Do you want to try this dermatological bread? Simply replace your shaving foam with this natural product. You will be surprised by the effectiveness of the Aleppo soap!

Repel Moths

Aleppo soap is an excellent moth repellent. If these unwanted insects have invaded your cupboard or closet, drop a few blocks of this precious product on the shelves and let the magic happen. You will love this tip that comes from our grandmothers!

Relieves Insect Bites

Here is another surprising use of Aleppo soap: it is a perfect product to relieve insect bites instantly! Simply clean the affected area with this natural treatment or rub it on the surface of the injured skin to make the itching and irritation disappear without delay. Remember this tip on your next hike or during family barbecues on summer evenings.

Replace Your Detergent

Do you dream of finding a natural solution to maintain your laundry without harming the environment and caring for your sensitive skin? Make your DIY laundry detergent with Aleppo soap. Want to know how to do it? It’s simple: dilute the previously shredded bread in lukewarm water. Shake the mixture before each use and enjoy the benefits of a skin-friendly detergent.

Go Camping Without Getting In The Way

You will have perceived Aleppo cleanser as a functioning fixing with different purposes that make your life simpler. It is also the perfect hygiene bread for camping without weighing you down. For what? Because a simple block replaces soap, shampoo, laundry detergent, dishwashing liquid, and anti-itch cream. Enjoy your best vacation, thanks to Aleppo soap! You now know our list of 13 ways to use Aleppo soap at home, 13 tips to take care of yourself, and simplify your life with a single product!

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