Revitalize Your Hair At The End Of Winter

At the end of winter, you probably notice that your hair is looking bad. The cold season is, in fact, a severe ordeal that they must endure. Freezing temperatures dry out hair and scalp, and friction with heavy winter clothing, such as turtlenecks, scarves and heavy coats, causes your hair to become weak and brittle. At the beginning of spring, you may also notice significant hair loss due to the change of season. It is then time to revitalize your hair to restore its vibrancy.

Refresh Your Cut

Throughout the winter, your hair is subject to stresses and attacks that weaken and dull it. The most relevant solution available at the end of this season is a refresh of your haircut. It can be helpful to shorten them more or less slightly, mainly to eliminate the ends, which are the most weakened parts of your hair. 

This refresh can then be an opportunity to change your cut to choose one that will be more trendy in spring 2023. This year, the mid-length and short haircuts will be the most fashionable, such as the mid-length haircut with rounded bangs or the undercut haircut, which is very short and can be styled both in front and on the side. You can also opt for the boyish cut, faster, with long legs and a rounded line on the show.

Benefit From Quality Care And Products

In addition to refreshing your cut and adopting a new, more trendy look, this visit to the hairdressing salon is also an opportunity for you to benefit from revitalizing and moisturizing treatments thanks to hair products for professionals. Professional hair salons use quality hair care products. This is the case for Keune, which includes shampoos, masks, creams, oils and serums in its product range. 

They are made with quality ingredients and developed without animal cruelty. Among these products, Care Vital Nutrition Mask is a nourishing mask ideal for reviving dry and dull hair. So Pure Calming Conditioner is designed to soothe sensitive and irritated scalp while giving hair even more volume and shine.

Take Care Of Your Scalp

The health of your hair depends mainly on the health of your scalp. After winter, it is essential to restore it by rehydrating it and nourishing it deeply. To do this, nothing better than oil baths. It is a pre-shampoo treatment that revitalizes the scalp and hair through the action of nourishing oils. The bath involves vegetable oil coating the scalp and hair to the ends. Cover the head with a towel, preferably warm, and leave the oil to act for about twenty minutes overnight.

The oil deeply nourishes the scalp, rehydrates it and restores its vitality. The hair then grows healthier and is more beautiful than ever. The lipids contained in the oil smooth the hair scales and make them softer and shiner. The tips are, for their part, repaired and reinforced for an extended period. After letting the oil act, you need to shampoo. To do this, it is essential to choose a healthy and beneficial product for the hair and scalp. You can opt for shampoo and other hair products made from donkey milk. Rich in fatty acids, proteins, minerals and vitamins, donkey’s milk nourishes the scalp and hydrates the hair fibre.

Moreover, we also advise you to use a  donkey milk soap for the body enriched with shea butter and olive oil. Choose an organic donkey milk soap to ensure you buy a healthy and effective product. In any case, donkey’s milk has an anti-dandruff and anti-inflammatory action. It, therefore, soothes the scalp and skin while relieving itching and irritation. It acts directly on the scalp and stimulates metabolism while regulating sebum production.

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