Seven Things To Do Before Drinking The First Coffee Of The Day

Before consuming a cup of coffee to start your day, it’s a good idea to practice other habits that help you get more energy. In this article, we will tell you what things to do before drinking the first coffee of the day that will help you have a fantastic time. Some serve to stimulate the brain naturally, while others are healthy for the body. Remember that your morning routine has a significant impact on what the rest of your day will look like, and coffee, although delicious, can give you an energy overload, a little anxiety, and a little stress, especially if it is not consumed at the right time. Read on!

Seven Things To Do Before Drinking The First Coffee Of The Day

Most people wake up, and the first thing they do is drink a cup of hot, delicious, aromatic coffee. However, it’s wise to take a break to do a few things before that first sip. This is not only to allow better absorption and better digestion of this natural stimulant but also to obtain a sense of energy, vitality, and good mood from other sources. In the following space, we explain what you can do.


Stretching is essential to prepare your body to handle a significant workout or physical effort throughout the day. So, if your job involves constant physical activity, you should stretch before having your first cup of coffee of the day. In this way, you will break the rigidity that your body assumes at rest, avoid musculoskeletal injuries, and help your body reactivate after hours of rest. Keep in mind that this space can be short; with 5 minutes, you will get the benefits mentioned.


Meditation is a practice that confers various benefits on the body and mind. As illustrated in a study published by Behavioral Brain Research. As if that weren’t enough, it increases attention span, promotes cellular oxygenation, and increases energy levels. For this reason, it’s one of those activities worth trying before your first cup of coffee of the day. Among other things, in high doses (more than 400 mg per day), coffee can cause anxiety. Therefore, it is better to reduce the doses.

Give A Hug

Many times, everyday life is all-encompassing, and it is easy to forget the benefits of simple acts like a hug. So, before routine overwhelms you and coffee makes you alert, take a few seconds to hug your loved ones at home (parents, siblings, spouses, children, or pets). Even if you have no one at home, hug each other with lots of love. In her book Hug Therapy, Kathleen Keating explains that hugs are essential for emotional, psychological, and bodily well-being, as they contribute to self-acceptance and help you feel accepted by those around you.

Drink Lots Of Water

Water is one of the best drinks to start your day with. Of course, it’s a better choice than a cup of coffee. As a publication by Nutrition Reviews explains, this liquid is involved in many functions of the body. Not only does it contribute to the elimination of toxins through urine, but it also promotes correct intestinal transit. Not to mention that it is essential for optimal blood circulation and, therefore, for proper tissue oxygenation. This is essential for achieving a good level of physical and mental energy in the morning. You can drink one or two glasses at the beginning of the day. The recommendation is to drink approximately 3.7 liters per day for men and 2.7 liters per day for women.

Take A Shower

One of the best morning habits to start the day with lots of energy is to take a shower, preferably with cold water. A UCLA Health publication states that cold showers have benefits for immune health, circulation, metabolism, and muscle health. They are also linked to improved mood, concentration, and increased productivity.

Have Breakfast

Eating a balanced and healthy breakfast impacts not only your energy levels but also your overall health. As shown by research shared by the International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, its intake is linked to a series of benefits. In particular, it helps maintain a healthy body mass index and improve cognitive performance and levels of well-being. It is recommended that it contains 20-30% of your daily energy intake. It may include foods such as dairy products, whole grains, eggs, and fresh fruit.

Brush Your Teeth

Coffee contains acids that can weaken tooth enamel over time, so it is recommended to avoid excessive intake. On the other hand, it is not advisable to brush your teeth as soon as you finish drinking coffee. Given its acidic nature, immediate contact with toothpaste can be harmful.

Now, Enjoy Your First Coffee Of The Day!

When consumed in moderation, coffee has exciting health benefits. As shown by research published in the journal Nutrients, its high content of phenolic phytochemicals reduces the risk of chronic diseases and mortality from all causes. However, it is not recommended as the first drink of the day. Before drinking a cup of coffee in the morning, it is worth drinking water, having breakfast, meditating, exercising, and taking other decisive actions for a more energetic day. Keep this in mind!

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