Cinnamon For Weight Loss: Right Doses, When And How To Take It

Not everyone is familiar with the slimming properties of cinnamon, a spice that helps burn calories and lower blood sugar. Let’s find out how to use cinnamon for weight loss, when to take it and some practical recipes. Those who practice sports or follow a balanced diet know the virtues of cinnamon for weight loss. This spice is generally known for its intense sweet and bitter taste at the same time, and therefore, it is frequently used in the preparation of desserts. However, the extraordinary feature of cinnamon is its ability to promote weight loss. 

It improves digestion, prevents swelling, positively affects blood sugar levels since it can regulate blood sugar, and, in so doing, prevents sugars from turning into fat deposits with the consequent increase in body weight. As we will see, it is possible to take advantage of these slimming properties of cinnamon simply by consuming a little of it every day and in the most practical formats for our needs. We can choose whether to consume cinnamon sticks in powder or opt for supplements containing the dry extract of the plant. Depending on the product, it can then be used in the preparation of breakfasts and sweet snacks and infusions, one of the best options to test its properties first hand.

Why Does Cinnamon Make You Lose Weight?

Improves Digestion

The first of the slimming properties of cinnamon is its action as a natural digestive that allows the absorption of nutrients. When this does not happen, the body suffers as waste and toxins accumulate creating stagnation of substances with increased swelling and water retention.

Increases The Action Of Insulin

Insulin is responsible for glucose levels, and its low production causes weight gain. Cinnamon enhances its activity allowing a correct balance of sugars and ensuring that these are continuously absorbed by the body, thus avoiding their accumulation.

Acts On Carbohydrate Metabolism

The consumption of cinnamon, especially immediately after meals, inhibits some digestive enzymes; these enzymes are purely specialized in the breakdown of carbohydrates. These nutrients are assimilated more gradually by inhibiting their function and avoiding glycemic spikes after meals.

Reduces The Sense Of Hunger

The direct consequence of the previous point. The slow absorption of carbohydrates and sugars suppresses the feeling of hunger; moreover, it is good to consume cinnamon to lose weight and reduce need even in the middle of the day and in the afternoon.

Burn More Calories

The thermogenic properties of the spice raise the body temperature by speeding up the metabolism and burning more calories and fat.

Cinnamon For Weight Loss: How And When To Take It

The safe doses to observe when taking cinnamon are around 1-2 grams per day. When we use ground cinnamon, this quantity is easily identified in about half a teaspoon. As for the supplements, it is necessary to follow the instructions given on the product since the tablets (best-selling and used format) may have different content, from 200 to 500 mg and may also have to be taken at certain times.

In this regard, it is legitimate to ask when it is more advisable to take cinnamon for slimming effects. Except for supplements, to lose weight with cinnamon, there are no particular moments in which to consume it: in fact, we can enjoy its taste (and its virtues) from morning to evening. According to some, however, to speed up the metabolism, it is advisable to drink a cup of tea half an hour before breakfast and in the evening before going to bed.

Recipes For Weight Loss With Cinnamon

Cinnamon is a versatile ingredient that makes it the protagonist of sweet and savory dishes, although preferred in the first courses. We can use it in more complex recipes, such as an oat or rice porridge enriched with a sprinkling of the spice or simply adding it to pieces of fruit for a sweet and healthy snack. Finally, drinks and infusions cannot be missing. Here are some recipes:

Ginger And Cinnamon

Ginger and cinnamon for weight loss have always been a winning mix, also used for conditions such as colds and flu. How is it prepared? We need one cinnamon stick, three slices of ginger and 250 ml of water. Procedure: heat the water and lower the heat to a boil by adding the ingredients.

We leave to cook for another 10 minutes and turn off. If we do not find the cinnamon sticks or fresh ginger root, replace them with one teaspoon of cinnamon powder and 1 of ginger. In this case, after boiling, turn off the heat and pour in the ingredients that we will leave to rest for 5 minutes. Finally, we filter and taste.

Cinnamon, Lemon And Honey

In this herbal tea, honey will give us energy, while lemon will enhance the slimming action of cinnamon. Ingredients: 300 ml of water, half a teaspoon of ground cinnamon, one teaspoon of honey and one tablespoon of lemon juice. Procedure: Bring the water to a boil, add the cinnamon and wait until the water is reduced by half. Then we turn off and pour the other two ingredients.

Cinnamon And Apple Cider Vinegar

Another beneficial infusion involves using apple cider vinegar, which reduces the risk of diabetes. How is it used? We heat a cup of water, pour 1/2 teaspoon of cinnamon powder, turn off the heat and let it cool to room temperature. At this point, add one teaspoon of vinegar.

Cinnamon Detox Water

Detox waters are one of the best ways to consume cinnamon and water to lose weight and stay hydrated. We need one cinnamon stick, 200-300 ml of water, four slices of lemon (or lime) and a few mint leaves. Procedures: soak the cinnamon stick in water for one night. We transfer the water to a small bottle (or rather an empty jam container) and add mint and lemon in the morning. We put it in the fridge and drink to taste.

Contraindications Of Cinnamon

However, contraindications and side effects must also be associated with the advantageous properties. Generally, respecting the recommended doses keeps us safe from these, but it is still essential to know them. The main side effects are stomach pains, cramps and nausea. Excessive cinnamon intake can also lead to tachycardia and muscle contractions. 

For these reasons, it must be consumed with particular attention by those who take heart drugs and is not recommended for pregnant women. Since cinnamon makes you lose weight thanks to the activities carried out on insulin, those who have diabetes or those taking hypoglycemic drugs must first consult their doctor. Finally, in the case of therapies with anticoagulants, it is good to limit the intake of cinnamon, as this enhances its effects.


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