Consume A Spoon Of Honey Before Going To Bed For Losing Weight

On the web, there is much fake news about nutrition. Among these, we find the one that claims that taking a teaspoon of honey before going to sleep can magically make you lose 3 kilos in a simple and fast way. One of the advantages of honey, if well produced, lies in the fact that it is certainly a natural and genuine food. Bees make it essential to the environment and biodiversity. Without this precious insect, many foods we consume daily would not reach our tables. The thing becomes even more interesting if we see the meaning of the word genuine. 

A second advantage? It has a lower calorie content than refined sugar: 300 calories per 100 grams compared to 400.  Nutrition is a rather particular topic on the web; we are bombarded every day by experts and “pseudo-experts” who provide ideas and, above all, miraculous diets to lose weight, sometimes even dangerous to health. There is so much fake news circulating among these that taking a teaspoon of honey before going to sleep can magically make you lose  3 kilos in a simple and fast way. 

To spread the news, which even reached the pages of the Daily Mail, an alleged expert, Mike McInnes, who in his book states that honey helps to purify the body, reducing the craving for sugars. Everything stems from an assumption, at least in this case, true: honey is a simple, natural, healthy and less caloric food than sugar. But to say that love is enough to lose weight is perhaps a bit of an excess.

The Benefits Of Honey

We can consider it the natural sweetener par excellence, it’s true. Honey has many beneficial properties for our bodies. It is produced by bees that transform and work together with the nectar of flowers and the secretions produced by insects. There are different types of this product in nature, from the most classic acacia and wildflower honey to chestnut, lime, orange or eucalyptus honey, which are distinguished by flavor and intensity, but all suitable for sweetening tea, herbal teas and desserts.

To choose good honey, it is important to read the product label carefully, to know its origin and the production area. Our advice is to opt for 100% Italian honey; moreover, since 2019, it has become mandatory to indicate the place of origin and collection and the presence of GM pollen (genetically modified organism) and allergens. Honey is a powerful natural energizer and is perfect for athletes and not only. 

Rich in carbohydrates and B vitamins, it is an anti-inflammatory healing food that acts on the intestine and against the so-called “bad cholesterol”. Furthermore, honey is good for the respiratory tract. It has a calming and decongestant action for the heart, intestines, bones because it helps absorb calcium and magnesium, for the liver for its detoxifying action, for the kidneys. It promotes diuresis and muscles because it increases resistance.

Is It Possible To Lose Weight With Honey?

So what is fake news? Honey is undoubtedly a beneficial food, but it must be specified that the diet in question recommends eliminating all sugars, so no carbonated drinks, sweets, biscuits or snacks. The only exceptions are those that contain honey. The second point underlines the importance of following a balanced diet, inspired by the Mediterranean diet, and indulging in regular physical activity. Already from this, it is clear that any weight loss is not caused by the “miraculous” teaspoon of honey before going to sleep but by the low-calorie diet without any snags.


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