Discover The Foods That Revitalize The Liver

Oats, oranges, melons, thistles, and artichokes are real cure-alls for post-holiday liver fatigue, which also weakens blood, skin, and hair. In the summer, every occasion is good to have a lovely table and treat yourself to pizzas and ice creams at all hours, gastronomic marathons, midnight spaghetti, and chilled sparkling wine. It is clear that in this situation, the liver is heavily overloaded, and the metabolism generally suffers from additional fatigue due to the excess food waste to be disposed of. 

To these aspects, we must add that if the holiday were particularly intense physically, there would be an overproduction of lactic acid and free radicals. The latter will then become too many if, in addition to eating, we have been in the sun for a long time. With what result? In September, the hepatic gland must work twice as hard to cleanse the body of metabolic waste, but at the same time, it will have to take action to produce ready-to-use energy for the new tasks we have to face upon returning. Don’t worry: if we feel tired, if we digest poorly, if our hair is limp and our skin is filling up with wrinkles and has a yellowish color due to bile poisoning, once again, nature is giving us a hand.

Milk Thistle Neutralizes The Excess Fats And Sugars Eaten In The Summer

Silybum marianum is a silymarin mine, a proper “medicine” in all cases of liver fatigue: its antioxidant action promotes liver regeneration and the elimination of more aggressive toxins. It’s ideal if you exaggerate with fats and alcohol while on vacation, and when you return, you experience digestive problems. Take 20 drops of milk thistle mother tincture three times a day before meals for ten days. In chronic liver disorders, it is better to avoid the alcoholic tincture and replace it with the dry extract or with a cup of decoction, to be taken after meals: boil 10 g of milk thistle (whole plant) in 200 g of water for 10 minutes. Filter and drink immediately.

Avens, The Cereal That Reduces Stress And Cholesterol

Oats have been known for centuries for their toning properties; it contains proteins, magnesium, and unsaturated fatty acids, among which gamma linoleic acid stands out, which helps the liver (and blood) to get rid of the excess fat and cholesterol introduced with the summer diet. Oats can be found in grains and flakes in organic food stores and should be added to soups and purées. Try it also in the form of milk, drinking a warm glass in the evening: you improve sleep, help the liver purify itself during the night, and guarantee you an effective evacuation in the morning.

The Artichoke Dissolves Digestive Blockages And Dissolves Acidity And Widespread Heaviness

The extract of Cynara scolymus (the artichoke) is the remedy to prefer when you experience the characteristic symptoms of a hepatic-biliary blockage: slight nausea, flatulence, abdominal pain (especially away from meals) and a widespread feeling of heaviness as if the body was no longer able to recover the energy needed to carry out its normal activities. 

In addition to including the first autumn artichokes (in pandemonium or steamed) in the September diet, take the plant in mother tincture (30-40 drops a day 15 minutes before meals) or, if you have a particularly delicate liver, choose ‘dry extract, which is alcohol-free: just one capsule a day in the morning at breakfast. The cure lasts ten days.

Oranges And Melons, An Unusual Couple… Orange!

These colorful fruit bowls are an excellent source of inositol, the vitamin that repairs liver cells. Enjoy them together in a fruit salad.

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