Dried Tomatoes: Properties, Calories & How To Use Them In The Kitchen

Sun Dried tomatoes are rich in Iron and magnesium but should be consumed in moderation in the diet as they have many calories; excellent in the kitchen to prepare delicious dishes, they can also be made at home. Let’s see the properties and benefits, how to use them in the kitchen, and contraindications. Dried tomatoes, typical of Mediterranean cooking, are not just a delectable food to get ready or give more flavor to our dishes, yet they are likewise a concentrate of helpful ideas for the body. They are characterized as dry since they have dried out. 

They are exposed to a drying interaction wherein they lose the water that describes them when they are still new. The strategy for drying tomatoes can differ: stoves can be utilized. Notwithstanding, an ever-increasing number of organizations are focusing on the natural creation of dried-out tomatoes by drying them in the sun for a couple of days. Be that as it may, tomatoes without water are wealthy in substances with a higher sense than new vegetables, very much like dried natural products. Dried tomatoes brag about the presence of specific cancer prevention agents, which are profoundly viable in countering untimely maturing as well as free extremists. 

Their serious red tone comes from a standard cell reinforcement of this vegetable, specifically lycopene, which is found in more huge amounts than the typical new tomato. Few also realize that these vegetables contain some fundamental minerals for our prosperity. A model? Iron and magnesium! Past the instant bundles wherein we track down currently dried tomatoes (safeguarded or not in oil), it is feasible to set them up at home when the climatic circumstances permit it. We will discover more over the article.

Dried Tomatoes: Calories And Nutritional Values

A portion of the components that make up dried tomatoes is known to most. Others are a significant disclosure that permits us to see the value in their characteristics and pushes us to consume them as a wellspring of prosperity.


Tomatoes have an iron substance equivalent to 9 mg. Their consistent utilization permits them to keep up with adequate levels to avoid the beginning of frailty and fend off sluggishness and shortcoming.


With its 194 mg for every hectogram, magnesium fills an administrative role in the heart, keeping up with ordinary circulatory strain levels and controlling the heartbeat.


Who might have believed that calcium could be found in dried tomatoes? Believe it or not, 100 gr gives 110 mg of calcium, engaged with many cycles, like muscle compression, the transmission of nerve driving forces, mineralization, and so on.


The phosphorus contained in dried tomatoes (356 mg) is a companion of our psychophysical wellbeing, as it works on the capacity to focus and mindset, controlling melancholy.

Vitamin A

In dried-out tomatoes, we talk about beta-carotene, the antecedent of vitamin A. The admission of this supplement ensures the versatility and tone of the skin and reinforces vision.


Tomatoes are wealthy in it: 12 grams for every hectogram. The strands are amassed in the outer part (strip) however, most importantly, in the seeds, containing the solvent and insoluble.


They are the genuine heroes of this food. We track down lycopene (45902 µg) and lutein and zeaxanthin (for a complete substance of 1419 µg), which safeguard against certain malignant growths.


We are accustomed to discussing proteins in vegetables, yet the vegetable is likewise wealthy in it (14 g), and its utilization becomes central given a sound eating routine. These are modestly high, 258 for each 100 gr. Accordingly, their utilization should be adjusted assuming we follow an eating routine by picking saved tomatoes without different elements (for instance, oil). Notwithstanding the calories, these vegetables can be securely consumed by those experiencing high glucose levels, as the glycemic list of dried tomatoes is generally low (35).

Dried Tomatoes: Properties And Benefits

The nutritional principles can guarantee wellbeing and health enclosed in small dimensions. Let’s find out what their properties are.

They Fight Anemia

We have previously mentioned that Iron is essential for blood production, which performs a preventive function against mild forms of anemia.

They Prevent Aging

We refer both to the cells that make up our body’s internal tissues and organs and to the skin on the outside. The anti-aging function is carried out above all by antioxidants which slow down the aging process and cellular deterioration.

They Strengthen The Bones

Another property of dried tomatoes is supporting and strengthening the bone system, thanks to the presence of calcium and phosphorus that work together for the normal processes of reconstruction and demolition of bone tissue.

They Wake Up The Sluggish Intestines

The fibers of tomatoes regulate intestinal transit by increasing the volume of waste to be eliminated to facilitate the physiological process.

They Protect Cardiovascular Activity

Consuming dehydrated tomatoes can prove to be a way to prevent cardiovascular disorders, normalize blood pressure, and prevent arrhythmias.

How To Make Dried Tomatoes At Home?

Planning tomatoes at home has never been simpler. Once bought, they should be flushed thoroughly. We then, at that point, organize a level surface, for example, a table, outside. Hence, the sun’s beams arrive at it and spot a sensibly enormous material or decorative spread on it. We cut the tomatoes (the best species is that of San Marzano) the long way to orchestrate the two parts with the mash confronting upwards. It is feasible to sprinkle the tomatoes with coarse salt to diminish the time. 

Nonetheless, losing all the water will, in any case, require a couple of days. It is prudent to cover the tomatoes with a mosquito net to keep bugs from arriving on them. How about covering them with fabric to get them far from sticky in the evening. To present dried tomatoes in the eating regimen yet don’t have an open space, it is conceivable 100% of the time to disperse them on a baking plate and heat them at 100 ° for a couple of hours (around 5).

Dried Tomatoes: Ideas For Using Them In The Kitchen

Since we know how to set them up, how would we utilize them? The thoughts in the kitchen are quite a large number: we can begin with an hors d’oeuvre given crunchy bread bins on which we place a couple of bits of dried tomato, along with olives and 3D shapes of tofu, or make an unadulterated summer salad in which we consolidate the tomatoes with leaves of lettuce (or composite plate of mixed greens), dark olives, corn, tricks, and cleaved almonds.

Imagine a scenario where we favor the main course. Don’t sweat it: how about we set up a dressing with dried tomatoes, seared garlic or onion, a spot of red pepper, and parsley or basil leaves. We can likewise utilize them to advance flans, meatballs, rice servings of mixed greens (yet additionally spelled, grain, and so on) or mix them with chickpeas for a significantly more delicious hummus.

Dried Tomatoes: Contraindications

Notwithstanding the significant advantages of dried tomatoes, specific individuals might encounter a few sicknesses after utilization. Tomatoes are by and prominent not suggested for those experiencing gastroesophageal reflux and acridity and generally within sight of an aversion to this vegetable. At long last, those experiencing hypertension should not be consumed assuming that they have been dried out and prepared with salt, as occurs for those generally bundled, to which salts, fragrances, and flavor enhancers are now and then added.


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