Hair Contouring: What It Is And How It Is Achieved

Contouring is not just a makeup technique to sculpt the face. It is a hair coloring that brings out every face’s naturalness and simplicity. Let’s see what it is and how to make the most of it. As for the makeup, which tries to make a face more proportionate and harmonious, it is also the result for the hair. Specifically, the various cold and warm shades and color tones are used to make the cut more evident and beautiful. At the same time, the play of light and shadow manages to hide the defects of the face by emphasizing the key points. 

In short, hair contouring gives a little to everyone, even if you need experience and skill to find the game of colors that best suits the shape of the face. Regardless of the haircut, the contouring can emphasize the structure with nuances illuminating and sculpting. This can only be achieved by customizing the choice of pigments to be applied based on the starting base.

What Is Hair Contouring?

Hair contouring is a professional coloring technique that allows you to obtain formidable results on any hair. Thanks to the skillful use of color and the chiaroscuro technique, the different faces can be harmonized, emphasizing their primary qualities and camouflaging their defects. On the contrary, the hair is different because the basis for the technique’s success is simply personalization. 

Both the locks to be colored and the shade must be well calibrated on the texture of the hair of the person who undergoes the treatment but also on his cut and the shape of his face. The first step for contouring is the consultation, perhaps carried out by a professional who knows how to advise the client on the actual needs of her hair.

How To Get Hair Contouring

A pleasing hair contour can be the beauty secret of all those women who want to look flawless on any occasion. The technique makes it possible to take advantage of the shadows of dark tones to minimize facial imperfections, such as a forehead that is too spacious or a face that is too long. On the contrary, the highlights of light tones give brightness to an oval shape or soften a face that is too angular. In short, the hair already manages to give the starting point to be at the top. With a bit of makeup, you can enhance every corner of the face to your liking. 

To obtain the contouring, we start by consulting with the expert who evaluates the most appropriate result with the client based on the type of complexion, the shape of the face, and the result to be achieved. By lightening and darkening the hair, even the care of the hair has a significant weight. To be flawless, you need to have healthy and shiny hair. For this, you must treat them with professional products that prevent the formation of split ends. Also, styling plays an important role, as it defines the final look, putting each strand back in place.

Hair Contouring Tutorial

Not only in the salon but also at home, you can get a pleasing hair contour if it takes a lot of effort. In the latter case, the secret is not to overdo the lightning. You have to work gradually, adding, if necessary, at a later time. Only a professional can recommend the best technique for the shape of your face. 

Still, for those who don’t want to wait, many products on the market lighten with low percentages of oxygen without damaging the hair. The best technique for contouring at home is freehand, applying the product with your fingers, portioning the hair, and applying a little product at a time. Here are some small tips for a perfect result even at home.

Contouring Brown Hair

What it is: Brown hair can find new light thanks to the hair contour. The choice of shades to prefer depends on the type of your face and complexion and your character. Let’s see why. Who is it good for? The contouring on brown hair is suitable for everyone. The three-dimensional effect gives volume to the hair and gives character and style to a color that would otherwise be flat. The shades of blonde and ash are the trendiest ones, perfect for showing off the classic bronde much loved by stars like Jennifer Lopez. 

The contouring on copper shades is also very interesting, ideal for those who want to show off something different that perhaps emphasizes the green eyes or hazelnut. Generally, the advice on brown hair is to make very thin streaks that create minor points of light and give the hair amber shades starting from mid-length. Finally, those with very dark hair can opt for a very effective hair contour on mahogany shades that makes them look highly versatile but at the same time original.

Contouring Blonde Hair

What it is: Those with blond hair can play with the various warm and cold shades to give character to their face. Both on helmets and medium or long hair, contouring can be the best technique to give volume and intensity to a color that would otherwise be flat. Indeed, on blond, there is the need to create many different shades to create a play of shadows and lights that can make a difference. Let’s see how.

Who is it suitable for: The blond hair contour is good for women who want to have hair in motion. Just pick up the locks with the plate to have an exceptional styling. On slightly darker and tanned complexions, give some warm nuances, on honey tones to immediately give the face a little tone. On the contrary, on very light undertones, it is better to prefer shades of platinum blonde that can give brightness to an otherwise asphyxiated complexion. The hair can significantly influence the complexion’s overall appearance, making it perfect.

Round Face Contouring

The round face needs to highlight with the hair contour not only the slightly protruding cheekbones but also the forehead and the chin, which in some cases is even elusive. Contouring together with a haircut for a round face can make a difference by managing to create angles with color that can give a completely different perception of the face. In this case, it is necessary to illuminate the upper part, darkening along the tufts to give the right intensity to the absent areas.

Square Face Contouring

The square face is characterized by having a reasonably broad forehead, a very pronounced jaw, and almost absent cheekbones. Giving vitality to this face is very simple, as it is enough to smooth the shapes a little to rediscover innate femininity. The advice is to lighten in the front, in conjunction with the jaw and forehead. Warmer shades can soften faces with yellow undertones, while more fabulous shades are ideal for pink undertones. Finally, it is advisable to darken a little in the back, creating depth thanks to the shadow area. You will have a much more seductive look.

Contouring Oval Face

The oval face is undoubtedly the most harmonious one you can have. Just give a little light in the center to give the right tone to the look. In this case, however, the advice is not to overdo the nuances as it could flatten the chiaroscuro effect.

Long Face Contouring

For longer faces, contouring is perfect for giving more definition and breaking down the length a bit. The final part can be lightened, giving brightness to the hair and shortening the face simultaneously.


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