Hot Stone Massage: An Ancient Ritual With Many Benefits

Holistic massage is a time-tested body manipulation technique that aims to restore well-being and help achieve balance at all levels. Unlike other forms of massage, which work primarily on a physical level or for a particular region of the body (such as back pain relief), holistic therapy has proven effective with people suffering from depression, addiction problems, and disorders. 

Anxiety acts on an energetic rather than just a physical level. Holistic masseurs believe that the body is a living entity and is responsible for ensuring that the person receives all the attention necessary to regain well-being, concentration, and energy. The holistic approach to health and wellness recognizes the interconnectedness of mind, body, emotions, social relationships, religion, or spirituality.

Origins Of Hot Stone Massage

The use of stones is found in many ancient civilizations. According to some scholars, a human being would have started collecting them for therapeutic purposes thousands of years ago. One of the first pieces of evidence found is written formulas of recipes based on crystals and stones dating back to the Sumerian civilization (3500 BC).

The combination with the Hot Stone Massage is mainly attributable to Ayurvedic Medicine, but Chinese and Oriental doctors were also among the first to use hot stone therapy. Over the years, a typical treatment of the United States has also been differentiated, dating back to the shamanic tradition of the Arizona Indians. Thanks to hot stones, this massage connects the beneficial effects of thermotherapy and those specific to the relaxing massage.

What Does Hot Stone Massage Mean?

The term “hot” or “hot” not only represents the heat accumulated by these stones but is also a reminder of being warmed by love. It invokes memories of caresses and hugs and that feeling you get when you return home after days of absence. Warmth also helps us grow, reminding us that our hearts naturally warm up just knowing someone loves us enough to care for us.

How Massage Stones Heat Up

Lava stones are the preferred choice for hot massages because they have the right weight and size, depending on the type of massage you want to do. Heated lava stones usually reach around 65 degrees before being placed on various areas of the skin. Before proceeding with the actual treatment, an oil is applied to the affected part. When the heat of the stones dissipates, they will be replaced to continue the treatment.

On the other hand, particular types of quartz are used for cold stone massages, which have been cooled and prepared for therapy. These stones stimulate circulation in a way that constricts blood vessels and, at the same time, improves toxin disposal rates and oxygenation levels in cells near nerve endings. The applications, in this case, concern those who suffer from capillary fragility or athletes who seek relief after training sessions, which create excessive muscle fatigue due to prolonged physical exertion.

How Hot Stone Massage Is Done

The stones are removed from the water and allowed to reach the desired temperature. In the meantime, oil is applied to the back or other parts of the body. You gently rub a stone on the desired area, creating the feeling that someone is giving us a fantastic massage with your fingers moving in a circle on that particular spot for an optimal distribution of pressure without staying there too long. The movements should always slide smoothly against the skin so as not to create uncomfortable sensations or burns while doing the massage. It is incredibly relaxing to start with the neck, where tension often builds up before slowly moving downward.

Hot Stone Massage: Benefits For The Body And Mind

The Hot Stone Massage has an extraordinary decontracting, detoxifying, and revitalizing power. More specifically, it is indicated and recommended for:

  1. Relieve muscle stiffness and improve joint mobility
  2. Improve circulation
  3. Regenerate the skin and make it smoother
  4. Fighting depression, anxiety and improving mood
  5. Improve the immune response

Furthermore, this type of treatment is particularly suitable for those suffering from bronchitis and sinusitis.

Contraindications Of Hot Stone Massage

There are no particular contraindications for those who undergo treatment with hot (or cold) stones. However, it is not recommended in pregnancy and children without medical prescriptions. In some situations, it is advisable not to undergo the treatment unless after consulting your doctor in case of;

  1. Varicose veins or fragile capillaries
  2. Heart problems
  3. Diabetes
  4. Trauma Neoplasms
  5. Acute inflammations

At the end of the holistic treatment, you will be offered a calming cup of tea to restore your body and mind. During this detoxification process, some essential nutrients are also frequently lost, such as minerals, vitamins, and sugars, which are crucial for maintaining the strength of our immune system. Through our courses, it is possible to learn holistic massage techniques.


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