What Are Natural Remedies?

What are the most effective natural cures and remedies? We explore Nature’s pharmacies to prevent and treat the most common ailments. Let’s see how to achieve psycho-physical well-being and solve different problems of today’s life by relying on natural remedies. From colds to hoarseness, passing through the various natural therapies, let’s see which are the most valid alternatives to drugs to treat multiple minor ailments and pathologies such as sore throat, cough and cold.

What Are Natural Remedies?

Natural remedies – including traditional grandmother remedies – are preparations developed for medicinal purposes from natural products. They are different from the products marketed by pharmaceutical companies, such as capsules, tablets and granules. These preparations were continuously used in folk medicine before synthetic drugs were available to everyone at low prices. They can be based on the active ingredients of a single plant or several plants and a combination of the different parts (roots, bark, branches, stems, leaves, flowers, fruit, seeds, juice, essential oil).

What Are The Benefits And Indications?

Natural remedies are cheap and easy to prepare because they are made with ingredients available to everyone, based on knowledge handed down over time. Several books talk about the medicinal plants used in pharmacopeias of various countries and their properties, indications, administration, possible associations, and contraindications, as well as side effects and precautions for use.

These are natural treatments at affordable prices because almost all medicinal plants used in herbal medicine grow spontaneously in our regions. For example, lemon and mint are two natural remedies for various ailments and are found everywhere. Also, unlike some drugs, natural remedies are either non-toxic or very little. Therefore, the risk of side effects is low. These effects are usually mild and mainly occur after an overdose. Grandma’s remedies can be indicated to cure many ailments thanks to their actions against:

  1. pain (analgesic effect)
  2. fever (febrifugal effect)
  3. digestive disorders (antispasmodic, digestive, purifying effect)
  4. sleep disturbances (sedative effect)
  5. urinary problems (diuretic effect)
  6. liver disorders (cholagogue effect)
  7. blood circulation disorders (venous tonic effect)
  8. heart problems (cardiac tonic effect)
  9. respiratory diseases (expectorant result)
  10. obesity, hypertension and other cardiovascular diseases (hypotensive, cholesterol-lowering effect)
  11. menstrual cycle disorders (emmenagogue effect)

Contraindications And Precautions 

Essential oils are among the remedies that have major contraindications because they are mighty. With few exceptions (including Roman chamomile and ylang-ylang), it is best not to administer them during pregnancy, breastfeeding and children. Find out everything you are interested in about essential oils in the same name category. In the form of herbal teas, decoctions, ointments, macerates and more, natural preparations have c contraindications that vary according to the plants, as well as the age and state of health of the ongoing patient treatments.

Some remedies, combined with another or with drugs, have side effects due to the interaction between the two. Some plants should therefore be avoided if taking medication for a chronic problem. For example, the pressure pill will have effects in combination with the active ingredients of some plants. Allergic reactions can also occur, especially with essential oils. Before ingesting or applying a remedy, it is advisable to take a small amount and wait 24-48 hours before the second application to observe the reaction.

Always follow the dosage indicated by the herbalist, naturopath or homeopathic doctor, and consult a doctor if symptoms persist. Do not use remedies to cure severe or chronic diseases, leaving out scientific medicine. You can use these remedies to relieve some symptoms of these diseases, along with traditional treatments. Disclaimer: The information in this section and the rest of the site does not constitute medical advice. Tuttogreen does not provide medical advice and, in any case, does not replace the opinion of your trusted doctor and a specialist.


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