Herbal Teas For Weight Loss: 5 Effective Infusions To Lose Weight

Thanks to herbal teas for weight loss, it is possible to lose weight quickly. Let’s see which are the best weight loss drinks and fat-burning herbs and how to take them. Herbal teas for weight loss are infusions that help you stay hydrated, get rid of toxins, and speed up your metabolism. Slimming herbal teas allow you to increase the number of calories burned, losing weight more quickly. It is good to remember that herbal teas to lose weight are essential for a healthy diet, accompanied by constant physical exercise. 

It is unthinkable to gorge on French fries on the sofa and hope to lose weight because slimming drinks accompany them. In addition, exercise is also essential, because to lose weight you need to burn more calories than you consume. Herbal teas to lose weight fit well in a dietary regime because they replace all those sugary and industrial high-calorie drinks in favor of natural and herbal drinks for weight loss, which do not bring calories but instead help burn the fat and speed up metabolism. The main functions of herbs for weight loss used as infusions are different and include the detoxifying and diuretic function, which favors the elimination of waste from the body. 

The same herbs also help speed up the metabolism, which allows you to burn more calories than usual, support the immune system thanks to vitamins and nutrients, and give a sense of satiety that counteracts nervous hunger. Also, the reduction of swelling after a meal and the improvement of digestion should not be underestimated. Here are the most popular herbal teas to lose weight and prepare at home, ideal for all tastes, and how to prepare them without losing the main effects and contraindications.

Herbal Teas For Effective Weight Loss To Deflate And Lose Weight

The beauty of herbal teas for weight loss is that there are many, in addition to the fact that they stimulate diuresis, eliminate toxins, and reduce swelling, often associated with weight gain and the feeling of being out of shape and uncomfortable. The consumption of homemade slimming herbal teas should have short-term effects and be consistently associated with a healthy diet and constant physical exercise.

However, some herbs for weight loss help deflate and have a flat stomach before an important event, especially if the dress is tight. The use of slimming herbal teas dates back to ancient times, but nowadays, it is supported by many studies. Here are the best-known weight loss drinks with the most effective effects.

Ginger Tea For Weight Loss 

Ginger is the most common among herbal teas for effective weight loss. Ginger is a root with known anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties. The chemical compound, called gingerol, promotes thermogenesis. It raises the body temperature, a proper action to accelerate metabolism. This function allows you to lose weight quickly, dissolve fat, and eliminate intestinal gas, ideal for deflating.

To prepare ginger herbal tea for weight loss at home, infuse six slices of fresh root in hot water for about ten minutes. Its consumption is not recommended for people treated with anti-inflammatories and anticoagulants because ginger acts directly on the circulatory system and thin the blood. If you are not following any treatment, you can consume herbal tea to lose weight throughout the day without dosage problems. The best time is in the morning, for breakfast.

Green Tea For Weight Loss

Among the homemade herbal teas for weight loss, green tea could certainly not be missing, with its many antioxidant properties. This drink helps speed up the metabolism limiting the absorption of sugars and is considered a fat-burning herbal tea. For the doses, one tablespoon of green tea should be considered for 200ml of water, the equivalent of one cup.

To avoid losing its slimming and purifying properties, heat the water without bringing it to a boil and leave it to infuse for scarcely five minutes. Filter and drink once it reaches the temperature you prefer. Do not consume the drink more than three times a day because it reduces the assimilation of iron, especially if drunk with meals.

Green Coffee

A fat-burning herbal tea par excellence is green coffee, derived from coffee beans harvested before ripening, which can be easily found in herbalist’s shops both in grains and already in powder. Its slimming properties work by reducing glycemic levels in the liver and intestine, thanks to caffeine, and putting the adipose cells back into circulation, and therefore the fats, making them easier to dispose of with physical exercise.

The preparation is similar to other herbal teas for weight loss. Infuse a teaspoon of ground green coffee in a cup of hot water for about ten minutes. Strain and drink before it has cooled down. It is possible to consume up to three cups a day. Green coffee has no specific contraindications; however, as with all caffeine-based herbal teas for weight loss, it is better to pay close attention if you are sensitive subjects, such as pregnant women or those suffering from specific pathologies.


Karkadè, derived from dried hibiscus flowers, also known as red tea, has excellent diuretic properties that allow it to eliminate toxins, especially after particularly heavy lunches or dinners. This herb promotes digestion, reducing swelling, blood sugar levels, and the absorption of sugars. Particularly suitable for diabetics, it is not recommended for low blood pressure patients. 

Hibiscus is readily available in herbal shops and is prepared like regular tea. Being counted among the slimming drinks, it can be found both pure and mixed with other spices and herbs to lose weight and burn fat quickly. It is essential to be careful not to consume it in abundance because its slimming action also provides a laxative effect.


Fucus is often known as an ingredient in creams that slim and, in particular, reduce cellulite; this alga also prevents water retention and stimulates intestinal peristalsis. We heat 250 ml of water and add 20 g of seaweed; after 10 minutes of infusion, we are ready to savor our infusion. It is advisable to drink 2 cups a day. 

As seen, herbal teas for weight loss are many and all effective. Just take them consistently (but without exceeding the recommended daily doses) and pay attention to the contraindications of individual herbs or spices. If you have any particular pathologies or are taking medications, it is good to talk to your doctor. The same goes for women who are pregnant or breastfeeding.


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