How Much Water To Drink Per Day? How Much To Drink Based On Weight

As per the boundaries that arose out of the explorers of the International Bottled Water Association, it is the body weight that decides how much water to drink each day. Assuming you can’t help thinking about how much water to drink during the day, realize no general response. Much relies upon the engine movement completed during the day, just as the heaviness of the person who is posing this inquiry and his age- So we should attempt to let you know how much water to drink each day by proposing the boundaries and norms that rose from the International Bottled Water Association (IBWA) research.

How Many Glasses Of Water To Drink Per Day

As a rule, one might say that the individuals who lead a stationary way of life should drink nine glasses of water a day. For those after moderate/medium actual work, how much water to drink each day is somewhere in the range of 10 and 11 glasses of water. The individuals who do serious active work should drink right around 14 glasses of water every day.

How Much Water To Drink Per Day Based On Weight: Calculation

It is normal to say that you want to drink around 2 liters of water a day, with potential contrasts depending on changes in season, psychophysical circumstance, hotness, or drug admission. To decide the specific sum you should drink depends on your body weight. You can follow the accompanying estimation: 30ml x kg bodyweight = ml each day. Exhaustively, we see, depending on body weight, what the IBWA specialists have set up, indicating that when we talk about “glass of water,” we allude to 220 ml of water.

Reference Weight: 52 kg

Those who lead a sedentary lifestyle must drink nine glasses of water a day. The glasses go up to 10 if you do intense physical activity.

Reference Weight: 57 kg

Also, in this case, we start from a base of 9 glasses of water for those who lead a sedentary lifestyle. The glasses become 10 for moderate physical activity and 11 for those who carry out intense physical activity.

Reference Weight: 68 kg to 79 kg

It starts from 9.5 and reaches 11.5 glasses of water a day if you do a lot of physical activity. These estimates remain unchanged up to 79 kg.

Reference Weight: 80 kg

Those who weigh around 80 kg will have to start with a base of 9 and a half glasses. For those who practice an average motor activity, the glasses of water to drink during the day are 10.5, while athletes should drink 12.5.

Reference Weight: 90 kg

It starts with nine and a half glasses for those who lead a sedentary life. You get to have 11 glasses of water a day if you engage in moderate physical activity and almost 14 glasses of water if you engage in intense physical activity.

How Much Water To Drink Based On Age And Gender

The dietary reference esteems ​​for the admissions of various supplements, demonstrating how much water is important to take to appreciate great well-being based on age and sex. The following are the reference esteems, which consider the water taken all in all, both through direct utilization and through food and refreshments, everything being equal, in states of moderate ecological temperatures and normal degrees of actual work:

  1. newborns up to six months of life: 100 mL/kg per day
  2. children:
    1. between 6 months and one year of age: 800-1000 mL/day
    2. between 1 and 3 years of life: 1100-1300 mL/day
    3. between 4 and 8 years of age: 1600 mL/day
  3. adolescents 9-13 years: 2100 mL/day for boys and 1900 mL/day for girls
  4. Adolescents, adults, and elderly: females 2 L / day; males 2.5 L / day.

How Many Liters Of Water Should You Drink Per Day? Summary Table

Below we summarize in the table how many liters of water you need to drink per day based on your body weight.

Weight Water (in liters) Glasses
52 kg 1.5 liters 6 glasses of water
57 kg 1.75 liters 7 glasses of water
68 kg / 79 kg 2 liters 8 glasses of water
80 kg 2.25 liters Nine glasses of water
90 kg 2.5 liters 10 glasses of water

Why Is Drinking Water Good, And How Can We Drink More?

Taking the right amount of water every day has several benefits. The main ones can be enclosed in four points:

  1. Water favors the elimination of waste substances from the body.
  2. 75% of the lean mass is made up of water, so drinking water, directly and indirectly, promotes muscle development (antagonizing the effect of cortisol).
  3. It gives shape and stiffness to the fabrics: it is also evident with the skin.
  4. Promotes adequate lubrication of the joints through the production of synovial fluid.

These are just some of the many benefits of proper hydration.


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