Water Is Essential For Muscle Building And Fitness

The Importance Of Water In Muscle Building And Fitness Training

A lot has been written about water for decades, including an enormous amount of contradictory content. Previously, most bodybuilders did not know that water is so essential to the body’s overall functioning. Proper hydration of the body cells is essential if the body is to stay healthy and productive! In the meantime, however, word has got around that everyone should and must consume enough water during the day. 

With the creation of creatine monohydrate, more and more people talked about water, as the interrelationships between the increase in strength, the water, and the creatine were recognized! “Have you drunk enough water?” This is the first question that is usually asked when the results with creatine fail. The chemical formula of water is “H2O”. 

The water itself consists of molecules, whereby two hydrogen molecules and one oxygen molecule combine to form one water molecule. The human body itself is made up of around 70% water. This tremendous amount of water in the body alone suggests that all body functions can be affected by a lack of hydration.


The Consequences Of A Lack Of Water

In medicine, a lack of water in the body is called “dehydration”.  One has to distinguish between two forms of dehydration, acute and chronic. The acute form can occur, for example, with extensive endurance training, especially if not enough water has been supplied beforehand. Chronic dehydration usually only occurs due to illnesses, such as enormous water loss due to gastrointestinal diseases or a lack of water supply in extreme emergencies (dying of thirst). Usually, no one voluntarily submits to the complete absence of the water supply, as the body counteracts this very quickly with a massive sensation of hunger.

Nevertheless, most people have a latent lack of water. In times of hectic life, we ​​hear less and less in our bodies. We usually only find out that we are thirsty and hungry when it has become acute, or the body has already developed the first symptoms, such as slight nausea or dizziness. So you would do well if you make sure that you are supplying your body with sufficient water every day.

The Positive Benefits Of Water Intake In Body Building

The positive effects of water intake are so varied that they cannot be listed in this article. Remember that all metabolic processes in the body depend on an adequate supply of water. In short, if you take in too little water, your entire metabolism suffers—all of the muscle-building, regeneration, and fat loss benefit from a high water intake. You can say that the right amount of water keeps the metabolism running at an optimum, while the lack of water supply radically shuts down the metabolism. The water also ensures that optimal blood flow is maintained. Low water intake causes the blood to thicken. 

This fact increases the risk of illness and means that the nutrient supply to the muscle cells no longer runs at full speed – the training performance deteriorates massively. An exception in bodybuilding is preparation for a competition or practice for a photoshoot. In the final phase of the diet, i.e., a few days before the day, x products are used for dehydration to work out muscle definition and muscle hardness. However, dehydration only works if the body fat content has already been reduced to a minimum by employing a diet.

How Much Water Does It Have To Be Anyway ?

There was a lot of debate on this question. We can only give you guidelines because your body tells you the optimal amount to drink if you pay close attention to it. The amount of water the body needs to drink can vary from day to day because many factors influence how much water the body needs. 

It makes a difference whether you trained very hard on a warm summer day and a salty meal in the evening or whether it is a non-training evening on the couch in winter. On a summer day, your body may well “scream” for a large amount of water in a short time, while it needs less on a winter day. An approximate guideline is a formula 1 liter of water per 20-25kg body weight.

Body Awareness And Observation – Can You Drink Too Much Water ?

It used to be thought that it was indeed impossible to drink enough water, but this is a fatal mistake. As crucial as water is, of course, for the body, even vital, it is also essential that you don’t mean it “too well” because this can shift the mineral balance and lead to dizziness and a loss of performance. But it’s pretty easy to get enough water without overdoing it. The best-measured value is and remains the feeling of thirst. 

After a meal, you will need 1-2 glasses of water to quench your thirst. However, if you haven’t eaten halfway through lunchtime, you probably won’t need that much water either. In addition to the body’s feelings, urine is also an excellent measured value. Many naturopathic practices use urine as a measure of health. You can also get one on the urine. Determine acid-base balance. If you rarely need to go to the bathroom and your urine is very dark, it’s horrible and a sure sign of a low water intake. 

It is better, but not good if you go to the toilet every 20 minutes, and your urine is only white. The latter is a sure sign that the water intake is too high and that your body has to get rid of too much water. The disadvantage is that minerals are continuously excreted, which are as crucial for performance and metabolism as the water supply itself. Ultimately, it also depends on a balanced supply of water and minerals from the diet.

Tap Water, Mineral Water, Or Just Coffee And Cola ?

As quickly as people discovered how vital water is, just as fast, a great hype and market was created about it. The question of whether you are drinking tap water or mineral water is easy to answer. Here it would be best if you inquired at the local waterworks. On the go, most bodybuilders consume normal still water, which is very convenient to transport. During a reduced-calorie diet phase, on the other hand, it may be better to supplement the mineral balance with the mineral water as required. 

Everyone has to answer whether coffee and a lot of colas can be drunk for themselves. We do not generally advise against consuming caffeine but recommend moderation and covering the actual water supply with still water. When drinking cola, you should also consider that it is very high in calories and sugar! Under no circumstances should the water supply only come from tea, juices, soft drinks, and coffee – pure water is more recommended.


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