How To Prevent Mask Irritation

Masks are now life companions. We have to wear them almost every day, and they have become a habit, but it is difficult to live with if they cause the so-called mask irritation. Itching, redness, and skin rashes are just some types of irritation they can cause. But what exactly is mask irritation? And why does it occur? Let’s see in detail what are the causes of this problem.

Because The Skin Gets Irritated

Our skin is not used to being covered for long periods. And if there are skins that do not suffer in the slightest from this coverage, others react to masks, whether surgical – the lightest ones – or ffp2, with rash and redness. The fabrics of the protective masks, in fact, are not very breathable. Once worn, they create a hot-humid environment that weighs on the skin.

The skin’s pH can alter, and the lack of oxygenation allows sebum and impurities to deposit on the skin very quickly. Even rubbing can cause some problems: fabrics are only sometimes tolerated. And the more adherent protective masks create irritation, especially in the area of ​​the cheekbones, chin and nose, and behind the ears, where the elastic bands that support them rest.

The Symptoms Of Mask Irritation

Acne, rash but also folliculitis, scaling and hypersensitivity. The symptoms of mask irritation are varied. Skins particularly sensitive to masks can also incur irritation dermatitis. It is also possible that previous problems, such as seborrheic dermatitis or forms of acne, may recur with the masks. Finally, the problem could even extend beyond the skin of the face. 

There are cases, for example, of candidiasis of the oral cavity: a consequence of the proliferation of fungi and bacteria that remain in the mouth area due to the lack of sweat caused by the mask. The type of protective mask used certainly affects a lot because, as we have learned, the thickness of the material used is different, which must be more or less protective depending on the occasion. Even the skin type and predisposition to certain problems can trigger a certain reaction.

How To Prevent And Cure Mask Irritation?

The good news is that these irritations due to the mask can be prevented except in rare cases. And that the precautions to be taken to avoid some form of skin rash or mask allergy are not many, much less complicated. Here are some suggestions to limit the chances of irritation.

Watch Out For The Beauty Routine

As mentioned, the mask increases the deposit of impurities on the skin. This is why, even more so with the mask, it’s always good to take care of your face skin.

The Importance Of Cleansing: How To Eliminate Impurities?

With daily cleansing, possibly morning and evening, but not aggressively. Particular attention must be paid to the choice of cosmetic products, which must be delicate and suitable for the skin type if the face’s skin will be red even before the daily use of the mask. It is recommended not to cleanse the skin with foaming products, which are usually very aggressive. There are also masks with a detox effect on the market, which give good results in removing smog and impurities. Usually, it’s good to do them once a week: it’s also a good opportunity to indulge in a cuddle.


After cleansing, the skin must be properly hydrated, with a suitable oil or cream to nourish and make it soft and luminous. Specific products such as Bio-Oil are particularly suitable for sensitive or dry skin. Bio-Oil dermatological oil contains vitamins and plant extracts dispersed in an oily base which, devoid of oxygen, prevents the oxidation of the active ingredients and facilitates their absorption, restoring perfectly nourished, hydrated and never-greasy skin. Furthermore, Bio-Oil is now also in the new 100% natural formula, a blend of 14 vegetable oils rich in essential fatty acids. Proper hydration of the body through nutrition should be noticed, too: the classic two liters of water a day are needed for our organs and all of our skin.

Password: Delicacy

And this also applies to cleansing or applying oil. Often, we tend to rub the skin too much or dry it using a rough towel. The products must be applied delicately, with circular movements, and to remove any residues, it is always better to use a soft microfiber cloth.

A Focus On Make-Up

Finally, a tip regarding make-up: it’s not forbidden, but products that are too opaque could help increase the non-breathable effect of the mask and therefore suffocate the skin, causing irritation or acne. Better to choose products with a light texture, such as coloured moisturizers, which can guarantee a certain breathability to the skin. Then, it is important to remember to remove make-up – in this case, without using aggressive products -cleanse the skin and apply a suitable oil or cream for the night.

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