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Nutrition Food For Growing Height

After seeing the main exercises that can lead you – without working miracles – to gain a few inches of height, let’s now focus briefly on nutrition. It can also positively affect growth, even if miraculous results are not expected in this case either. In any case, a healthy diet is good for the whole body and therefore, we have selected four dishes that will certainly contribute to your growth, but which more generally cannot be missing in a balanced diet. Here they are.


One of the most important hormones for our body is growth hormone, which our body produces autonomously, especially during development. Then, as you get older, your levels of this hormone drop. However, some foods can push the body to produce it naturally. One of these is certainly pineapple, which is a perfect food from several points of view. For example, it prompts the body to produce melatonin at night, which helps you sleep better. 

And sleep is very important because it improves mood and keeps anxiety under control and precisely because it fuels the production of growth hormones. Finally, pineapple aids digestion and, in particular, diuresis. It is no coincidence that it is also used in treatments against cellulite because it fights water retention and is even an excellent natural anti-inflammatory. And if you don’t like pineapple, other foods can also help with growth hormones, such as coconut oil, chocolate (especially if raw) and beef.


However, in addition to growth hormone, there are also micronutrients that our body badly needs during growth. One of these is calcium, which strengthens and lengthens our bones, which shape the skeleton. This substance is present in various foods, but we would like to recommend salmon in particular among us. This fish is a prodigy from the point of view of the nutrients it contains and which are good for our body from different points of view.

In addition to calcium, salmon allows you to take in many proteins, especially omega-3s, which are also essential for brain development and preventing circulatory and heart problems. However, calcium can also be obtained from other foods, such as oatmeal, white beans, oranges (and related juices ) and tofu.


The third food that we recommend to grow in height is eggs. They contain good amounts of vitamin A, essential for bone growth and the health of other body organs, such as the eyes. In general, however, all vitamins are essential in this field, as even our grandmothers told us at unsuspecting times. So, in addition to A, try to ensure that you have as complete a set of these nutrients as possible.

Don’t forget, for example, vitamin D, which maintains bone health and function, is usually found in the same foods that contain calcium. But then also keep an eye out for foods rich in omega-3s, which we have already mentioned, such as fish and, in particular, tuna. Finally, one last piece of advice in this area: try to take soy milk, rich in vitamin B12 and mushrooms, which help the immune system.


We conclude this quick overview of the foods that help our body, even with bananas, very famous because they contain tremendous amounts of potassium. This substance improves and activates the metabolism and thus promotes the strengthening of the muscles. In addition, it is more generally good for our entire body: it has been proven that regular consumption of bananas lowers the risk of heart and kidney problems. 

They also contain magnesium, which, together with calcium and vitamins, plays a fundamental role in bone formation. Still about magnesium, however, other foods can help you in addition to bananas: you can focus, for example, on almonds, which also contain potassium, iron and vitamin E, or on pumpkin seeds, which contain zinc. Finally, we recommend that you also try avocado – which, among other things, helps to keep cholesterol levels under control – and spinach, which also contains vitamin K.


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