Spinach Diet: This Is The Best Way To Lose Weight With Vegetables

Green equals healthy. As banal as this theory sounds, it is true in the case of spinach. You can rely on the juicy leaves as a versatile addition to your usual eating habits or as a nutrient-rich superfood. The spinach diet shows how it can also help you lose weight. Spinach is a natural appetite suppressant because spinach contains a substance that prevents cravings and thus makes it easier to lose weight. The so-called thylakoids from spinach act like a natural appetite suppressant. They activate the release of a hormone called GLP-1. 

Losing Weight With Spinach: The Diet Food Is So Healthy

Whether mixed into a smoothie, stirred into a salad or as a steamed side dish, spinach has many faces. In any form, they supply the body with vitamins K and A and the minerals magnesium and calcium. As a source of fiber, the spinach leaves keep the digestion and metabolism going. The high nitrate content also naturally supports muscle building. Added to this is its role as an iron-rich vegetable, which spinach naturally does justice to. However, relying on spinach alone for the amount of iron your body needs would be a bit too optimistic, but it makes a perfect supplement.

Spinach Diet: How To Integrate The Vegetables Into Everyday Life

Now to the particularly diet-friendly properties. When it comes to the spinach diet, the earlier, the better. A morning green smoothie drives away cravings first thing in the morning and keeps blood sugar levels low, unlike sweet muesli. “The thylakoids prolong digestion, which produces a feeling of satiety,” Charlotte Erlanson-Albertsson, professor of medicine and physiological chemistry at Lund University, told Fit For Fun. Another plus for a green morning: A healthy start provides energy for the day, which you can continue as beneficial.

Healthy Recipe Ideas: This Is How Spinach Is Prepared

The spinach diet has enough recipes to choose from if you prefer a healthy energy boost during the day. For example, the spinach leaves can be mixed into the salad. Add a protein source such as chicken, cottage cheese or tofu and any toppings such as pomegranate seeds, pumpkin seeds or sprouts, and you have a nutrient-rich lunch that can be used to achieve the desired diet goal in a realistic and balanced way. 

Finally, the dinner variant of the spinach diet proves that a healthy diet is anything but one-sided. As a blanched side dish, spinach goes perfectly with any warm meal – from boiled potatoes and fried eggs to quinoa and diced tofu. To do this, place the leaves in hot water for a few minutes, season and then fry briefly with olive oil for the Mediterranean-style preparation.

Conclusion: Is The Spinach Diet Worth It For Losing Weight?

At this point, however, it should also be said that the versatility of vegetables should not be exploited too much. A daily amount of 100 grams of spinach is ideal. The nitrate level in the body must remain in balance. If there is an excess, there is a chance that chewing the spinach will convert too much nitrate to nitrite. Arriving in the gastrointestinal tract, this is partially converted into nitrosamines, which can be carcinogenic in too large a quantity. With a balanced amount, however, spinach is an ideal diet aid, low in calories and green and healthy. 


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