The Ten Grandmother’s Remedies To Get Back In Shape 

Of course, the first two things to do will be setting up a healthy diet and exercising. But if you want to accelerate weight loss, there are some foods and little tricks that can help you, even some that, at first glance, don’t seem suitable for a diet at all. A healthy diet and physical activity. These are the key points to losing weight and staying healthy, and they will also be the first two moves that you will have to make as soon as you have dared to step on the scales and see how many kilos you have acquired.

Or anyway, whenever you notice that you are putting on a little too much weight. Sometimes, however, popular wisdom also helps, particularly that of grandmothers, who found themselves managing a healthy weight long before the stars’ diets became famous. And they suggest ten remedies to use to lose weight faster. Here they are:

Water And Lemon

You will have two ingredients in your refrigerator, water and lemon. All you have to do is flavor at least a liter of plain water with the squeezed juice of whole citrus fruit and then take it with you to the office to sip it during the day. This way, your body will eliminate toxins and excess fluids more quickly. As a result, it will cleanse and gradually reduce swelling.

The Pepper

Using spices instead of salt to flavor dishes is better for health. Helps prevent various diseases, especially those related to cardiovascular disorders. But pepper also manages to do something more: it has a thermogenic power, that is, it warms the body. This means you’ll feel more sheltered from the cold of winter, and your metabolism will burn more calories and fat.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Sweeter and more delicate than that wine, you will find it less difficult to accept a few small sips of apple cider vinegar in the morning to speed up the elimination of fat deposits. This food, which is also rich in vitamins and minerals, even if you probably never imagined it, has the power to dissolve fat deposits. Therefore, you could take it in the morning with a glass of warm water and a little honey about 30 minutes before breakfast to get your metabolism going straight away.

Green Tea

Green tea is very good for your health and fights age. In addition, it seems to help eliminate excess pounds and lipid sediments because it improves the permeability of the intestine and promotes the birth of new good bacteria. Thus, it enhances the process of assimilation and elimination of excess substances in your body.


Unbelievable to say, but one of the sweetest foods out there also helps you lose weight. Honey can become a good sugar substitute and be used in coffee or tea or dissolved in hot water and lemon to speed up the work of the metabolism.


Please don’t use it in all dishes, but add it from time to time to your recipes. Parsley has diuretic properties that can counteract water retention, preventing all those recently swallowed fats from transforming into cells. Also, regulate your blood sugar level, so there won’t be a sudden drop, and you won’t be overwhelmed by that irrepressible urge to storm the snack machine.

Cold Potatoes

They are among the first foods set aside for a diet, but potatoes can also come in handy as long as you eat them cold. Letting them cool before consuming them allows them to develop resistant starch, which will make you feel full sooner but that your body won’t see as fat.

Dine Early

Not only what you eat but also when you do it can affect your weight and fitness. If you want to lose weight, you shouldn’t postpone dinner after 7 pm so that your body has more time to dispose of what is ingested during the evening and night fasting hours following the last meal of the day.

Small Portions On Small Plates

Finding yourself in front of a semi-empty plate increases the feeling of not having eaten enough, especially if you are returning from a period in which the table was always full of food. A small deception can help you: also reduce the size of the dish so that it appears fuller and better conveys the idea of ​​satiety and satisfaction.


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