What Happens In Your Body When You Stop Sugar

Addicted to sugar or not, you have decided to eliminate it from your diet. Several specialists will explain to you how your body will react to this new diet. Sugar, a drug worse than cocaine? After cigarettes and alcohol, it is him that some give up in any case. The exquisite powder would be responsible for many ailments such as for overweight, diabetes, fatigue, inflammatory diseases and addiction. 

It is accepted that quitting smoking overnight is done in pain, but is it the same with sugar? Do we tremble like a drug addict in withdrawal from the first hours of departure? What consequences afterwards? Goodbye ugly belly buoy and hello baby skin? 

A Difficult Weaning

Suppose the natural sugar present in food does not pose a problem. In that case, the sugar added by manufacturers is often singled out because it is present in massive, dangerous and addictive doses. A study on rats, conducted among others by the neurobiologist showed that 90% of these animals preferred sugar water to cocaine. 

“Other studies show that prolonged access of three to six weeks to glucose and sucrose – forms of sugar – create a state of dependence in rodents; more or less intense withdrawal symptoms are observed during withdrawal. “This is because sugar acts on neurons like a drug and activates the exact reward mechanism in the brain. Depending on its level of consumption, its removal can cause unpleasant sensations from the first hours. 

“In humans, we can observe irritability, anxiety and an almost depressive state during the first two weeks”. “A dessert is a source of pleasure, if we take it away, we will inevitably be a little depressed. Some people take refuge in sugar during solid emotions. If we prevent them, it’s like a crutch that we deprive ourselves of.

Weight Loss

After a more or less complicated transition period, a zero sugar diet can help you lose weight. Sugar is the caloric food par excellence. Its consumption results in the secretion of insulin which is a storage hormone. The simple fact of reducing your consumption will lower your calorie intake and therefore promote weight loss without difficulty. Again, the greater the excess, the more weight loss will be. But neither is it a question of stuffing yourself with kebab under the pretext of depriving yourself of chocolate mousse.

More Energy

Better energy, better concentration, better sleep. Stopping sugar would be the remedy for those who, despite nights of ten hours, can not get their foot out of bed. “Sugars are a source of energy but deplete you when you consume them too frequently. Excessive sugar intake promotes the development of intestinal yeasts which tire the digestive system. Overeating sugar too often also exposes the pancreas, the organ secreting insulin, to exhaustion.

“When you drink green vegetable juice, you immediately feel better because you are overeating. We can have the exact mechanism if we reduce our sugar intake, especially in excess. “When we eat sugar, the pancreas secretes insulin too quickly, and when this rate drops, we find ourselves in hypoglycemia and therefore tired”.

Better Skin?

Many are followers of no sugar, ensuring they have better skin. However, if you are prone to pimples, cutting back on sugars may have benefits. “The skin functions as a relay for the liver: it is an organ which eliminates toxins. In people with poorly functioning liver, excess sugar or other substances, such as fat or alcohol, show up as pimples. 

If you weren’t overweight and didn’t have pimples, quitting sugar isn’t going to work a miracle. You also won’t sleep better if you don’t have sleep problems.” Therefore, no longer eating sugar is not the solution to all your problems (sleep, mood, weight, even your couple). But becoming aware of your diet and sugar intake may be the way to go.


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