Garlic Tea: Benefits, Uses, And Contraindications

Discover the benefits of garlic tea, an anti-inflammatory drink for sore throat, cough, cholesterol, toothache, etc. Here’s how to prepare it at home, when to take it, and the contraindications. Drinking garlic tea may seem a bit unusual and not so pleasant. This is because the link between garlic and breath immediately comes to mind. 

Many do not know that garlic is a potent natural antibiotic used for centuries for ailments like flu and colds, acne and pimples, hair care, herpes, etc. We can consume raw garlic for various problems such as sore throat, toothache, or inflammation or prepare a potent anti-inflammatory herbal tea. Below, we see how to prepare this healthy infusion and take it to get the maximum benefits.

Garlic Tea: Benefits And Properties

Let’s start by listing some benefits of herbal tea with garlic. These are just a few, the main ones. They are followed by many others that can be deduced and observed by consuming herbal tea with fresh garlic. No one forbids us to combine turmeric, ginger, honey, or chili.

It Is A Natural Anti-Inflammatory

Garlic tea is an excellent anti-inflammatory, especially useful in the case of arthritis and osteoarthritis. Multiple studies have demonstrated its ability to reduce inflammation of the skeletal and muscular systems. Thanks to allicin, the “key” substance of garlic, numerous bacteria that attack our body are also eliminated, lowering the immune defenses and causing more or less severe imbalances.

It Helps To Lose Weight

When paired with lemon and ginger, garlic is an excellent remedy for diet. If drinking a couple of times a day, this fat-burning herbal tea cleanses the body of toxins and accelerates metabolism. In this specific case, we recommend drinking it in the morning as soon as you wake up and therefore on an empty stomach and wait at least half an hour before having a healthy breakfast.

Keeps Cholesterol Levels In Check

Its vasodilating function allows garlic (and therefore garlic tea) to be a natural remedy for hypertension and high cholesterol. We could avoid diseases such as arteriosclerosis without taking drugs with this good habit. If the problem is severe, it is always good to talk to your doctor and combine garlic tea with the most appropriate therapy.

It Is A Natural Antibiotic

Garlic tea is also a powerful natural antibiotic, excellent in winter. It prevents and treats colds, sore throats, and coughs, and the immune system will benefit enormously, especially if we combine it with chili. If we eliminate the latter from the garlic herbal tea recipe and add only lemon, children can take it in complete tranquility.

It Provides Numerous Vitamins And Antioxidants

We must not neglect another exceptional property of the herbal garlic tea, namely providing vitamins of groups B and A but not only. Our anti-inflammatory drink is also rich in vitamin C and antioxidants, therefore excellent for keeping the body young and strong and for dealing with periods of stress or illness.

It Is A Natural Detoxifier

Freeing the body from accumulated toxins is undoubtedly not easy, but we can help it fight numerous diseases and oxidative stress thanks to garlic tea. Allicin protects the heart and other organs such as the liver, obviously following a correct lifestyle. Stop eating healthily, reduce stress, not abuse smoking and alcohol, and exercise. Another important thing is to always consult your doctor in case of food allergies or intolerances and other cases in which a state of intoxication of the body is suspected.

Relieves Gum Inflammation And Toothache

Garlic tea is also effective against toothache. It will be sufficient to prepare it according to the modalities we will see shortly. We put only garlic, water, a pinch of salt, and a couple of cloves. Let it cool down and use it as a regular mouthwash once or twice a day until the pain is gone.

How To Make Garlic Herbal Tea

After having seen the properties of garlic tea, let’s find out how to prepare it in a short time and with the healthiest ingredients. Here is the procedure.


Three cloves of garlic

400 ml of water

a few drops of lemon juice

a slice of fresh ginger

a teaspoon of honey (also dandelion honey)


To make the garlic tea, first, we need to put the water in a saucepan to boil. In the meantime, peel the garlic cloves and crush them lightly, peel the ginger and squeeze the lemon juice. As soon as the water boils, add these ingredients and let it cook over low heat for about a quarter of an hour with a lid. Then we can turn it off and let it cook for another 10 minutes. Nothing simpler!

When To Drink Garlic Infusion

Now that our anti-inflammatory garlic tea is ready, we must drink it. The recommended dose is a couple of glasses a day, then up to 400 ml to get all the benefits. As we will see, the smell and taste of garlic will not be felt because it is covered in both lemon juice and ginger. If we want to increase the anti-inflammatory power of the garlic infusion, we can also add a little fresh or dried chili. We sweeten with honey or dandelion honey or drink it naturally. In any case, do not drink the garlic tea for more than 7-10 consecutive days but interrupt the treatment from time to time.

Garlic Tea: Contraindications

We end our article on the properties of garlic tea with some contraindications. Following (excessive) intake, unpleasant contraindications may occur, such as nausea or vomiting. In some cases, diarrhea also occurs. We do not take this herbal tea or talk about it first with our doctor if we are pregnant and breastfeeding.

People with severe stomach acid should avoid garlic tea, especially if lemon, ginger, and chili pepper are also present. As seen in the benefits of garlic tea, this lowers blood pressure, making the blood much more fluid. If we take medications that affect blood pressure, it is good to always talk to a specialist first. The same applies if we are at risk of bleeding and have recently performed interventions.


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