Eating Raw Garlic: Benefits, How To Eat It And How Much To Eat

Eating wild garlic is a healthy routine for individuals with hypertension, however numerous different advantages. Here are, for the most part, the properties of wild garlic, how to consume it, and stay away from terrible breath. Eating wild garlic is an ordinary propensity for some individuals and, simultaneously, something unthinkable for other people. Although it is currently generally shown that garlic has fundamental properties for battling infections and infirmities, individuals are still somewhat deterred by its taste and the way that it causes terrible breath.

It would help if you realized that to exploit the advantages of garlic. It is fitting not to cook it. Garlic positively affects pulse and the anticipation of coronary illness. Notwithstanding hypertension, its utilization has also demonstrated success in colds and influenza instances because of its antibacterial and antimicrobial temperances.

The best thing is to consume it crude since its principal parts, sulfur compounds, are saved when the garlic isn’t cooked. Expecting we are stressed that eating garlic prompts awful breath, remember a couple of tricks to hinder this, such as eating several minutes leaves after gobbling up the food. All through the article, we will unveil other direct tricks to hide the unpleasant smell of garlic and participate in its benefits at the same time.

Eating Raw Garlic: Health Benefits

Various clinical investigations have been done to help the different advantageous properties of garlic, a significant number of which have zeroed in on its impacts on the heart. How about we discover what benefits it is:

Garlic And High Blood Pressure

The principal parts of garlic are engaged with lessening hypertension, and in this manner, it is suggested for individuals experiencing hypertension. Garlic permits you to build the volume of the vessels and make the blood more liquid, in this way advancing better blood dissemination.

Garlic And Cardiovascular Disease

The cozy connection between garlic and hypertension straightforwardly impacts the heart. Forestalling hypertension likewise implies forestalling organ exhaustion and the probability of creating sicknesses. Besides, garlic is fundamental as it diminishes terrible cholesterol and forestalls the development of plaques in the supply routes, going about as a preventive specialist against atherosclerosis, hyperlipidemia, and apoplexy.

Garlic And Diabetes

It frequently happens that those with high fatty substances or cholesterol are in danger or have, as of now, evolved diabetes. Wild garlic can control glucose levels in the two diabetics and individuals inclined toward hyperglycemia.

Natural Antibiotic

Garlic is suggested for its anti-infection adequacy. This way keeps diseases and any cold and spring season afflictions under control. It has additionally been demonstrated to be robust against infections, like those that cause colds and influenza.

Strengthens The Bones

Perhaps few know that the consumption of garlic supports the production of estrogen in women, which allows them to slow down the loss of bone density, thus decreasing the risk of osteoporosis.

Prevents Neurodegenerative Diseases

Among the properties of raw garlic, we also find a form of prevention of diseases such as senile dementia and Alzheimer’s. How is it possible? Raw garlic contains antioxidants that positively affect the oxidative stress that underlies these and many other diseases.


Garlic can detoxify our body and thus dispose of the heavy metals introduced through the diet, notably lead, faster.

How Much Garlic To Eat Per Day?

Albeit the advantages of wild garlic are vast and significant, it is best not to mishandle this food. The prescribed measure of garlic to consume each day is roughly one clove. Be that as it may, there are cases in which it is fitting not to surpass this portion, especially for the people who experience the ill effects of gastric problems, like gastritis and ulcers, and the individuals who have sickliness.

How To Eat Raw Garlic

There are many ways to eat garlic. If we do not tolerate its taste and cannot consume it alone, we can always disguise its taste and accompany it with other foods:

Hummus And Sauces

A chickpea hummus hides the flavor of a chopped or sliced ​​garlic clove. The same happens for sauces such as a simple pesto or avocado-based guacamole, to be enjoyed as an appetizer or a delicious snack.

Salad Dressing

Have you ever thought of using it in salads? You can cut it into slices and accompany it with extra virgin olive oil, apple vinegar, and, if you like, herbs with a strong flavor, such as thyme and oregano.

Garlic And Oil

The oil can neutralize the taste and smell of raw garlic: all that needs to be done is to cut it and let it rest for a quarter of an hour in a bit of oil.

Garlic And Sweetener

Even sweeteners such as honey or agave, or maple syrup can contain the flavor of garlic: take the clove and pour the sweetener over it. Among the best ways to avoid the flavor or smell of raw garlic is predominant, it is always advisable to reduce it to thin slices or pieces and combine it with foods that contrast its flavor. An example? A sauce or hummus of peas and sesame to spread on delicious croutons.

Eat Raw Garlic Without Smelling

Beyond the taste, one element on which it is often impossible to go further is the breath. Garlic has a strong flavor and is capable of changing our breath. Here are some tricks you can use to overcome this minor inconvenience.

  1. Eating an apple: If we want to prevent others from noticing that we have eaten garlic, we consume a raw apple immediately afterward, which neutralizes its components, preventing the unpleasant smell from being released.
  2. Chewing cloves: If we do not have apples, we can always fall back on some cloves or fennel seeds.
  3. Eat Mint: Mint is one of those surefire remedies for bad breath caused by raw garlic (and any other type of food). Also, it is helpful to chew a few leaves directly in this case.

It has been found that the foods that allow you to counteract the heavy garlic breath better are those that contain high amounts of phenols and rosmarinic acid. It is also essential to consume raw and uncooked foods with garlic, such as lettuce, spinach, and other vegetables.

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