Herbal Teas To Drink

Herbal Tea With Fennel Seeds 

To deflate the stomach and digest better. Infusions and herbal teas are prepared with natural ingredients, and homemade ones are the best. Herbs, spices, and seeds are the essential ingredients, but if you want a flat stomach, you have to use the seeds, particularly those of fennel.

The fennel tea is perfect for those who are following a slimming diet and want to lose the extra pounds, but also for those who find it hard to digest; in fact, fennel acts mainly on the gastrointestinal system favoring the absorption of food and draining excess fluids. Not to mention its usefulness with newborns. Here are all its benefits.

Fennel Tea, All The Benefits

  1. Relaxes the gastrointestinal tract muscles, which, at times, is contracted due to inflammation due to the ingestion of irritating foods; consequently, it also eliminates the pains deriving from colic, both for adults and children.
  2. Eliminates the gases present in the intestine, which can also create visible swelling in the belly area; this property in medical jargon is called carminative. In addition to being annoying, the air in the belly is also problematic because it is the cause of malabsorption and incorrect elimination of food.
  3. Thanks to the two actions just seen, it improves digestion, namely the relaxation of the gastrointestinal muscles and the carminative effect.
  4. Cures coughs and colds because it manages to thin mucus and phlegm, favoring their elimination; it also helps heal because it has anti-inflammatory effects against the pathogens that have generated the disease.
  5. It drains liquids and helps you lose weight; fennel tea regulates metabolism and stimulates hunger; it also promotes urination; that is why it is an excellent drink to sip, even cold, during a weight loss diet.
  6. It reduces blood pressure, fennel contains a lot of potassium which relaxes blood vessels, and this, together with the diuretic action, helps fight hypertension.
  7. It eliminates bad breath, which is often linked to poor digestion or pathogens and fungi in the mouth, thanks to the antibacterial and antifungal action that fennel has.

How To Prepare Fennel Tea

In case you want an herbal tea made exclusively from fennel seeds and prefer that there are no other excipients, such as preservatives, the excellent idea is to buy them as well. On the market, bags contain different quantities; some have the wording “organic farming” as the plants have been grown without pesticides. By choosing this product, you can use only and exclusively fennel seeds, as well as for an herbal tea, also as a condiment for your recipes. Boil the water, pour in a teaspoon of fennel seeds and leave to infuse for 10 minutes.

Beneficial Herbal Teas To Drink 

Who said that herbal teas are only drunk in winter? Of course, they are pleasant in winter because they are hot, but they can also be drunk cold (if noticed) during the summer. Some are better than others. Here are the ones we have chosen for you, the ones with the not lost taste, once kept in the refrigerator.

During the summer months, it is, in fact, essential to take a lot of liquids, which allow rehydrating the body, continuously exposed to intense sunlight and heat. Drinking a lot of water is the simplest way to cope with the summer heat, but drinking the fateful two liters of water a day often seems like an impossible feat.

Ginger And Lemon Tea

Ginger and lemon together have many benefits. Ginger and lemon are two important plants that we can consider as two powerful natural remedies. When taken together, mutually reinforcing Their benefits, particularly purifying effects, regulators of digestion and metabolism, anti-inflammatory and fortifying the immune system, thanks to the combination of Their many active ingredients, antioxidants, and Vitamin C.

Licorice And Mint For A Boost Of Energy

In this case, it is a fresh combination, suitable for summer, with a very particular taste. The beneficial properties are licorice, a root particularly ideal for lowering pressure. It also counteracts stomach pains and gastroesophageal reflux.

Rooibos Tea

This plant has African origins. The rooibos is rich in minerals  (potassium, magnesium, iron, zinc, manganese) and lots of vitamin C . These properties make it perfect for rehydrating the body and the absence of stimulants (such as caffeine and theine) makes it particularly suitable for the elderly and children.


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