How To Apply Blush On The Face: Tips And Tricks

The tricks to follow to harmonize the shape of your face in a few steps. The blush, also called blush, allows you to look warmer, helping at the same time to make your body more balanced. Let’s see how to best apply it for a perfect and smudge-free result depending on the condition of your face. How to balance the face shape with blush.

Oval Face

An oval face is characterized by a longer shape than it is wide, with a greater width at the cheeks. On the other hand, the eyes have a distance at the hairline equal to that which separates the tip of the nose and the chin. For an optimal result, in this case, apply the blush on the cheeks, then blend it towards the temples with gentle outward and upward movements. If you want a more natural look, we recommend using a relatively large brush, while for a more decisive effect, a smaller meeting is better.

Square Face

A narrow and elongated shape characterizes a square face. To soften it, it is recommended to use the blush by applying it with circular movements while smiling to more easily identify the most protruding part of the cheek, an area on which it will be necessary to focus more.

Oblong Face

An oblong face tends to develop more in height than in length and is characterized by flat cheekbones, with an overall lean appearance. For this reason, when applying the blush, you will have to try to fill it and shorten it visually, introducing horizontality in the lines. A horizontal line must always be followed in its application, starting from the center of the cheeks and blending it towards the ears. In the case of a broad forehead, it is advisable to apply a more significant amount of blush on the cheeks, intensifying it with circular movements. 

Round Face

A round face has full cheeks and rounded cheekbones, with the contour line forming an almost perfect circle. Therefore, it is advisable to lengthen the shape by applying the blush with movements from top to bottom, starting from the lobes and arriving just under the most protruding part of the cheeks. To better harmonize the features, it is necessary to follow an oblique trend in the drafting of the product and apply a small amount of blush also on the chin.

The Extra Tips

  1. The bristles of the brush, in the application, must never be perpendicular to the face but slightly inclined. The dust must also be picked up lightly, trying to collect it with the brush.
  2. For a natural effect, it is recommended to make several passes on the face to obtain a light shade and then more intense, allowing the blush to blend with the face without being too evident or invisible. 
  3. If the blush is powder, the brush’s ideal tool is comprehensive for a more natural look, more petite, and narrower for a more decisive effect. On the contrary, with a cream or liquid product, you can first tap it with your fingers and then move on to circular movements with the help of a brush.
  4. In case the blush is finished, you can use lipstick. One with a light and not very compact texture is preferable, to be applied by tapping it on the cheeks to make the effect more homogeneous. Everything is then fixed with a foundation sponge, dabbing gently.


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