These Four Home Remedies Relieve Sunburn Quickly And Naturally

Surprised by the sun and badly burned? You don’t always have aloe vera or the like on hand and have to make do with what is available at home. Fortunately, four home remedies can provide quick and effective sunburn relief. Selling yourself a sunburn can happen quickly and unnoticed. Often it is only in the evening at home that you notice how red the exposed areas of skin are. Then what can be found in the house must be used to treat the burned areas.

Restore The Protective Coat Of The Skin With Quark

Quark contains a lot of moisture and can therefore help relieve sunburn. In addition, it soothes and cools because it draws the heat out of the skin. Quark also has an anti-inflammatory effect and reduces possible swelling. The lactic acid bacteria help restore the protective acid mantle of the skin. It is essential that the skin does not show any open wounds or has blistered from the burn. Quark treatment is not recommended at this stage.

Lactic acid can cause further inflammation in open wounds. The quark is applied either directly to the burned areas or on a cloth – sufficiently thick. The cloth is then placed on the skin. This has the advantage that removing the quark does not irritate the skin. The following applies to both processes: do not allow it to dry out! The quark should not be in contact with the skin for more than 10 minutes. After this time, the cooling effect also subsides. Take the cloth down in good time or rinse the quark gently with plenty of water.

Apple Cider Vinegar Poultices Cleanse And Protect Against Bacteria

The acid contained in apple cider vinegar disinfects the burned areas and can thus prevent inflammation. Cold compresses that are soaked in a mixture of water and apple cider vinegar – in equal proportions – are best for the application. Place these wraps on the affected areas for a few minutes. As soon as the cooling effect wears off, soak the cloth again.

Tea Wrap To Regenerate The Skin

You can also treat your sunburn very quickly and very effectively with tea. Place cold, damp tea wraps on the appropriate areas and leave for a few minutes. For small areas, for example, burned eyelids, the cold tea bags can also be applied directly. Green tea is best for this.

The plant substances (polyphenols) have several positive effects on the skin, so green tea is also used as an extract in nourishing creams in cosmetics. The green tea flavonoids increase the skin’s sun protection by 25 percent. In addition, they increase the skin’s moisture content and promote the skin’s absorption of oxygen – all factors that are crucial for regeneration.

Cucumber Provides The Skin With Moisture

Fresh cucumber slices have a calming and refreshing effect on the skin. You can use cucumber to treat small areas of burned skin. The skin needs a lot of moisture to heal, and the cucumber slices gently and continuously transfer to the top layer of the skin.

Also Important: Fill Up The Water Reserves

Always important in the heat, but also not to be underestimated for the healing process of sunburns, is good hydration. This generally helps the body to regenerate. Extensive burns in particular also cause a certain amount of heat to develop and drinking a lot helps cool the organism down again. But be careful not to drink drinks that are too cold. Room temperature water is best for the body.

More Tips For Sunburn

  1. Ibuprofen can help with extensive burns and pain caused by sunburn. The active ingredients in the pain reliever also inhibit inflammation and can thus help the burned areas to subside more quickly.
  2. Stay away from greasy creams and lotions. These can lead to heat build-up and further skin irritation on the sunburn. Nourishing oils can only be applied after the burns have subsided.
  3. Cooling is good, but it should be brought about gently and continuously, as is achieved with cold compresses. Only use ice and cold packs for cooling in the case of minor burns, and do not leave them on for too long. The skin cells can freeze to death in the cold.


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