How To Replace Coffee: All The Alternatives

Nine foods to defeat sleepiness without having to resort to coffee. Who does not get the classic ” fall asleep ” during a boring meeting, a lecture at the university, or a long train or bus ride? Often we try to remedy sleepiness with the classic cup of coffee. Still, there are other equally effective foods, but healthier and less “irritating” (both for the stomach and the mood) and supported by science, which will help you stay awake and alert. Find out what they are.

Wake Up With A Yerba Mate

Have you ever tried Yerba Mate? Although this drink of South American origin contains an amount of caffeine almost equal to that in coffee, it is much less acidic and robust and has a pleasant nut-flavored aftertaste. It is also incredibly healthy, rich in antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals, including potassium and zinc.

Have A Super Fiber-Based Breakfast

Several studies have proven that a good breakfast helps you feel more awake and energetic right away. The fibers also have satiating reliable power and the ability to leave the body light and healthy. Introducing the right amount of fiber daily, starting with breakfast, also helps counteract digestive problems, keep bad cholesterol under control, and regulate blood sugar levels. Don’t you already crave a nice cup of whole grains, fresh fruit, and seeds?

Low-Sugar Drinks

Don’t rely on sugary drinks to boost your energy level. Regardless of whether they are with or without caffeine, drinks rich in sugars reduce attention and concentration in the long run. Instead, make yourself some herbal tea or some tea. Dehydration is often one of the leading causes of fatigue, so remember to drink a lot throughout the day.

Choose Magnesium Snacks

If you feel tired all the time, you may have a magnesium deficiency. Although mild, magnesium deficiency can make simple daily activities more difficult. Make sure you meet your daily magnesium requirement by snacking on almonds, hazelnuts, or cashews every day. 

Sometimes, A Fruit Works More Than An Energizing Drink

Bananas can give you energy and improve physical performance to a greater extent than coffee. Make sure you take a few to work every day as a natural remedy for that heavy feeling that often makes you feel mid-morning. Plus, if you get tired of eating bananas, pears have been shown to have a similar effect!

Have Lunch With Baked Fish And Potatoes

While they are certainly not the most attractive foods on the menu, they are a natural cure-all for your brain: salmon and other fatty fish from the cold seas contain large amounts of Omega-3 DHA fats. 70% of the fats present in the brain are composed of Omega-3 DHA, capable of slowing down aging and improving memory. Whose contribution is given exclusively by the diet: it becomes essential to consume foods that are rich in them regularly. On the other hand, as rich in vitamin B6, potatoes provide the energy your brain needs to avoid annoying drops in performance.

Chew Sugar-Free Gum

If you are sleepy, chew gum: more than one study has shown that chewing gum increases alertness and may even improve mental performance. However, some gums contain ingredients of animal origin, such as gelatin, stearic acid, and glycerin, so if you follow a vegan diet, watch out for the elements!

Indulge In A Square Of Dark Chocolate As A Snack Away From Meals

How many times does a sudden craving attack you for chocolate during the afternoon? Maybe it’s not just a whim! Dark chocolate is an ideal snack: a study has suggested that cocoa flavonoids can improve mood and cognitive abilities. Dark chocolate (with at least 60% cocoa) also provides copper, zinc, and other trace elements useful for the nervous system, promotes the production of serotonin, and has even been defined by researchers as a natural stimulant!

Smell The Lemon Essential Oil

What if a simple smell could wake you up and energize you for hours? Aromatherapy can prove to be the solution to recovering from a lazy summer afternoon. One study compared how the smell of unscented water, lavender essential oil, and lemon essential oil affected energy levels. The lemon dominated the confrontation, revealing himself capable of raising the mood and reactivating the organism. 

Its ability to stimulate concentration and memory is already widely known, so much so that lemon essential oil is often diffused through the ventilation systems of offices. Plus, it looks pretty effective for stimulating the mind while stilling emotions – smelling lemon essential oil could be helpful when making important decisions.


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