Natural Remedies For Tiredness

During periods of change of season, we are more likely to feel tired, struggle to wake up or have a general feeling of malaise. Some natural products can help us, becoming our first allies against tiredness. These are essential oils, which, with their aroma, help fight tiredness. Summer is a period that makes us feel like we’re running out of batteries. The complications of this state are:

  1. The heat.
  2. The sleepless nights we spend fighting mosquitoes.
  3. The stress of the winter period descends on us.

We feel incapable of thinking and without energy. In short, we are tired, both mentally and physically. Only the best essential oils used in aromatherapy can help you fight tiredness and fatigue.

Natural Remedies For Tiredness

Fight the tiredness of the change of seasons with aromatherapy. Aromatherapy is done by releasing specific fragrances into the environment, creating a perfume aerosol. In practice, natural and vegetal essences are spread and released. It is now well established that the art of combining elements is able to act through the senses and memories of brain activity and behavior. 

According to research, all the components present in essential oils act by involving the limbic system, resulting in physical and emotional changes. Do you want an example? The scent of your favorite childhood dish brings back so many memories. This is why the scent of essential oils can help us reduce tiredness. How do you fight fatigue using essential oils? You can pour it into the bathroom, into home diffusers, or onto our skin directly. The best essential oils have a toning, calming effect and are therefore able to remove stress and tension, helping us to recharge our batteries.

Peppermint, The Handkerchief Oil

Peppermint essential oil is undoubtedly among the most used for many purposes. This oil is undoubtedly among the most used to combat tiredness, given that it is undoubtedly the one that provides us with a powerful boost of energy. To have the best effect, it is recommended to pour two or three drops on your handkerchief, being able to inhale them when you feel the need. You can do this five or six times a day, but be careful not to overdo it, as this essential oil can significantly irritate both the eyes and mucous membranes.

Ginger Is Also A Valid Help For Stomach Problems

This remedy is excellent if you also feel nauseous. You can also use ginger for this purpose in the form of an essential oil, not just as a herbal tea. It is a necessary oil with stimulating solid abilities. Furthermore, when we reach very high levels of stress, we can also develop a feeling of nausea, which this oil can block. As before, you can pour two or three drops into a handkerchief, inhaling them as needed.

Lemon And Orange, The Fruity Scent Par Excellence

Lemon has a perfect fruity scent, which helps us fight tiredness. Its delicate scent can also be suitable for perfuming the entire room via a diffuser, in the tub to enjoy a nice hot bath, or on a handkerchief. You can mix it with peppermint essential oil, creating a nice, fresh mix. Do not use this oil if you suffer from gallstones. Orange has a fruity scent, which is also ideal for children. Its fresh and fruity scent improves mood and reduces anxiety levels.

Rosemary Is Not Just An Oil

Rosemary does not produce just one essential oil; it actually has three. In addition to using it in the kitchen, rosemary offers us, as mentioned, different types of oils based on the chemotypes. The one that helps fight tiredness is called 1,8-cineole. It must be said that it is highly irritating, so if you put it in a handkerchief, put up to two or three drops without exceeding six aspirations. If you exceed these doses, you may have gastroenteritis.

Cinnamon Is Not Just A Spice For Desserts

Cinnamon essential oil has a very enveloping and full-bodied aroma. It is often recommended to use it as soon as you wake up. With just two drops, you will have 360-degree action. Its scent acts on the nervous system, regulating breathing, heartbeat, and blood circulation.

Blue Chamomile, Relaxing Oil

Blu is a very relaxing oil because it is rich in azulene. This substance has the effect of counteracting the effects of histamine. Blue chamomile essential oil is also able to combat many symptoms related to the change of season; the best result is against allergies, thanks to the effectiveness of azulene. Blue chamomile is able to help you relax, has excellent calming power, and helps release nervous tension from the head and muscles.

Lavender, A Dip In Provence

Lavender essential oil is among the most used. It has a very strong relaxing and rebalancing power, to the point that anti-stress perfumes on the market use this oil as a base. It, therefore, has a double action as a sedative against stress and a tonic to combat tiredness. Thanks to this dual aspect, it is able to calm the mind, eliminating the stress that still affects us and depriving us of energy.

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