Beware Of Eating Raw Rosemary: What Happens Is Incredible

Rosemary is an aromatic herb, much used in many recipes and other parts of the world. Much appreciated for the tasty and particular flavour it gives to the dishes. Rosemary grows spontaneously throughout the Mediterranean coast. In some cases, it can even exceed 200 cm in height. For herbal preparations, rosemary leaves, flowers and young twigs are used. 

In medieval times, rosemary was widely used to construct magical amulets to ward off demons and combs against baldness; it was also used to ward off moths. Then it began to be burned to purify the sick’s rooms and treat headaches and depression. In the following years, other beneficial properties of this aromatic herb were also discovered, such as its antiseptic properties.

Rosemary: Properties And Benefits

Rosemary is not just an aromatic plant that is used to give flavour to dishes, but its consumption is recommended for the many benefits it brings. These beneficial properties are to be attributed to the presence of various active ingredients present in rosemary, for example:

  1. Pinene
  2. Borneol
  3. Camphor
  4. cineole
  5. saponins
  6. acid rosmarinic
  7. Flavonoids
  8. Tannins
  9. canine
  10. diterpene
  11. triterpenes
  12. eucalyptol
  13. Conference
  14. Limonene
  15. Phenolic acids
  16. Vitamin C
  17. Acid carnosic

Beneficial Properties Of Rosemary

  1. Antioxidant: rosemary slows down the oxidation of cells, counteracting the spread of free radicals, thanks to the action of flavonoids.
  2. Restorative: it would be a good help for those who are debilitated, suffer from depression and suffer from stress. It is also helpful to compensate for pressure drops.
  3. Protects the liver: Rosemary protects the liver and helps it perform its functions.
  4. Tonic and digestive: few people know that rosemary is an excellent tonic for the whole organism, especially the skin. Its intake is particularly indicated in more significant stress and physical effort periods.
  5. Antispasmodic: fights abdominal pain, spasms, swelling and bloating thanks to the effect of borneol.
  6. Antiseptic: the oil is used to fight bacterial attacks and eradicate flu symptoms such as cough, fever and cold.
  7. Astringent: the tannins contained in this plant have excellent anti-diarrheal power and help regulate menstrual flow.
  8. Digestive: the plant has excellent carminative and digestive qualities. It is a perfect remedy against gastroesophageal reflux and slow digestion.
  9. Stimulant: it seems that rosemary stimulates all appetites including sexual desires, stimulates diuresis and restores energy to the dull and tired body.
  10. Pesticide: this plant is used to fight the proliferation of intestinal parasites.
  11. Anti-inflammatory and pain reliever: rosemary is a precious ally against headaches, rheumatic pains, sciatic nerve and bruises.
  12. Rosemary is valid for fighting hair loss, dandruff, bad breath, lowering high cholesterol, lowering high blood sugar, improving memory and treating impure and oily skin.

Can Rosemary Be Eaten Raw?

The answer is yes, and rosemary can be consumed both cooked and raw. It does not cause particular problems for our bodies. It would be better to grind the rosemary garlic a little before eating them.

The Benefits Of Rosemary Herbal Teas

When taken as a decoction or infusion, rosemary offers the following benefits :

  1. Helps to cleanse the liver ;
  2. Relieves bloating and intestinal disorders in general;
  3. It is helpful in case of diarrhoea;
  4. It is an excellent ally in case of colitis because it relieves vomiting;
  5. Helps reduce menstrual flow;
  6. It is also very valid in case of physical and mental fatigue ;
  7. It soothes sore throats, even severe ones.
  8. Offers a lot of antioxidants.

It is undoubtedly also noteworthy that the various antioxidants in rosemary can significantly counteract the action of harmful free radicals, including the superoxide anion, which is responsible for cell oxidation, a highly toxic process in many respects.

Rosemary: Contraindications And Side Effects

Even if the side effects are very few, you must still be careful; it is not recommended to consume excessive quantities. It cannot be taken by children, pregnant women and people with epilepsy. In overdose, it can cause several side effects such as:

  1. convulsions
  2. irritation 
  3. vomiting 
  4. breathing difficulties
  5. gastrointestinal disorders.


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