How To Get Rid Of Sweat Stains With Natural Remedies

Hot water, a cup of borax and Marseille soap. But also salt and lemon juice. Or the ash you recover from the fireplace. They are annoying, unsightly and give a sense of poor cleanliness. Stains and sweat stains can ruin our underwear, but we have a practical list of natural remedies to avoid this waste from hot water with a cup of borax and Marseille soap, salt with lemon juice, and ash that we can recycle from our fireplace. It is just a matter of choosing the most suitable solution and applying it with a simple procedure.

How To Eliminate Sweat Stains

Sheets, T-shirts, tablecloths,  towels: there is not a piece of linen that does not run the risk of being ruined by yellow halos. The reasons? The wear of time, the poor conservation of clothes,  sweat stains not washed well and the use of too aggressive deodorants. The yellow halos give the linen (especially lace and lace, if present) a cloudy appearance, and it is not easy to remove them with detergents. What to do then? To permanently get rid of these ugly yellowish spots, you need to arm yourself with patience and opt for some alternative, natural and inexpensive solution suitable for the purpose.

How To Remove Stains And Sweat Stains

So let’s see together how to eliminate the yellow streaks from the laundry.

  1. First of all, to prevent fabrics from turning yellow, keep them in the dark liners or wrapped in dark tissue paper so that they are not reached by sunlight. Once in a while, let the linen air out, even if you are not using it. This is especially true for the furnishings of a house that you do not live in all year round and is at risk of humidity.
  2. If your linen in the kit has laces that time has inexorably yellowed, keep them in cold water and salt for a whole night and then wash them in the morning with a mild detergent. So prepare a natural starch made with water and sugar, and your laces will return as beautiful as they once were.
  3. Another method to get rid of stains involves using talcum powder and iron. Cover the yellow areas with talcum powder, then lean on the hot iron, keeping it slightly away, without treading your hand, leaving only the heat to reach the garment and the dust. After infusing heat (and maybe even a little steam), iron the stain covered with talcum powder, keeping the iron pressed for a maximum of three seconds; finally, shake the garment to remove excess dust.

How To Remove The Yellow Halo

Sweat stains are yellow, which makes them very similar to those resulting from wear or poor storage. And it is in this shade of color we must intervene with natural remedies.

  1. Take a bowl and pour in some hot water  (not a lot), a cup of borax and a spoonful of Marseille soap. Mix the mixture and dip the garment you need to remove the stain. Leave to soak for an hour and then wash in the washing machine: the result is guaranteed!
  2. Fill a basin with hot water and add a glass of salt and lemon juice  (the juice of 5 lemons for every 2 liters of water). Leave the laundry to soak for a few hours and then rinse thoroughly.
  3. If you have a fireplace at home, put filtered ash in a pot of water and boil your yellowed clothes. After about twenty minutes, rinse and wash with Marseille soap.
  4. Not only the passing of time but also the deodorant can cause annoying yellow halos, especially on white t-shirts, which are difficult to remove. Create a solution consisting of one tablespoon of carbonate and three water and sprinkle it on the yellow areas to be treated. Rub and let it act. Then wash in the washing machine with a mild detergent that has whitening power: you will have your shiny white t-shirt again.

How To Whiten Sweat Strips Under The Armpits

The area where sweat stains are most concentrated is under the armpits. Sometimes there is no other part of your clothing to clean. In this case, do a targeted intervention with vinegar. Very simple. Make a mixture with 125 ml of vinegar and a liter of water, put it in a basin, and immerse your shirt or shirt. Then pass with a nail brush, gently, on the area where the sweat stains appear, and leave to soak for half an hour. In the end, rinse and let it dry.

How To Avoid Sweat Spots?

There are also some preventive remedies for sweat stains, which also allow you to avoid the unpleasant foul odors of your body, especially when it is boiling.

  1. Choose a natural, anti-blemish deodorant that leaves no halo on the shirt and t-shirt. The ideal solution is the one with potassium alum.
  2. Wear a cotton top between the skin and the dress, especially in the evening. You will sweat a lot less.
  3. Always choose natural fabrics: cotton, linen, silk.
  4. Avoid a dress that is too tight and bandaged. You have other ways to be sexy.

How To Eliminate The Yellow Spots On The Sheets?

Among the linens most affected by yellow stains are the sheets. Even before putting them in the washing machine, it is advisable to follow a straightforward hand washing procedure: it dates back to the time of our grandmothers.

  1. The sheets should be placed in a basin with water, coarse salt and bicarbonate. You need 2-3 tablespoons of baking soda and coarse salt for every liter of water.
  2. Leave them to soak overnight, without touching them.
  3. At this point, the next day, you can put them in the washing machine at 50 degrees.
  4. To strengthen the action of the final wash, add soda or lemon juice.
  5. Once you get out of the washing machine, hang the sheets out to dry, never in the sun.


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