Pants That Are Too Tight: Do Skinny Jeans Promote Cellulite?

For many women, skinny jeans are a staple in their wardrobe. However, as a study shows, under certain circumstances wearing tight trousers can promote cellulite formation. Many women have at least one pair of skinny jeans hanging in their closets. After all, this pants model emphasizes the figure and conjures up long legs. 

But even if skinny jeans are your personal favourite, you shouldn’t wear them randomly for every occasion. Regular squats in tight pants can damage the nervous system and the muscle fibres in the feet and legs. These circulatory disorders, in turn, promote the development of the so-called orange peel.

Circulatory Disorders Due To Tight Jeans

The doctors refer to a specific case: a 35-year-old woman was hospitalized after moving. Her legs and ankles were severely swollen from falling on her knees. This swelling made her feet feel numb, making the patient unable to walk. When she arrived at the emergency room, her pants were so tight that they had to be cut open. Doctors concluded that the skinny jeans had caused muscle compression syndrome. This means that the blood circulation in the legs and nerves is no longer available, which causes swelling.

Restricted Blood Circulation Promotes Cellulite

If the blood circulation is restricted more frequently by wearing skinny jeans, this can promote cellulite.  Because blood circulation is interrupted or restricted, neither oxygen nor the required nutrients can be transported to the right places. In addition, not enough water gets into the legs. As a result, the tissue swells and promotes the formation of dents on the skin.

Wearing jeans that are too tight can also have health consequences. Because the compression also affects the muscles and nerves, varicose veins signify that the pants are too tight. Fortunately, these undesirable consequences can easily be avoided by not buying too-tight skinny jeans. You should also avoid kneeling too often.

Five Things That Help Against Cellulite

Almost every woman suffers from cellulite, and although the dents are not a health problem, most of them are bothered by it for aesthetic reasons. With these five tips, orange peel can be softened. In addition to the stomach, the thighs are the number one problem area for many women. The most common cause of frustration looking in the mirror is cellulite.

Numerous studies have shown that in more than 80 per cent of the women examined – regardless of age – orange peel occurs in a more or less pronounced form. If fat is deposited in the connective tissue, this is noticeable through dents, pits and depressions. Then one speaks of cellulite. The skin changes can also be caused by reduced blood flow to the connective tissue or water retention.

Since women have more fat in their tissues than men and the connective tissue strands also run perpendicular to the skin’s surface, they are more prone to developing cellulite. There is no miracle cure for this genetic predisposition that can make cellulite go away. But women can still do something about the dents – these five tips help against cellulite.

Alkaline Diet

Acidification of the body through excessive consumption of meat and sausage products, sugary foods, coffee, alcohol and the like promotes cellulite. It is better to have an alkaline diet with foods that are as natural as possible. That means lots of fruit and vegetables (especially green ones) and nuts and whole-grain products. 

Don’t forget to drink plenty of water. Sufficient fluid intake helps the body in excreting toxins – this also helps against cellulite. Crash diets, on the other hand, should be avoided as they encourage weight ups and downs. This yo-yo effect weakens the elastic fibres of the tissue through the release of free radicals. If the fat cells are filled again, the connective tissue is overwhelmed.

Exercise Legs And Buttocks

One of the best cellulite remedies is exercise because it stimulates blood circulation and metabolism. Experts recommend a balanced mix of endurance and strength training. Targeted muscle training, in particular, ensures firmer skin. Because: Where there are muscles, fat cannot settle so quickly.

Coffee Grounds Peeling

As scientists have shown in various studies, caffeine can help against cellulite because it smooths and firms the skin. Therefore, a natural peeling of coffee grounds can make the dents appear less deep. Let the coffee grounds cool down first, then distribute them over your thighs and wrap them with cling film. Leave on for about 30 minutes, then rinse off with warm water. Tip: If you want to treat yourself and your skin to something, you can also use coffee peeling with high-quality oils such as coconut and avocado.

Massage The Thighs

Regular massages are essential to stimulate blood circulation and metabolism so that toxins can be better excreted. Body brushes or massage gloves are suitable for this.

Alternating Showers

Contrast showers are healthy because they strengthen the immune system. Alternating cold and warm showers can also help combat unsightly dents. The temperature difference stimulates fat metabolism. The shower should always end with cold water to maximize the effect.


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