Body Fat Analysis In Trier And It’s Benefits

You don’t want to leave anything to chance when measuring body fat and have the analysis carried out by an experienced and professional team? To analyze your body composition, we use a professional measuring device.

Benefits Of Body Fat Analysis

The determination of the body fat percentage is essential, for example, to support you with a diet and muscle building or improve your state of health, and you should always keep an eye on it. This value is not only a parameter concerning aesthetics but also your health. A body fat percentage that is too high harbors risks, such as an increased risk of cardiovascular diseases, lipid metabolism disorders, or diabetes.

Body Fat Analysis In Diet And Fat Loss Phases

The aim of a diet and weight reduction phase is to reduce body fat percentage while maintaining muscles. In weight loss, however, it does not always necessarily have to be about fat; unfortunately, muscles or water are often the reason for the weight loss. With a regular body fat analysis, we can precisely document your diet success and thus quickly determine whether the weight loss that has occurred is fat or muscle mass.

Body Fat Analysis In Muscle Building Phases

To build muscle, a positive calorie balance is necessary, i.e., more calories in the form of protein, carbohydrates, and fat have to be supplied than the body needs. However, if too many calories are taken in, fat is also built up and the desired muscles. With a regular body fat analysis, we can precisely document your success and thus quickly determine whether the weight gain is really about power or rather about fat.

Don’t Leave Anything To Chance

Whether in the diet or muscle-building phase, our experienced and trained team professionally determines your body fat content through body fat analysis. If you wish, we will be happy to help you achieve your personal training goals.

How Does Body Fat Analysis Work?

When determining the actual body fat content, the body weight is decisive and the percentage of muscle and fat mass. The portion is a very reliable factor when determining whether you are overweight or underweight. A measurement using a  fat compiler has been tried and tested millions of times worldwide, and the measurement results are exceptionally accurate. We prefer to measure body fat using the Harpenden Skinfold Caliper. It is the only skin fold thickness meter with CE marking, made of high-quality stainless steel. By measuring your skin folds, we can quickly and very reliably determine your body fat percentage.

The Body Fat Analysis

The body fat analysis using the Fat Caliper is considered one of the most reliable and accurate measurement methods, especially among athletes. The actual measurement differs concerning the selected measurement points according to gender. Up to 7 different skin areas are selected to measure the wrinkle thickness of the skin. The counselor will pull the skin up in the middle with the thumb and forefinger to hold the crease in his hand. Then the Harpenden Skinfold Caliper is clamped, and the reading is transferred.

Evaluation Of The Body Fat Analysis 

We use the Body-Fat Manager Professional Edition software to evaluate and analyze your data. In this way, we can individually display, save and evaluate the parameters of the fat scale. In addition, our consultants can, for example, show the lower fat tissue very clearly and also calculate your BMI or your muscle mass index, for example. We analyze your data professionally and use this as a basis to continuously improve your fitness.

How Much Body Fat Is Optimal?

In the table below, you will find reference values ​​for athletes according to the Institute of Aerobics Research from 1994. To illustrate from the field of fitness and bodybuilding, a male professional bodybuilder has about 5% body fat shortly before the competition. A well-trained fitness model has about 7% body fat. 

The longed-for washboard abs (six-pack) becomes visible from a body fat percentage of less than 10% in men, the longed-for washboard abs (six-pack) becomes visible. For women from the fitness and bikini classes, the body fat content is around 15%. Important: Our body considers part of the stored fat to be vital (e.g. to protect the organs). The vital body fat percentage is around 3-5% (men) or 10-12% (women).

Age Excellent Good Middle Bad
Body fat rating female (fat%)        
20-24 years 18.9 22.1 25.0 29.6
25-29 years 18.9 22.0 25.4 29.8
30-34 years 19.7 22.7 26.4 30.5
35-39 years 21.0 24.0 27.7 31.5
40-44 years 22.6 25.6 29.3 32.8
45-49 years 24.3 27.3 30.9 34.1
50-54 years 25.8 28.9 32.3 35.5
55-59 years 27.0 30,2 33.5 36.7
60+ years 27.6 30.9 34.2 37.7
Body fat rating male (fat%)        
20-24 years 10.8 14.9 19.0 23.3
25-29 years 12.8 12.8 20.3 24.3
30-34 years 14.5 14.5 21.5 25.2
35-39 years 16.1 16.1 22.6 26.1
40-44 years 17.5 17.5 23.6 26.9
45-49 years 18.6 18.6 24.5 27.6
50-54 years 19.5 19.5 25.2 28.3
55-59 years 20.0 20.0 25.9 29.5


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