Dandruff: 10 Natural Remedies To Eliminate It

Olive oil and lemon, but also wash your hair often. And use the sun for half an hour a day. Here you can know that.

Natural Remedies For Dandruff

Dandruff, damn dandruff. It is a not-insignificant annoyance, considering the itching it triggers, which affects one in two people. It is a blow to aesthetics, especially when it rains on the collar of a jacket or the shoulders of a sweater. But the “snowfall”, as the invasion of dandruff is called in jargon, can be stopped, avoiding the waste of protracted and expensive procedures. It can be done with a mix of natural remedies and nutrition.

Types Of Dandruff

First of all, dandruff is not contagious and causes two problems:

  1. Physical: the itching and the desire to scratch the head. Hence, if exaggerated, the risk of skin abrasions.
  2. Psychological: the scales that fall on the jacket, shirt, and clothes give a dirty feeling and are unpleasant.
  3. Dandruff is of two types: dry and oily.

Dryness manifests through thin, white, dehydrated scales and causes itching and irritation. Oily dandruff appears with larger scales than dry dandruff and is yellowish. From nutrition to the most suitable shampoo, not to mention a whole series of compresses and natural remedies that can be useful to prevent and combat it, Here’s how to definitively defeat annoying dandruff. 

How To Eliminate Drugs

So here are the ten right ways to stop dandruff. Lp, yellowish crusts, and red and flaky areas, especially on the nape of the neck and under the hairline, you no longer have to deal with a nuisance but with an actual illness. It is no coincidence that we talk about severe dandruff, known as seborrheic dermatitis. And here, more than the remedies are needed; we must start with the doctor and his therapy.

Don’t Pretend The Problem Doesn’t Exist

Whatever happens, don’t ignore your dandruff. Pretending you don’t have it doesn’t solve the problem and allows small flakes to accumulate on the skin. Additionally, excessive scratching can injure the scalp and pave the way for infections.

Wash Your Hair Often

Experts are unanimous on this point. Wash your hair often—even every day, if necessary. Usually, a gentle, non-healing shampoo is enough to control the situation. Dandruff is generally caused by a scalp that is too greasy; washing your hair frequently with a neutral product diluted in equal parts of distilled water can keep the grease under control without consequences for the scalp.

A Double Coat Of Shampoo

Always do two coats with an anti-dandruff shampoo. Apply and massage it the first time as soon as you get into the shower so it has enough time to act. Please leave it in place until you are finished washing. Then rinse your hair very carefully and quickly apply a second coat. Finally, rinse immediately. Once you find the right shampoo to eliminate your dandruff, please don’t change it.

Other Natural Remedies Against Dandruff

Also necessary are using a cap and treatments based on olive oil, apple cider vinegar, white wine, and nettle infusion.

It Is Better To Use Headphones

After lathering the shampoo, cover your hair with a bath cap. Leave it on for an hour, then rinse as usual.

Treatment With Olive Oil

Excess oiliness on the scalp is a problem, but once in a while, a warm oil treatment can soften and loosen dandruff flakes. Heat some olive oil on the stove until it is lukewarm. Wet your hair (otherwise, the oil will soak into your hair instead of reaching your scalp) and apply the oil directly to your scalp with a brush or cotton ball. Move the locks gradually, so as to treat only the scalp. Put on a bath cap and leave for half an hour. Then, wash off the oil with an anti-dandruff shampoo.

The Apple Cider Vinegar Alternative White Wine And Nettle Infusion

One of the home remedies to use against dandruff is represented by white wine vinegar or apple cider vinegar: make a compress to leave on overnight, wrapping your head in a warm towel before going to sleep. A few drops of vinegar can be diluted in warm water and used to massage the scalp before shampooing. Nettle infusion is also very effective against dandruff.

Lemon Juice

Another possibility, in terms of natural remedies, is lemon juice; it helps free the scalp from dry flakes of dandruff. The compress should be applied to a damp scalp before shampooing and left to act for 30 minutes. To prepare it, mix two tablespoons of fresh lemon juice, two tablespoons of olive oil, and two tablespoons of water.

Make Way For The Sun

The sun is good for dandruff. Do you want scientific proof of this? However, dandruff decreases during the summer season. There are no exaggerations: half an hour in the sun may be enough, while it is always good to use a protective cream.

Finish With Conditioner

After the anti-dandruff shampoo, which should always be taken, distinguishing oily from dry dandruff, and after applying a natural remedy, among those we have indicated, complete the work with the conditioner. In some cases, anti-dandruff shampoo can be solid for the scalp.

Massage your hair. Do it before, during, and after treatment with natural remedies or shampoo. With one recommendation: massage; don’t scratch, which causes abrasions. Those are worse than dandruff.

Foods Against Dandruff

To combat dandruff, foods based on vitamin A, antioxidants, and mineral salts are beneficial. The contribution of omega 3 is also precious. To avoid dandruff, you must eat fruit, vegetables, and fish. Avoid fried foods, red meat, and alcoholic beverages. Take advantage of herbal teas, such as valerian, lemon balm, and passion flower. Or an infusion based on green tea.

Why Dandruff Gets

Dandruff, in most cases, is a symptom of other pathologies rather than a disease.

  1. Contact allergy
  2. Seborrheic dermatitis
  3. Ichthyosis
  4. Dermatophytosis

There may also be a physical predisposition linked to genetic factors or a particularly stressful condition. Physical and emotional. Don’t underestimate hormonal changes, poor nutrition,  alcohol abuse, and a diet low in zinc and vitamin B. Finally, dandruff can occur due to irritation from using hair products such as gel, shampoo, and cosmetics.

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