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Drinking Properly In The Heat: This Is How It Works

Many people are suffering from persistently high temperatures. But what and how much should we drink when it’s hot? And how do we stay cool? We reveal it!

Useful! Our Body Is An Air Conditioner

Cooling down in the heat is not a problem for our bodies. Provided we give him fluids. Then, when it is hot, it can secrete more sweat, which evaporates on the skin and cools us down. In addition, it widens the blood vessels to dissipate heat through the skin. With these eight tips, we support our body in cooling:

Lukewarm Is Great!

We crave ice-cold food – why? Mineral water at room temperature and lukewarm tea are not exactly the drinks we crave when the sun is beating down – we would much rather have a spritzer with the clink of ice cubes. Nevertheless: We know from desert dwellers that cold drinks are not ideal in hot weather. Because they stimulate the body to produce heat, we sweat even more – and lose fluids faster. Tepid beverages that unobtrusively make us sweat are great. This cools the body without leading to circulatory issues.

What’s To Drink?

Mineral water and herbal or fruit teas are best. Peppermint, lemon ointment, and hibiscus tea have a cooling impact, green tea supplies minerals, and sage tea checks weighty perspiring. If you don’t replace sweat minerals in time, you get circulatory problems – especially in women, who tend to have lower blood pressure than men. Therefore, mineral water that contains at least 200 milligrams of sodium and 50 milligrams of magnesium is ideal. Because when you sweat, the body loses salt, magnesium, sodium, potassium, magnesium, and zinc. Tap water is rather low in minerals. However, electrolytes can also be replaced with salty foods such as vegetable broth or pretzel sticks.

And What Better Not?

Tasting mixed drinks or white wine outside is perfect on tropical evenings like we expect nowadays. Yet, you likely currently have it: liquor isn’t great when it is hot because it strains the circulatory framework, advances water discharge, and the deficiency of minerals. Far more atrocious is the mix of sugar and liquor. Assuming you drink liquor when it’s hot, you ought to be more hydrated than you are now. We should also be cautious with our beloved coffee and black tea – these drinks are like alcoholLuxury foods and not thirst quenchers. Caffeine increases the heart rate and makes you sweat. Of course, we still don’t want to do without coffee entirely – but when it’s hot, it’s all the more important to drink a glass of water with it.

How Much Do We Have To Drink?

An adult loses up to two liters of fluid on a normal day – sometimes three times as much on hot days. Losing fluid can lead to poor concentration, tiredness, dizziness, muscle cramps, and digestive problems. When it’s hot, we should drink two to three liters – even if we’re not thirsty. We can also increase the fluid intake with water-containing foods: melon, cucumber, and lettuce.

And When?

Drink before you get thirsty because thirst is a warning sign of a lack of bodily fluids. There is no point in quickly pouring large amounts into yourself, as the intestines can absorb a maximum of one liter per hour. Better to drink evenly throughout the day.

Ice Cubes? Off To The Skin!

A little rub down with ice cubes is more than just cool: it trains the blood vessels, slightly tightens the tissue, and is ideal for the décolleté and thighs. So the skin doesn’t get a virus shock, and we stay quite new: just run over it momentarily with a shape or wrap a few blocks with a washcloth.

And In The Shower?

Cold showers are not a smart thought when it is hot. Cold water stimulates blood circulation, and we sweat all the more. As with drinking, lukewarm water is best for showering so the body cools down without developing a counter-reaction.

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